Chapter 10, all we are

Ziva sat up, her mouth hung slightly open with a smile playing on her lips. They were actually doing this.

"I know it's not exactly traditional but--"

"I do." Ziva interrupted, the smile spreading to cover her whole face.

Tony smiled and went to her side, gathering up her hands in his. Finally the bad luck and interruptions were out of the way. They looked into each other's eyes, like they saw beyond them - to each other's souls.

"Okay." he smiled. All the bad luck. All the bad timing was finally over, they were

Going to do this now. "We can begin." he turned to the Rabbi and smiled.

The Rabbi started the 'service' without Tony or Ziva looking at anything besides each other. Since the beginning this was how everyone knew they would end up.
Since first sight
First touch.
First joke.
Those first words.

Just then there was a noise at the door. Tony and Ziva broke away from each other's gaze and looked up to find Gibbs, Abby and McGee standing at the door. Slightly confused. McGee's mouth hung open a little and Abby squealed in happiness. Gibbs turned his head to the side in the same, 'what are you doing, DiNozzo' way he always did and smiled lightly.

"DiNozzo." he began, interrupting the mood.

"Yeah Boss."

"What are you doing?" he asked, in that same way he always did.

"Ah. Well Ah me and Ziva are getting married…?" he said, as though he was questioning the plausibility of his own statement.

"Well, yeah. I can see that. I was wondering why we weren't invited?" Gibbs slapped Tony on the back of the head and moved back a few paces to join Abby and McGee watching.

"Sorry. Boss." He said and waved his hand, indicating the service should continue.
The service finished quickly, no vows, and no rings - they were back at Tony's apartment. - Just the two declaring their love by signing the papers.

The Rabbi left as soon as the service finished, leaving the newly married pair to face the team.

"Congratulations." Abby cried, smiling and hugging everyone. There was a time when she hated Ziva but as time went on she realised that even though she may not be preferable to her she was still family. Eventually she began to get along with her and like her.

"Thanks, Abs." Tony gasped, receiving the bear hug he knew and loved.

"Thankyou. Abby." Ziva smiled, her hug was lighter as she had been in surgery.

"So. You two got married and didn't tell me?" Gibbs asked. The same words he had said to Ziva once as a joke. Even then he knew they would end up together.

"Sorry, Boss." Tony apologised again, somehow forgetting the 'no apologies' rule.

"Congratulations." Gibbs extended a hand and Tony accepted, this gesture meaning more to him then anything else he could offer.

More hugs and smiles went around the room for a few more minutes, taking a while for the atmosphere to die down.

"So when are you out?" Abby finally asked once everything was settled.

"She should be out by Thursday." Everyone turned around to the door to find Kate standing at the door.

"What are you doing here, Kate?" Tony asked, his voice a monotone, careful not to care too much.

"I talked to Ducky. I'm only here to apologise to everyone," she said, turning to Ziva first. "Ziva. I'm sorry for all this, I don't know what else to say. Just, I'm sorry" Ziva nodded in acceptance and Kate turned to McGee and Tony standing together. "I'm sorry for keeping this from you two."

Finally, she turned to Gibbs.

Her former Boss.

Her former friend.

"Gibbs." she choked up "I should have trusted you. To help me."

Gibbs nodded once, his expression not changing once. "Goodbye Kate."


5 years later:

Tony sat at his desk in the bullpen, smiling across at his beautiful wife. Though they were married five years, her beauty never failed to knock the breath out of him. Her face just as young and breathtaking as it was years earlier.

"The answer is no, Tony. Not tonight." Ziva said without even having to look up.

Tony opened his mouth in mock-horror and transformed to a smile once Ziva's gaze met his. "Can't a guy just admire his beautiful wife?" he asked, totally innocent.

She thought about that for a moment. "Yes, A guy can. You, Tony?"

"Yes. I am capable of admiring someone's beauty without mentally undressing said person." He rebutted. Again they were going to get into another joking argument. In the five years of marriage rarely did they ever have a serious fight. The job was so physically and emotionally demanding that after they got their humorous banter out of the way, there was no need for a serious fight.

Ziva looked up through her long lashes, Holding Tony's gaze. "So you weren't mentally undressing me?" she asked in an angry tone.

"Well. Yeah, I was but—"

"Maybe tonight after all, then." She smiled at the sight of his face lighting up. After a few minutes of silence, the pair we're interrupted by deep breathing coming from McGee's desk. The two smiled at each other and turned to face him.

"Nervous, Probie?" Tony asked, knowing exactly what he was worried about. After all, he had had to do it the last time. He knew all about it. The sweaty palms the stumbling speech. Everything.

"And you weren't?" McGee half yelled, half questioned, after he calmed his breathing enough to put two words together.

"Well. Yeah, Of course I was. But I mean. Ziva's really flighty." he answered, shooting a joking smile at his wife.

"Yes," Ziva answered, her eyes narrowing slightly "And Tony was with a new girl every weeknight." she shot him back the same smile he given her; so glad they still joked together. Even though he was hard to take seriously, that was the thing that made her fall for him in the first place. Their sexual tension and she only realised how much she felt it once it was gone.

"Oh. Come on. That's not true!" he called, trying to protect his reputation, which was already a lost cause. He's doubted an uncountable amount of girls but it was still fun to try and defend himself.

"Of course it's not" she agreed, turning from McGee to Tony. "Spanky."

Tony's eyes widened slightly. "Who told you about that? It was a one-off thing."

"Come here, McGee," Ziva ordered ignoring the babbling coming from the desk parallel.

He stood up and walked over to her desk at the same time as Tony ran to over-take him, sitting in front of Ziva and smiling like a child that knows he's being annoying.

"You'll be fine." she comforted him, rubbing his shoulder and pushing Tony off her desk in the same movement. "Can I see the ring?"

McGee exhaled deeply through his mouth and pulled out a black and red case from his breast pocket. "Do you think she'll like it?" he asked, opening the case to reveal a delicate, skull and crossbones ring. The ring was so intricate, with fine black silver intertwining each ruby, like a spider weaves its web.

"I think it's very 'Abby,'" Tony laughed at Ziva's expression.

"Yes. She'll love it," she added.

"But will she say yes?" he asked. The panic coming back into his voice.

"McGee. If she doesn't marry you, I promise I will." Ziva smiled shooting a teasing look at Tony before pulling winking and pouting her lips flirtatiously it was so much fun to tease Tony.

"What have I told you about multiple inter-office marriages, David?" Gibbs asked, marching into the bullpen. "Grab your gear, we've got a dead marine at Quantico." he ordered as usual, without waiting for a response to his first question.

"Actually, Gibbs. I have a doctors appointment in 15 minutes" Said Ziva, already leaning across her office block to get her coat.

"All right. Meet us there as soon as you're done." Gibbs ordered, attaching his gun to his back holster.

" And get Ducky on your way out. Come on, Spanky, you're with me." He called to Tony and he marched past him, his gear already prepared.

"On your six, Boss." Tony replied and turned to Ziva, pulling her up off her chair.

"Good luck." he smiled, kissing her lightly on the lips before bending down to kiss her 5 month pregnant stomach then stretching up to touch his lips to her's once more before she left.

"I love you." he smiled, chasing after his boss before the elevator doors closed. "Both of you."


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