Welcome to my new story Among the Waves: A Desperate Journey. This story is going to be more serious than my other ones. It's AU and it's a pirate story, only with vampires thrown in. I'm almost done reading the book Eclipse and it gave me inspiration to write a vampire story so here it is! I can't promise fast updates for this story, but I'll try to update as soon as possible.

WARNING: I'm making this story M for possible future content and language.


A mysterious curse has the once human members of Captain Orochimaru's crew turned into immortal beings with supernatural powers, but these powers seem to be the curse themselves.

There is a legend about a secret underground cavern where a very powerful witch named Mira left her entire fortune. The thing that makes this cavern full of riches more worth finding than any other is a medallion that is said to have the power to grant the wearers greatest desire, including lifting curses and making the immortal human again.

Orochimaru isn't the only one after this mysterious treasure; humans from far and wide are after it because one of the most powerful human emotions: greed which can prove to be a powerful motivator when their up against beings with supernatural powers and even though they don't know it, vampires and demons too.

The Uchiha brothers might be the two most motivated to get the medallion. Both vampires who, like the rest of the vamps and demons in their crew, long to be human.

With no leads, maps or other information that has proved to be legitimate the playing field is, in a sense, level if you don't count the fact that some of the competition can't die and others drink blood and have super strength. It's turned into a deadly race between three very dangerous and in some cases desperate entities.

Sunlight flittered through the large window on the East wall and illuminated the large cream colored room. A woman sat on a padded stool at a vanity with a three way mirror. Her long black hair that reached her lower back flowed around her as she brushed it. Her white silk robe over her nightgown made her look like an angel as the light hit her. Her bright blue eyes looked at her reflection in the mirror and she smiled as she counted down the hours until she would see him again.

Orochimaru opened his eyes and glared at the wooden wall before him. Every time he closed his eyes her face would haunt him. She was always there, reminding him of his failure, his curse, and all the things he lost. She was taunting him, torturing him by making him unable to forget. She was haunting him from beyond the grave for what he had done. His memories of her were still as fresh as if they had happened yesterday; it was part of his curse he assumed and soon, he thought, it would all be over. He would have his revenge, he would have it all and more, he would have everything he ever wanted and she wouldn't be able to take it away from him and if anyone stood in his way, they would be eliminated.

Moans and groans of the sick and dying rang out from the clinic, drowning out all other noises. Patients were laid out on cots all trough out the room in neat rows. Doctors scurried from patient to patient doing all they could with the shortage of supplies and the multitude of sick. Most of them were beyond help and those were the ones in the worst pain. Their cries of anguish echoed off the walls. As cruel as it may seem they were ignored, since they were beyond help all the available supplies, which was few, and attention went to the ones who still had a hope of being saved.

Sakura walked up to the cot in the far corner of the room. There had been a Malaria outbreak and the occupant of the cot was one of the many unlucky victims of it. The man was sweating profusely and his fever was sky rocketing. Sakura gave him some quinine, which was toxic to the protozoan that caused the disease and moved on to the next patient.

Sakura's father always told her she didn't have to work at the clinic that he owned and operated but she was always there, eager to learn and help out those in need. It didn't surprise him; she had always been a giving person, always thinking of others before herself. She had taken care of him after her mother had died of Malaria, pulled him out of his depression and reminded him that life was worth living. He supposed that was her reason, her drive for becoming a doctor, so she could save people unlike when she had been unable to save her mother. Now that her father had died a year ago Sakura took over the clinic. She was only eighteen but she was the best doctor for miles around and with the money she earned by her occupation she was able to keep the house her father built and pay for necessities every week.

She was quite beautiful with her mother's pink hair and her father's stunning green eyes. She had lots of suitors, some of them quite wealthy. All of them wanting to marry her and whisk her away from what they called "the troubles of mere commoners". That was exactly the reason she never took interest in any of them. They all wanted to take her away and make her a house wife when she was perfectly happy with her life of helping others. That, and the fact that none of them were the one. Silly as it may seem she believed that everyone had a special someone, like her mother had her father, and none of the guys around here were hers.

Soon she was exhausted and Shizune, another doctor at the clinic, insisted that she stop for the day. They had become like her family and they were all aware that if she wasn't pushed she would stay and work until she passed out.

It was dark out; it would have been pitch black if it weren't for the lantern she carried and the lights from the houses she passed and even with those the darkness was almost suffocating.

Noises were coming from the barge not too far off. She supposed that some ships carrying goods had come in. Little did she know how wrong she was, it was a ship, two to be exact but they weren't here to drop off goods. Their intentions were far more dangerous and she was about to be put in the middle of it.

Sasuke looked out across the sea. His vision was perfect, even in the dark due to him being a vampire. He could see it clearly, Orochimaru's ship. They were they reason him and his other 'living dead' crew members were here. They were going to stop at another port further along to feed but when his Captain spotted Orochimaru's ship they followed. Orochimaru rarely ever stopped on land, his crew never ate or slept, they didn't have to, it was part of their curse. So if he was stopping now that meant that he had found something interesting or something in this town was worth stopping for and since they were looking for the same thing, anything that was interesting to Orochimaru's crew was interesting to his as well.

"Alright men, I want you all to fan out and follow Orochimaru and his crew. Stay at a safe distance but don't lose track of them. If any of you see something suspicious or important report it to me right away." Kakashi, the captain of the ship crimson flood, ordered his men.

"Hai!" was the resounding response from the vampires as they began to walk on shore.

"Sasuke, I want you and Naruto to keep watch of the roads around this port incase they spot us and try to escape back to their ship." Kakashi said turning his attention to the raven haired male leaning on the ships railing.

"I can handle that by myself; do I really have to take the dobe with me?" Sasuke asked with a hint of irritation.

"Hey I heard that you Teme!" Naruto yelled running up to Kakashi and Sasuke.

"Yes you have to take him, it will be easier with two of you and I don't want to have to put up with him trying to be quiet while we watch Orochimaru." Kakashi answered ignoring Naruto's outburst.

"Hey what's that supposed to mean?!"

"It means, dobe, that you seem to have a problem being quiet because you can't shut your mouth when you need to." Sasuke remarked looking as indifferent as always.

"Why you- "

"You guys cut it out before I pierce you both through the heart with my katana!" Kakashi exclaimed.



Sakura continued to walk down the road that led to her house. The road was mostly abandoned at this time of night except for a few drunkards who has stumbled out of a bar not too far away. She couldn't help the feeling that she was being followed. She picked up her pace and tried to think about other things. Then she saw them, four men following about twenty feet behind her. When her pace quickened theirs did too.

Sakura started to panic, they were slowly closing in on her so she decided to try and lose them in an alley to her left.

When she turned the corner into the alley and was out of their immediate eye site she started to jog which turned into a full out run as she heard their thudding footsteps getting closer.

Sakura continued to run until she hit something hard: a brick wall. It was a dead end. Sakura cried out in fear as the men approached, blocking out her only escape.

Dun dun dun! Don't you just love cliff hangers? I sure do! I hoped you liked it.