That night it was time to say their goodbyes and send Rayanna and her friends back home. So in the hanger bay, with the ship ready to go and awaiting its pilot, Sanna bid her niece farewell while Veil and Armies walked into the ship.

"Hey Armies, "Veils aid following his little buddy onto the ship, "I've got something for you."

"Really?" Armies asked once he sat in his chair, "What is…..?"

Armies didn't finish his sentence because Veil had turned around and blinded him.

"Hey!!" Armies asked, "What was that for?!"

"For blinding me earlier!" Veil said.

"Thought you said you forgave me."

"I did but you do it again and there's more where that came from kiddo."

"Rayanna," Sanna said taking her niece's hand, "Thank you so much. Thank you for saving your people."

"Your welcome Sanna." Viper said hugging her aunt. "Thank you for making me see that these are my people and not just my mother's."

"Sanna, you're in charge but call me if anything drastic happens."

Sanna nodded her head. "I will Magik Viper."

"VIPER!!' Armies yelled.

"What?" Viper asked as she walked into the ship, readied it for takeoff and as soon as the hanger bay door was open, she began to fly the ship home.

"Your boyfriend blinded me." He whined.

"Maybe you deserved it."

"Hey!" Armies said, "You know what!! That's just Super Troll!" Armies was quite for a moment but when they were in space he said, "Ninety-Nine Bottles of beer on the wall. Ninety-Nine bottles of beer. Take one down pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall."

"Armies!!" Veil and Viper said together. The flight home was long and would allow Armies to sing that song over and over and over but honestly, Viper wouldn't have it any other way.

Finally, four rounds of Ninety-Nine bottles, countless rounds of "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves" and at least two near strangling episodes later, the three were home. Viper landed the ship in the ship yard and they exited the ship.

As soon as they got off the ship, and began walking down the street, they noticed a an African girl, with long white hair fighting several bad guys off. She was doing ok but her ice holds were slipping and the villains were able to get more and more hits on her with every passing moment. Seeing this, Armies went to her aid by not only pulling out his pets but by healing the girl as well.

"Should we help him?" Viper asked but Veil simply shook his head.

"Nah, let him handle it." Veil said and that is exactly what Armies did. At one point, the girl was knocked off her feet and as she managed to get back up, Armies took out the remaining villains while saying, "You don't hit a girl!!"

Viper laughed to herself as she saw Armies talking with the girl. His face lit up and honestly, he looked happier than Viper had ever seen him. He told the girl to hold on and then came running over to Viper and Veil.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna catch up with ya later."

"But we were gonna grab something to eat?" Viper asked smiling. She was simply teasing Armies because it wasn't every day that he met a pretty lady who wasn't all ready taken.

"I promise Vip that I'll have dinner or lunch with you another time. It's just…..just….."

"What's her name?" Viper asked quickly.

"Weather Witch." Armies said, "She wants me to have dinner with her. So…"

"Go on." Viper said, "Get out of here."

"Thank you very much." Armies said as he turned back to Weather Witch and the two flew off into the sky.

"You want to grab some dinner Pretty Lady?"

"Defiantly, considering the fact that I haven't eaten anything in a while." Viper said but before anything else could be said or done, Viper's visual radio began to go off.

"Sorry Darling." She said as she answered her com-link and saw an officer on the other end. "Officer(name)." Viper said, "What can I do for you?"

"Magik Viper." Officer(name) said and then upon seeing Veil said, "Good evening Veil Allegory."

"Good evening sir. What can we do for you?"

"The Carnies have invaded a warehouse in Founder's fall. We need someone on it A.S.A.P."

"We're on it, Officer." Viper said and then hung up with the officer. Then turned to Veil and said, "I'm sorry Love. Dinner's going to have to wait."

"No sweat Sweetie." Veil said, kissing Viper's cheek. "I'll meet you there. I've got to go pick up a few things."

"Okay Love."

"Don't start without me, Baby." Veil said taking to the skies.

"Wouldn't dream of it Babe." Viper said as she watcher her boyfriend take off and fly. He was perfect in every way. She knew she was lucky to have a man like him in her life and she would hang on to him forever if God allowed. Thinking about her life, she knew that God had blessed her in every way and she was thankful for that.

A/N: Thank to all who read this. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. There will eventually be a sequal. I have an idea in mind but am a little stuck. If anyone has suggestions I am opne. Again thx for reading.