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"Viper, they're coming behind you!" Came Veil's voice as he snapped her out of the thoughts and when she spun around she saw three Outcasts coming for her. She managed to dodge a few attacks but one got her in the chest and forced her to the ground but when she managed to get to her feet, she deceived two of the three into believing that their fellow Outcast had turned against them and so they began to attack him. The third and final Outcast, Viper made him believe that he was seeing things that were not actually there.

"SNAKES!!!!" Screamed the Outcast as his fellow Outcasts continued to beat on him. A moment later, Viper's team mates, Veil and Armies, came to her side and simply watched the scene before them. A few moments past and finally all three of the remaining Outcasts were out like broken lights on a Christmas tree.

"That all of them?" Viper asked.

"Believe so." Veil said as they all crowded together and Armies got out a device he head found that would allow them to teleport out of the cave if they were close together. As soon as they were outside, Viper said, "That was a good job you guys. However, Armies, next time don't engage the enemy until Veil or I can get to you first."

"Sorry." Armies said.

Just then Viper's cell phone went off and as she apologized, she turned around and answered it.

"Magik Viper."

"Rayanna," Came a voice that Viper had not heard in a few weeks.

"Dad? Is everything all right? Are you all right?"

"I'm fine Rayanna but your planet is not."

"What are you talking about? What's happening on Earth?" Viper asked confused. Why should she care that her planet was in trouble when they did to actually acknowledge her existence.

"Not Earth Rayanna. Malous. Your mother's sister, Sanna, has contacted me and is wishing to speak with you as soon as she can. She claims that it is urgent."


"I don't know she wouldn't say. She simply said she needed to speak with you immediantly."

"I'll go home and contact her on that link you gave me."

"Rayanna, no matter what you decided, know that I love you."

"I know. I love you too." Rayanna said a little worried about her father and what her aunt could possiably want.

"Everything all right Raynna?" Veil asked as a concerned friend. It wasn't that he liked her or anything but she was one of his best friends and if he ever needed help with a mission, Viper was the first one that he called.

"I'm not sure. I've got to get home to intercept a call from my mother's sister."

"Wow wait a sec," Armies said, "This same mother's sister who is full viper? The same people who live on a completely different planet and have had no contact with you what so ever cause you are a hybrid of human and Viper."

"Armies!" Veil yelled. He was repeating information about Viper that didn't need to be said twice. They all knew of Viper's past and of the home world that didn't want to have anything to do with her and Veil didn't want Armies to bring up a topic that was going to upset Viper.

"What?" Armies asked looking at Veil. Why had Veil yelled at him like that? He had simply asked a question and didn't see anything wrong with asking questions but then again he never did.

"It's all right Veil." Viper replied, "Yes Armies. This is the same mother's sister who lives on the planet of Vipers who have never acknowledged my existence." Viper replied. She knew Veil always tried to protect her and she appreciated him for that but she knew one day there was going to be something that he couldn't protect her from and maybe, just maybe, this was it.

"What are you going to do?" Veil asked.

"I'm going to my apartment and get a hold of Sanna and find out why the hell she is contacting me after all this time." Viper said as she put on her raptor pack and took to the sky but stopped when she heard Armies' voice.

"We'll come with you." Armies said inviting himself and Veil over to Viper's house. Veil simply rolled his eyes for he knew that Viper probably wanted to do this alone and since she wasn't fighting anyone, physically anyway, he would allow her to do as she wanted this time.

Viper thought about it for a moment and said, "All right. You two can come."

"See told ya all ya had to do was ask." Armies said hitting Veil on the shoulder as he began to hover in the air and Veil got out his own raptor pack and they began to follow their friend to her home where, they knew, she would figure everything out and know exactly what to do as she always did.

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