//1// Their first kiss was a goodbye.

It was Max looking at him with hard blazing reverence, and hands curling around hair, and sad, misgivings that it might never be more. She tastes like Max, gritty, beautiful and overpowering, the taste of instant coffee mingling with something else, something ineffable. Kissing Max for the first time was like falling off the building, just for a second before you fall, you fly.

//2// the second time they kissed he thought it would last forever.

Not literally of course, but he thought they would last forever. They had payed their penances, completed their trails, gone to hell and back with their sins and finally they where done. Happily ever after. He didn't know they where just beginning, but even if he had, he doesn't think he would have cared much. Amongst hot breath and curled hands and smooth skin, he'd discovered that the only thing that made sense was loving Max.

//3// The months when she's dead he's trying to tell when dreaming ends and life begins.

Closed eyes means Max in her multiple variations, crying for him to save her, yelling at him for giving up, kissing him, loving him. Her tongue down his throat with need of something better then dreams and farewells. She pulls at the hair at the back of his neck and whispers against his skin.

"You can't save me. I know you want to, but you can't."

His hands are travelling under her skirt, unravelling her hair for her bun, but even as he goes into motions he feels hot, sticky blood against his shirt.

"I love you."

He says, reaching for her. She smiles, wipes away the blood from her mouth and kisses him one more time.

"You have to wake up now."

//4// Their forth kiss is living, their forth kiss is dying.

He's sure he's still dreaming when he sees her, standing helplessly before him in her military greens. Then her face is in the cradle of his hands, and her lips are pressed urgently against his and he feels the warmth of life under her skin, he feels her pulse and his salvation. The moment he realises she's alive is the moment he begins to feel life leave him. The moment he drops to the floor is the moment she catches him. But if it had been up to him he would have kept kissing her, damn the consequences, damn the endings. He would have kissed her until his heart stopped beating and his body lay motionless on the ground. He would have kept kissing her even then.

//5//Their last kiss, is their last kiss, is their last life.

By the end all he can see is darkness. He staggers his last steps and finds her heaving blood on the stone steps of a church, repenting her sins. They lie down next to each other, watch the apocalypse rip the sky in two and wait to die.

"I didn't think it would end like this."
She whispers, a gloved hand slipping into his.

"Yeah." He agrees simply. "I kinda thought we'd win."

There's no fire and brimstone as the earth turns and dies, just darkness and Max, his lips against hers.