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Chapter 1

Ichigo kissed her mother goodbye. "Thank you Mom, please thank Dad also; I know he couldn't handle me going away, so he locked himself in the bathroom. Well I'm off, to Europe, I go!"

Sakura Momomiya smiled at her daughter, "All I ask is for you to please be safe; you know how your father and I worry about you, especially your father."

Ichigo nodded and grinned. "I won't be in trouble; I'll call you both when I get on the plane!" Her mother smiled then lightly pushed her.

"Get going, honey, or your father and I will never let you go!" Ichigo grinned.

"I better go then!"

She ran a few feet from her long-time home, her mother, her father; her overall life for the past nineteen years, was behind her. She wanted to explore this world; a world that seemed so full of excitement. What kind of Job was she going to get a degree for? She didn't know herself, even though she was going to go to some fancy college…

Oh, what the heck! Life seemed like the greatest thing there was right then, not some silly degree!

Ichigo, with all her spunk, boarded the airplane. At liftoff, Tokyo seemed to get littler and littler. Then her eyes widened after a second, as a blur of green flew past the plane.

"Green…You don't suppose that was Kish?" she asked herself aloud, alarms blasted in her head, 'What was he doing here?'

As the alarms proceeded to ring in her head, a hand in the chair beside her grasped hers and squeezed. "Indeed you where right, smart little kitty." said a smooth, rich, very male voice.

Ichigo, who hadn't yet realized who'd spoken, widened her eyes in amazement. "Nya, Kisshu!?"

She felt a tighter squeeze from the alien. "Hi, Kitten! Well, you don't look different at all! Ah man, and here I was hoping you'd become a sexy older woman." Kish snickered.

"What was that?" asked Ichigo, well-offended. She turned her head to glare at him, but wide eyes grew wider as an extremely mature, good-looking, Kisshu sat beside her. His golden eyes glinted with happiness and he had a goofy grin on his face. She looked him up and down, but there seemed to be no alien traits on him. "Kisshu, where are your ears?" Ichigo asked, kinda freaked out that Kisshu looked completely human, even cute.

"Right here." He responded, wiggling a human ear. Ichigo let out a giggle, "Iie, how come you don't have those usual big ears?"

Kish shrugged, "They get annoying sometimes, especially when I want to buy snow cones here on Earth."

Ichigo yawned feeling jetlag already, "I won't let you do anything, you know that, right Kish?"

Kish snorted at her, "Really? Then try and stop me from doing this…" He lifted her chin and brought her mouth to his, his tongue pressed in between her pink lips, and he gave her a deep kiss. As Kish pulled away, he said, "Thanks for the kiss, honey, but next time use a little spearmint, you reek of garlic."

Chapter 2

Ichigo sighed dramatically as she walked through the overly busy terminal; a vein did its best job with pulsing on her head. She did not try to stifle a slight growl in annoyance.

Annoyance, of course, for one reason only.

"Kitten, look at this! Isn't it cool? I have never been down here before!" Cried an overly annoying—as well as jovial—Kish.

He circled around her, his hands spread outwards with a huge smile, much to her annoyance. She found her mouth slightly twitching from his reaction. She shook the humor away though, and focused on her anger. Kish was so not getting the benefit of the doubt. She would see to that!

As he proceeded, oblivious to the matter, he gave a stare at the people busily walking past them.

"Why are all these people so busy? They should be enjoying life!" Exclaimed Kish, his hands extending even wider.

Ichigo put a hand to her head in shame. Oh Lord, how she regretted her words in last chapter! She could not control this hyperactive alien, even if she wanted to!

"Hey, what's this?" He asked with the happy merriness of a 3-year-old child.

He had picked up an expensive glass of sorts from the nearby tourist store that lay a few feet away. He was grinning from ear to ear at the rather odd shape of it.

Her eyes widened at the bold orange tag on the glass read a bold 16 pounds. (a/n: equivalent to 50)

"Nya!" She exclaimed, jumping to the alien. "Put that down!" Kish's eyes widened as the cat-girl suddenly bounded over to him.

He found himself in shock. So shocked was he, that he made his tight grip around the precious glass object slip and made the object shatter as it met with the hard, cold floor.

He jumped back on instinct to avoid getting hurt, then looked at Ichigo, where he saw his fiery kitten's mouth fall, and became speechless with a voiceless horror to the lovely, expensive, and broken glass object.

'Noooo!' She mouthed, as when you see your dad for the first time, bouncing around with only paint for the blue baseball team, he so desperately loved.

Kish tried to speak, but as if an alarm had sounded through the store, the owner ran over, full of fury.

"Who is going to pay for this?" She asked in a booming voice, that by God, was never meant to come out of a woman.

She seemed particularly mad at Kisshu, "Well, young man?" She asked expectantly in a frightening don't-want-to-meet-her-in-a-dark-ally-way look.

Moreover, added to her scariness, she had a massive body, and stood tall at about a 6'2 height. She seemed to intimidate the poor Kisshu, making him become small. Very, very small indeed.

"I-It was nothing!" Ichigo said without thinking, she was stuttering and laughing nervously. The massive shop owner turned her accusing eyes from Kish to Ichigo and sneered.

"Then I'm assuming you will pay for this great masterpiece, which cost me 16 pounds?"

The nice and just-so-wonderful, yet made you want to puke, owner, waddled up to the young girl with her in-your-face manner. "Well, girl? Hand it over." She demanded.

Ichigo gulped. "N-no, Kisshu can g-give it to you."

Kish waved to Ichigo in protest, N-o! (A/n: - insert another- 'Nooooo…' for the dramatic effect)

The manger once again came to him, "Well, boy?" She once again demanded.

Kish jumped. "I have—uh… nao money!" He struggled with the words, English not being one of his best languages by a long run. He was barely understandable. (A/n: I am going to go cry now, don't ask.)

He gave a pleading smile to Ichigo. Pwetty please?

His pleading eyes seemed like a million angels, which employed on just how innocent he was.

Ichigo gave him a glare that would make even Hitler shudder in his boots, excluding the shop owner who was still intense on the fact that they owed her money.

Grinding molars together, Ichigo thought right at that moment: why in heck should I help him anyway? Let him get out of it by himself!

Still, even when she thought this, Kish gave her the ultimate-yet-so-darn intense pussy-boot eyes, she found herself giving in. (A/n: Hehehe, the magic of the puss-boot look!)

Growling, she forked over the moolah to the ama.

Then with disgust, Ichigo looked back at the superbly relieved Kish. She yelled, "Shut it!" when he tried to speak. He gave a snicker and proceeded to be even more annoying.

"Ah Kitten, I was just going to say arigato, but really, I don't think that's enough." He stopped moved quickly to her side, to her surprise; he gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Before she could attempt to hit him, he dodged, smirking casually, as he pulled away.

"Thank you honey, you're so nice." He said in a carefree manner. Ichigo scoffed, but felt the heat rush into her cheeks.

"It was nothing." She said in a mumble, seeming just like Lettuce with her shyness.

Kish's grinned in total amusement, "I'll be sure to make up for this later, all right, honey?" he said with a teasing voice.

Ichigo grumbled, feeling anger once again returning to her. She began muttering, "Freaking annoying alien can't stop being a stalker, breaks everything…"

"Ah Kitten, but I can't help it when you're around!" Was his only excuse before Ichigo tried again to bonk him on the head, but failed.

"Nya! I'll get you someday!" She yelled as he ran ahead in an attempt to dodge a beating.

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