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CHAPTER 1: Running

I ran, as far as possible and as fast as I possibly could, I had to get away. If I didn't I would die and be brought back to life to clean up the mess if it were possible. I looked behind me as two men chased after me, guns in hand and yelling at the top of their lungs

"You can run but you can't hide." I passed bars and pubs, night clubs and food stores, each silent or closed. Shots rang through the air and I realized they were aimed at me, I screamed for help as I ran down the dark street; Cars drove past and people ignored me as if I didn't exist, I continued to run my pace slowing from exhaustion.

I stopped and tried to catch my breath, noticing that the men were closing in I did the only thing I could think of I ran onto the street in front of the first car. It screeched to a halt cm from my legs and I ran to the door knocking on the window.

"Please help me" I puffed as the window rolled down.

"What's going on?" A woman asked

"A young woman ran in front of the car and now is asking for help should I leave her?" the driver replied

"No" the woman said

"We can't take home a stray" a male voice replied

"She looks to be in bad shape sir" the driver said sighing

"Let her in the back" a deep voice said from the back of the Limo, the back door opened and I climbed in tucking myself into a ball in the corner

"Thank you" I whispered.

"What happened" the same deep voice from before asked

"Oh let her be we can ask when we get home Vince" a stern female voice answered for me

"I'm Linda honey, are you ok" the female voice was soft and motherly and I felt comfortable for the first time in many years. I nodded a little and shrank back into my seat further. The limo came to a stop and the back door opened

"We are home Ma'am the driver said as Linda climbed out

"Come on honey" Linda said holding out her hand. I took it warily and climbed out of the limo into the darkness of the night.

"Lets get you inside" she cooed and we walked into the huge house,

"Linda, I'll run a bath and you can bring her up ok" the man from before said, Linda said his name but I didn't pay any attention to it.

"Ok Vince" the man walked away and I was lead up to a bathroom where Vince stood with a towel next to a huge steaming bath.

"Oh my god" Linda's voice came from behind me.

"I-I" I stuttered looking for words,

"You can explain after your bath" she said softly waving Vince from the room.

"Steph has given me some of her old clothes for you" I nodded and stripped climbing into the bath gently.

"Thank you" I smiled weakly, she nodded and left me to my bath.

Oh Vinnie is going to be so pissed at me. I can't believe I'm free from them!! Wow these guys are really nice to me for strangers…What if they're like Vinnie… oh crap. I quickly scrubbed my aching body and washed and rinsed my hair out. I climbed nimbly from the tub and dried my self off. I put on the clothes I had been given and dried my hair. If they're like Vinnie I'll bolt like I did tonight I reasoned. I looked in the mirror, my long brown hair was now clean and shinning, my face had bruises on it but not too bad, thankfully Vinnie had not aimed for the face this time. My blue eyes weren't surrounded by black marks any more; the scars were still on my hips and upper arms. I didn't care much about them but if people stared I became edgy and nervous. My once curvy figure was thinner and shapeless, my skin was its usual pale color but blotched with blue and black bruises; I looked a lot better than I thought I would.

I walked down the stairs and found Linda sitting on a sofa in what I guessed to be the lounge room. "Ummm, hi" I knew I sounded stupid but I couldn't think of what to say.

"You're done, come and sit with us" I sat on the floor in front of them my head down.

"My name is Hannah" I said quietly.

"This is Vince and I'm Linda, that's Steph and that's Shane" she said pointing to the people in the room.

"So where shall we begin?" she asked

"I guess from when I ran into you" I replied sighing. Steph sat down beside me and grabbed my hand, I smiled and a tear ran down my cheek.