Title: Bow Down for the Queens

Movie/Show:High School Musical

Plot: -

Summary:Check inside for summary

Summary (Extended):Gabriella comes to East High, right? Only now she never sung with Troy and when she shows up nobody will talk to her. She bumps into Sharpay and "out of the kindness in her heart" Sharpay takes Gabriella under her wing. But when Sharpay sees how Gabriella is becoming really popular really quick and how close she and Ryan are becoming, she ditches Gabriella and makes rumors that tear Gabriella's reputation apart. Gabi gets really angry and plans to take revenge on Sharpay. If it was one thing Gabriella learned from Sharpay it was how to destroy someone, so Gabi decides the best way to destroy Sharpay is to use people and things she holds dear, like her brother, boyfriend, and other close people. Turns out Sharpay might have taught Gabriella a little too much about how to be the Ice Queen of East High. What happens when Sharpay fights back? Well let's just say it was practically a welcome to world war three.

Couple(s):Ryella (for sure) with mystery couplings later on

Rating:T or PG-13


When no one else will talk to you

(Shows kids sneering, laughing, and pointing at Gabriella as she walks down the hall)

You turn to whoever will

(Shows Sharpay walking down the hall with everyone parting in her wake)

Whether that's a good thing or not

(Shows the two girls meeting and Sharpay just nodding as Gabriella speaks)

A strong friendship forms

(Shows the two laughing and talking at a sleepover)

Only to be destroyed shortly after

(Shows the two glaring at each other as they walk down the hall)

And when one holds a grudge,

(Shows Gabriella grumbling as Sharpay is praised and praised over absolutely nothing by countless others)

things don't turn out so well

(Shows a bucket of chili falling on Sharpay's head)


(Shows Gabriella running through the school hallway with only a towel on her body)

Saying problems arise is an under statement

(Shows Gabriella and Ryan talking)

"I don't think I can do that, I mean, I may say I hate her and all, but this is my-" Ryan's sentence is cut off by Gabriella's lips on his own. She pulls back and he looks around in a daze

"Now, what were you saying?" Gabriella asks

"Okay" Ryan said in a shaky voice causing Gabriella to smirk


(Shows Sharpay shaking uncontrollably in the pouring rain in only a short skirt and tanktop)

"Oh, you are so gonna pay, Montez" Sharpay mumbles

When all hell breaks loose and those two start a war, who wins?

"And your class of 2007 Prom Queen is…" Troy starts slowly taking the card out of the envelope

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Bow Down For The Queens

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