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Ichigo smiled for the first time since they had landed in England.

If you were thinking she was smiling because of the great ride over in a taxi though, or even the beautiful new country she was seeing now, you would be completely wrong.

No, it was neither of the above.

Chapter 3

The gate of the college was huge and no one could get in, unless they had a card with a number and password on it, an I.D. card.

Ichigo's smile widened, as she turned to face Kish, who had been lagging behind. He had been apparently trying to practice English by muttering greetings and such; He was looking down at sidewalk, all the walk from the taxi.

Kish looked up bored; when he caught Ichigo was staring at him and smiling.

She had reached her destination and now it was time for him to go.

"Kish I've totally, uh, enjoyed, the company with you escorting me,"

Kish looked at her strangely.

Since when did she enjoy doing anything with him? She spoke quite strangely, which made Kish suspicious. His ego hated to admit this, but Ichigo was usually rejecting him on all levels imaginable, what would make her enjoy being with him now.

Ichigo's next words interfered with his doubtful thoughts,

"I'm sorry to tell you, but from this point on, only girls can go on the campus."

Kish was caught totally off guard by this.

"What do you mean Kitty? Are you lying to me?"

Ichigo glared at him before clearing her throat.

"Why would I be lying? The sign says so right there,"

Kish looked about the giant gate that seemed to cover over the whole college. It had this enormous barrier, making it difficult to find with his naked eye. He finally spotted it, gathered with a couple of signs on the far left of Ichigo.

It was all in English though, and Kish had no way of knowing what the weird symbols meant.

He was very confused, and this made Ichigo give a long sigh. Ichigo could tell already that Kish did not know what an A to a Z in the English language was. Luckily her last two years, she had studied the language diligently.

"Basically, it means, Mountain High All Girls College. Maybe I should mention that if you're a perverted male from another world, you can't step one foot onto campus. So did you get all that, smart stuff?"

Kish was open-mouthed. Not that he liked it when Ichigo insulted him or anything, but the thought of a whole college reserved for only the female sex, it was enough to make him hyperventilate.

Yes, it was true that Ichigo would always be his one true love, but the thought of seeing so many other girls in one place… It was a dieing man's death wish, and one he couldn't possibly pass up.

"Ha, ha, ha!" he laughed, evilly, for dramatic effect.

Ichigo looked shocked.

"What are you laughing about baka!" she yelled.

Kish was laughing hard and revealing some inhuman fangs. In other words, he was morphing back to his original self.

"Oh Kitty, Kitty, Kitty." He said over and over, until his unusual ears, eyes, and green hair returned.

Ichigo shivered at seeing the real form of Kish.

It had been so many years, last time she had seen him he had been about 13 or 14 years old, and he had just seemed a stupid admirer then…

But now, as a fully grown man, he was…breathtaking. Oh yes, and the way he looked at her, well…it made her sense of surrounding numb.

She licked her lips unconsciously.

'Maybe we could get a little more acquainted over missed years…'

Ichigo gasped. How could she think something like that!

Kish may have changed on the outside, but he was still the same old baka pervert inside. She should not be thinking about Kish like this, not when Masaya had let her come to a college in England, and only a couple miles away from where he worked too.

This would be a perfect location to have long dates with Masaya now that she and he were not apart any more.

So, why was she gawking at Kish then?

Her brain couldn't process that one.

Kish watched as her eyes become cloudy looking at him, and he smiled.

Ichigo's face turned scarlet.

"Shut up!" she screeched, turning her back on him before he gave her a look of confusion.

She started taking out the white I.D. pass, and was just about to enter her pin number into a little grey box made for the I.D. card, when a hand suddenly rested on top of hers.

A very soft hand


Ichigo blushed again,

"Kish, what did I tell you? You're a male and-" Ichigo stopped abruptly.

By now she had turned around, expecting to see Kish in his original form. Imagine her surprise, when an equally breathtaking woman was standing there with her hand resting on top hers.

"Momomiya Ichigo, I presume?"

To be continued

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