Something to remember

Written by Taipan Kiryu

(Dedicated to the loving memory of Chris Latta, who gave Starscream a soul. We will always remember.)

Author's notes: This story happens during the G1 season, though I changed Bumblebee to be a Camaro like in the 2007 movie. Just a little change that won't affect this fic at all. I just happen to like the Camaro better :oP And since Bumblebee won't be a main character of this story, no damage will be caused.

OK, enough with my babble! Please proceed.

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers. They belong to Hasbro and others. All I own is the story, which was written for entertainment purposes only. No profit was or will be made, etc. etc. etc.

Chapter 1

The sudden tranquility of the desert was interrupted by a sudden gust of wind that lifted a small cloud of dust that got lost between the rocks.

Very close to what it seemed to be some sort of road, two automobiles were hidden behind a stone formation. One of them, a red and white Lamborghini, was empty. In the other, a yellow Camaro, two teenagers were seated on the driver's seat. A very light tune of music could be heard coming from inside the Lamborghini.

"Would ya turn that off, Sideswipe? We could be heard," Bumblebee said.

"Relax, dude. Soundwave is not around, and as for the other Decepticreeks, they have worst audio sensors than my back tires," Sideswipe replied.

"Still, we are not here to have fun."

Bumblebee tried to focus his attention in a little brown lizard outside, doing his best not to invade the intimacy of the humans inside him.

Sitting together on the driver's seat, Spike and Carly were kissing each other in which seemed to be a weird mixture of heads, hands and hair. The kiss length was longer than the usual, according to Bumblebee's records, but eventually they separated, kind of shy to go on further in the presence of both Autobots.

Carly moved and sat on the other seat. Spike yawned and rested his head over the girl's lap.

"How much longer do we have to wait, Bumblebee?" he asked.

"Not much," the Camaro replied. "Optimus ordered us to keep guard until the rest of the guys arrive, and according to my radar they are already moving."

"It's so cool that for once in our lives we take the offensive. Optimus should do this more often," Sideswipe said, making some weird noises with his engines.

"Can you imagine? Once we control the Decepticon's space bridge, we'll be able to travel to Cybertron in a matter of astro seconds. How amazing…"

"Yes, and to other universes too…" Carly intervened, closing her eyes.

Spike looked at her with a smile. "We'll be the first humans to travel through a space gate despite of distances or whatever logic dictates."

Carly joined her boyfriend' s smile, daydreaming. "Human logic, at least."

Bumblebee started his engines. "Time to move. Tight your safety belts, kids."

Sideswipe took the lead. "About time, man! I was about to rust."

They drove for some miles until they reached a very high stone formation.

"This is as far as you get. Get down and hide behind those rocks" Bumblebee said.

Spike and Carly reluctantly did as they were told. Bumblebee and Sideswipe transformed to their standard modes and begun to advance; soon they disappeared from both humans' sight.

Some minutes later, an explosion shook the area and a black cloud of smoke started to rise from somewhere ahead.

"The party has started. The Autobots must be already kicking some Decepticon's ass!" Spike said with delight.

"Shame we have to wait here… What do you say if we take a closer look?"

"It would be dangerous, Carly. Better to wait here."

Carly glanced at Spike with some contempt. He was so boring and predictable sometimes. She would have loved to see some excitement and hunger for adventure in his eyes in moments like this.

A roar above their heads made them face the sky, just in time to perceive three flashes of lightning that disappeared at supersonic velocity.

"The Decepticon Seekers!" yelled Spike, covering his eyes with his right hand.

"I'm not blind. Come on, Spike! We can't miss this. Let's go!" Carly followed the direction of the smoke and the increasing sound of laser fire.

"Carly, wait!" He ran after her.

They didn't have time to run more than ten seconds. Soon they were caught up by a cargo van ambulance.

"Come on, get in!" Ratchet shouted. "It's not safe out here."

Both humans got in and the Autobot drove towards a big dune.

A couple of minutes later they had the first sights of the battlefield. Between the chaos and firing typical of an Autobot-Decepticon fight, Devastator, the giant gestalt robot formed by the Constructicons, laid on the floor, his optics dimmed. Above him was Optimus Prime, who was sharing blows with Megatron.

A couple of hundred of yards above them, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker were flying gracefully, causing great damage to half dozen of Autobots who were defending themselves desperately from the ground.

Carly shivered, amazed by the incredible aerial skills of the Decepticons. The three Seekers seemed to be in perfect coordination. They were executing dangerous maneuvers, running over the Autobots without any problem. Indeed it was an amazing spectacle.

Ratchet arrived to a safe zone behind a dune, covered by Hoist and Cliffjumper. Carly and Spike got out of him and he transformed to his standard mode, ready to join the fight.

Carly advanced to the edge of the dune to continue watching the battle from a closer point. The Seeker trio had momentarily stopped their attack and they were flying around a perfect circle, almost touching themselves, in a weird and dangerous intimidating maneuver.

On a cliff, very close to the fallen Devastator, Megatron was pointing his fusion cannon toward the leader of the Autobots.

"How honorable from you, Prime!Trying to control our space bridge while our defenses are low," he disdainfully said.

His blast was barely dodged by Optimus Prime. "I claim this space bridge as Autobots' property, Megatron. It won't be your way to transport stolen energy to Cybertron anymore!"

"As always, you put the needs of some filthy flesh creatures above your own kind's. You disgust me to the core, Prime!"

Both Commanders tossed their weapons aside and got into a brutal hand to hand combat. Meanwhile, in the sky, the Decepticon jets started their offensive again.

"Combat formation Alpha 45-C! Skywarp, Thundercracker, to my flanks! Attack, fire at will!" Starscream ordered.

Immediately, the three Seekers got in line so close to each other that any miscalculation would knock them down in a second. But millions of years of flying together made that kind of mistakes an impossible probability, so they continued sowing terror and destruction below them.

However, the mortal beauty of their air raid was interrupted by the intrusion of a great beam of energy that forced them to split.

"Aerialbots!" Skywarp cried before teleporting to a safer position.

Starscream barely dodged a blast from Silverbolt and gained altitude with an angry roar of his afterburners, very aware of the Aerialbot's fear to heights.

"Ramjet, Dirge, Thrust! Report to the battlefield at once!" he radioed, catching up with Thundercracker and assuming a new combat formation. "Let's take those slagging Aerialbots down! Thundercracker, stay by my side!"

The battle continued for several minutes. On land, Megatron and the Constructicons were having a lot of problems to control Optimus Prime and his subordinates. And in the sky, the opportune arrival of the Aerialbots had broken the perfect coordination of the Aerial Elite. The Decepticons were outnumbered and the smell of defeat began to spread.

"Defend the space bridge, by all means!" Megatron shouted as he was attacked again by Optimus Prime.

Spike and Carly continued peeking cautiously from their relatively safe spot. Spike shivered as the chaos and destruction increased. On the other hand, Carly witnessed the scene with complete fascination. It was her first time in an Autobot-Decepticon battle, and she certainly would not forget it.

Despite of the chaos that was surrounding it, the space bridge remained intact, untouchable so much for its aggressors same as for its defenders.

But from somewhere in the sky, a deviated missile impacted a side of the enormous metallic structure, very close to the control console. Dozens of sparks erupted from the console, and something little and white was expelled from one panel and fell to the ground.

Carly glanced with curiosity at the human hand size white diamond that fell not very far away from her. She had always been fascinated with the space bridge, and she was aware that it was that diamond, unique in the universe, the one that made instant space journeys possible. Without thinking twice, she went out of her hiding place and ran towards the shinny object.

"Carly!!" Spike cried, trying to reach her.

But he was too slow. Carly ran excitedly, her body full of adrenalin. The sounds of the battle hurt her ears and she could feel the heat of the laser beams very close to her, but she didn't stop. She was too focused on that diamond that was every step closer to her.

The sun suddenly obscured and a black shadow covered her. Before all her world broke up in a thousand pieces, Carly had a very short lapse of time to see one of the Decepticon Seekers crashing into the gate of the space bridge. Then, there was only darkness.

Between her unconsciousness, Carly could hear a weak groan coming from her own throat and she felt a cold and hard surface touching her cheek. She opened her eyes.

She sat on the floor with a slow movement and she saw a high and cavernous roof above her head that was dripping a white fluorescent liquid.

The pain on her knee made her realize that she wasn't having a bad dream. She was indeed in some sort of huge cavern, very humid and cold. The ground, covered with stones of different sizes, had many puddles of the fluorescent liquid which provided enough light to half illuminate the cavern. On the roof, an army of stalactites were hanging up, some pouring the white liquid. Carly contained a chill.

She stood up, remembering and trying to organize in her mind the events that had guided her to that strange place. The one and only scientific explanation that she could give to her odd situation was that, somehow, the space bridge had activated due to the missile impact and had sent her to a place that definitively was not Cybertron.

The girl began to walk, fearful and insecure. She didn't have any clue of where to go. All her surroundings looked the same, all rock and white liquid puddles. She walked about a hundred yards, looking for an exit, when the sight of a big blue metallic hand that was jutting out of a debris of rocks made her froze. Though her surprise was no match to her fear when she realized who the owner of that hand was.

Laying face down to the ground, was the Decepticon Air Commander Starscream.

Carly stood still, trying not to make a noise; she was very aware of the danger of being close to that particular Decepticon. However, her precautions seemed unnecessary. Starscream was motionless; his face didn't have any expression and his red optics were off.

Carly remembered the big shadow over her, right after she picked up the diamond. It seemed that Starscream had shared her same fate.

The diamond. She quicky grabbed the pocket of her jacket and found the object there, cold and heavy.

A weak and raspy groan made her shiver. With horror, she saw how the Seeker's hand began to move, stretching slowly his fingers. Carly stepped back and hid after a big rock, praying he wouldn't notice her presence.

Starscream was beginning to be on line again. His optic sensors blinked some moments and then became activated definitively. With slow movements, the Decepticon managed to sit up, rubbing his head with his hands. Apparently, he had taken a very strong hit when falling. Besides that, an ugly wound made by enemy fire on his left side was still sparkling.

"Oooh… what the…" the raspy voice of the Decepticon Air Commander echoed through the cave.

He slowly stood up, looking around with a confused expression on his face. Carly watched him and stopped breathing, praying that he couldn't hear her frantic heart beats.

Starscream started to walk and laid a hand on one of the walls of the cave. He groaned in pain and fall to his knees, touching his injure.

"This is just great!" he complained, taking a look to the hole on his chassis; some circuits were burned and exposed. In the same position, he seemed to press some button on his shoulder. "Starscream to Nemesis, do you copy?"

Nothing but a strong sound of static replied.

"Starscream to Nemesis, do you copy? I request assistance, location unknown. Soundwave, you slagging fool, answer me!!" he cried giving a hard punch on the wall that shook the cavern and caused a little landslide.

After a third failed attempt of communication, the Seeker pushed the button again and got up, leaning on the wall. His wound was not very serious but it had reached some of his most sensitive circuits, so the pain was quite hard. How the hell he got in that mess, he didn't know exactly. All he could remember was to have been surprised by a sudden shot from Slingshot, and next, the void.

Starscream made a grimace. To be taken down by an Aerialbot was the worst humiliation for a Decepticon Seeker. He would have to get even with Slingshot, but before he needed to find a way to return to the Decepticon Headquarters, although he was sure that his base would be a few worlds away from that muddy cavern.

Starscream paced towards Carly and she froze. She sighed with relief when the Decepticon continued without noticing her. But suddenly, a dark silhouette next to her forehead made her turn. She found herself face to face with an enormous insect that looked like a rare mixture between a scorpion and a cricket.

Carly yelled in terror and stepped outside her hiding place, falling to the ground. Her sudden shriek startled Starscream, who turned around and saw the girl.

She got up quickly and cursed herself for her mistake. She ran but, with a couple of agile steps, the Air Commander reached her, grabbed her by the top of her jacket and lifted her up to his face.

"No!! Let me go!!" Carly shouted frightened.

Starscream smirked mischievously. "But what do we have here? Humans on this planet? You really are a disgusting pest, aren't you?"

Carly twisted and tried to kick his hand while Starscream looked at her the same way he would have looked at a primitive insect. He started to throw her to the air, catching her without any consideration to her weak human condition.

Carly panicked, aware that in any moment she would hit the floor and get killed. She felt the urgent need to cry, but she wouldn't give Starscream that pleasure.

To be continued…

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