Rating: PG-13/T

Genre: Romance/Angst
Summary[Entrapped Mini fic. By the third time, he gives no resistance at all. ArchieObie, essence of noncon, faint lemony scent. Somewhat borderline M rating.

Author's Note: … I don't know, the plot bunnies ambushed me with images of Archie molesting Obie, and they wouldn't leave me alone…

Disclaimer: I don't own the Chocolate War. It belongs solely to Robert Cormier.


Archie's dragged him under the bleachers many times, when the football team's retired for the night, and the men who care for the grass have called it quits for the day. It's always by the wrist, always against a pillar (the same pillar, actually), always gives Obie a dirty feeling, even after he's scrubbed so hard he peels some skin off.

The first time, he struggles all the way through. He hates Archie- depends on him, follows him, obeys him, but still hates him (Yeahyeahyeahhateshimgoodandproper)- and doesn't want the older boy touching him (groping him) like this. It is to no avail, though- Archie gets his way, because Archie doesn't lose, Archie doesn't take 'no' for an answer, and the world has never learned to say 'no' to him.

He goes home that night and vomits.

The second time, he fights like hell, and gives up halfway through. Let's himself go utterly limp while Archie continues his assault, even though the senior mutters some rather nasty things while kissing his ear. Among the more tame are: 'Don't you like being treated like a slut, Obie?' and 'Come on, we both know you like it, Obie, I can tell… Or did you just stick a ruler in your pants?"

He can't help it if his body reacts. But it makes it all the more degrading to know that even though doesn't want it (doesn'twantitdoesn'twantitreallyreallywantstothinkhe doesn'twantit), it feels so damn good.

He goes home that night, and his skin is red the next morning from showering with boiling water- the various bruises that pepper his skin don't stand out quite as much as before.

By the third time, he gives no resistance at all.

And in this way, he gets the vague feeling that he wins just a little bit. A tiny battle, maybe. Because for Archie, it's more fun when Obie resists. The world has never said 'no' to Archie Costello, and it's always a treat to go against someone who tries. Who fights. That's what made the little chocolate incident with Renault so interesting; a challenge.

But it's not a big victory. It's almost insignificant.

Because Archie is still winning, and Obie's dignity is slowly being chipped away, caught in the entrapment of Archie's whim.

That night he goes home and doesn't try to cleanse himself.

He falls into bed and dreams of bleachers and wandering hands.