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Chapter 1- any objections?

Tony looked down at his lapel, a simple white flower sat his breast pocket, like everything planned for the day it was simple but truly beautiful. He felt his forehead sweat up and his stomach rise into his throat. He felt a pat on his back. He turned around, looking out of the corner of his eye; Gibbs' hand moved back and forth on Tony's shoulder in comfort, reminding him of why he was doing this. Their eyes met for a split second, Tony's thankful, Gibbs' proud.

As the music began the large crowd stood up in unison, congregated in fields of NCIS and Mossad agents; of course accompanied by proud relatives occupying the front rows. Tony looked up, as two small girls walked down the grass isle, dropping pink rose petals on the ground as they drew closer. The two girls were followed by the pageboy, holding a small simple settling place for the two rings.

Next around the corner came the bridesmaids, led by some of Tony's old friends from Baltimore P.D, the bridesmaids were also simple, wearing soft blue dresses, the blue so fine it seemed as though one shade lighter would be white.

Tony sharply inhaled; 'here it comes.' He thought to himself.

Around from behind the tree surrounding the outdoor wedding set-up came Ziva in a beautiful white dress. Members of the crowd gasped in awe, followed by whispers, Tony exhaled slowly. She looked beautiful. Her hair curly; coming down the one side of her neck, draping over her shoulder. Her dress was straightforward yet absolutely breathtaking. Tony smiled at his bride with not a care in the world, as though they were the only two that existed. As she drew closer the whispers stopped and a few tears fell from members of the audience.

Ziva had a look of humility on her face; she smiled at Tony and then faced the parishioner, ready to begin.


As the service went on, Tony had just completed his vows, not taking his eyes off Ziva throughout.

"Very nice vows, Anthony" Complimented the parishioner, smiling.

Ziva smiled at him too, her eyes staring at him lovingly

"If anyone objects to these two being joined in holy patrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Tony glanced at his soon-to-be bride, slightly nervous that her father would object, after all, he wasn't Jewish. Ziva smiled at him, filling him with confidence.

A long silence went by and for that they were both grateful.

"Okay, well without further a due—"

"I object." Came a female voice from one of the back rows. Ziva's stomach filled with butterflies. Tony stood up tall, a confused look on his face.

The female figure stood up. Tony's mouth opened, shocked, as though his mind was so boggled by the experience that it couldn't comprehend; standing at the back row, next to his old boss from Baltimore was ex NCIS Agent Caitlin Todd.


Okay, so that was the first chapter… I promise you with all my heart the next chapters will be longer!!


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