My way

You told me
what I shall do
and I did it!

I didn't ask further questions,
didn't think about
what I was doing here.
I simply did it.

There was no way out,
I couldn't flee from this.

Again and again I heard your words
when you talked to me,
told me how to live my life.

'Hate the people,'
you said, and I did it.
'Cling to your life,'
you said, and I did it.
'And come to me with these eyes,'
you said, but I didn't do it.
'Kill your closest friend,'
you said and I didn't do this, either.

Yet, there was no escape for me
out of this vicious circle.
It all would end with the two of us.
So you thought, didn't you?

But I was smarter than you,
I would show you.
I would break through this circle,
even if in the end, I would have to give my life for it.

There was only one way
and I had to go it.


It's the poem for a SasuSaku Oneshot I'm writing right now.