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My dad and I grew to be close and Dave and I moved into his home in Tampa FL. Steph and Hunter ended up getting together, it took them long enough a year after my ordeal to be exact. Lita and Edge split up but remain friends and Vince and Linda visit me as much as possible, Shane does when he can. In August I'm expecting my first baby ever and Dave couldn't be happier, Shawn wont stop fussing over what I do and Steph just laughs because Vince is like that with her, she's expecting twins in late October.

As far as I know Vinnie was sentenced to life in prison, for attempted murder and the murder of Daniela, his goons were arrested as soon as Chris gave up their where abouts, Masters was given a deal 9-15 for being an accessory to attempted murder. Just recently my step dad Mick was picked up for posession and no one knows the where abouts of my mother. God help me if she find's me.

I often think about what would have happened had I not ran into Linda and Vince that night I escaped, where would I have been right now if I had stayed at Vinnie's. I am and will be forever grateful that I met them, I found Dave and all my new friend's and especially my dad.

Perhaps one day I will find out what happened to my mother and perhaps one day I will tell her what I think of her IF she'sstill alive, but for now I'm going to focus on my baby and those that are important in my life, my REAL family