Bow Down for the Queens

Author's Note: Another chapter of Queens for all you Ryella fans out there. Hope you enjoy it.


Chapter Three:

Ryan Evans

Darbus' Homeroom at East High

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007, 8:30 AM


The dreaded start to any day. Homeroom with Mrs. Darbus was never a good thing, she was obsessed with the theatre program, and had a strange hatred of sports, Boltons, jocks, and cell phones. Everyday she seemed to create a new rule about something not to do. Today the rule was no mentioning things that were not related to the next three minutes. That's all the time we had to spend with her unless of course we had drama with her, like I do.

I sat staring at the window mindlessly, because of course there was nothing else to do. All of a sudden, the doors to the room flew open and a bright light came through. Walking out of the light was an angel… no wait, it was Gabriella, never mind. Now, Gabriella was looking stunning. Well, not really, she was mostly in this skirt that stopped at her knees and a short-sleeved shirt. I kind of did expect more with the entrance but hey she wasn't Sharpay, and thank goodness. I don't think I could handle another Shar.

4:15 PM

I walked into my house and could hear music blaring loudly. I knew from experience that meant one of two things, one Sharpay brought a guy home or two Sharpay brought a friend home, either way it meant something was happening in her bedroom. I stalked up the stairs and heard giggles, one seemed a bit too familiar, so I went over to Sharpay's door and cracked it just a bit. Inside was Sharpay and Gabriella flipping through magazines and listening to music.

"So, let's see if this has taught you anything, you have to become one with the teen magazines" Sharpay said

"I'm ready" Gabriella said

"Okay, what hot new star was going to be in the film version of Hairspray?" Sharpay asked

"Originally, well Jesse McCartney tried out but Zac Efron got the role and is in it with Brittany Snow and Amanda Bynes." Gabriella said, Sharpay nodded

"Okay, this is the question for all the marbles in episode twelve season three of National Pride (Author's note: not a real show) what did my future BF Orlando Bloom say to Becca?" Sharpay asked

"He said that all's fair in love and war and that he had to do what he had to do" Gabriella said, Sharpay was silent for a second before she broke into a smile and the two started squealing and yelling. I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

"Can you lower the volume on the squeals?" I asked, the two stopped and turned to me

"Hey Ry, want to do me a favor?" Sharpay asked

"Those words don't belong in a sentence, Shar" I said, she gave me the look, "okay, what do you want? And how much is it going to cost me?" I asked

"All I want is for you to sit there and offer your opinion" Sharpay said

"Okay" I said, the two walked away and walked back in wearing totally different outfits. Gabriella was sporting a mini skirt that showed off her legs and she was wearing this tanktop that looked so cute on her and she had this sassy look plastered on her face that just made her look… breathtaking would be an understatement. Then we had Sharpay, not sure what she was wearing because I tend to space out once I get one good look at something. My eyes stayed solely focused on the perfection in front of me. And I couldn't help but see how great she looked right then.

"So, Ry, what do you think?" Sharpay asked

"I think you look amazing" I said eyes on Gabriella

"Oh, I know, I do, but I mean about Gabriella" Sharpay said, she obviously didn't get that I was talking about Gabriella. Hey, well, maybe Gabi didn't either.

"Oh, you mean about Montez… it works, personally I would have gone for the more covering outfit, at least until she works out more and loses the fat all around her body" I said

"Ooh, brilliant example of what to do in this situation. Gabi, you have just been insulted and we both know you look excellent, now you have to reverse the insult and make yourself look better and make the other person feel stupid and bad" Sharpay said

"I don't know if I can-" Gabriella began

"Just do it!" Sharpay roared, Gabriella looked hesitant

"I don't think I even can think of something to say back" Gabriella said, Sharpay huffed out in frustration and turned to me. She had that look that I knew meant she wasn't happy.

"Are you seriously saying I need to work out more with all the flab you got going on I'm surprised you can even hear me speaking? I monitor what I eat, go to the gym six times a week, do yoga, jog a minimum of two miles a day and I do my SM exercise every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. What do you do to keep in shape?" Sharpay asked me, I looked at her like she was insane and she just rolled her eyes

"Sharpay, that was stupid and you know it" I said

"Yes, but if it wasn't you, the person would be cowering, stuttering, or just plain running away. That is an example of what to do, Gabriella" Sharpay said

"I don't think I could be mean to a person" Gabriella said

"Gabi, you just sat here with me for like ever and then of course busted your butt looking for the right outfit and then some punk has the nerve to diss all the work you've been working on for all that time. Also if you ever can't find the motivation think of something that makes you angry and channel the anger, control the anger, become one with the anger" Sharpay said

"Channel the anger, control the anger, become one with the anger, got it, Gabi, now, like OMG the like mega fab show just came on with like the totally wickedest hot guy in like the world and I like so can't miss it, so you like have got to continue without me, just like anger, anger, yeah, yeah, tootles" I said in my best valley girl voice adding in a few seconds of playing with my hair and with my best impression of the way Sharpay walks I strutted out of the room and down the hall to my own.

I stared at the ceiling knowing full well one of them was going to come in a few seconds and as if on cue in walked Gabriella. She took a seat on the edge of my bed and sat silently.

"What Montez, don't you see I'm busy?" I asked

"Yeah, it must be so entertaining to stare at a wall, gosh" she said, I sat up and looked at her she has this little smirk on her face that resembled the smirk Sharpay always wore, only on her it looked cute.

"Okay, what do you want?" I asked

"Sharpay sent me in here, something about her needing to call someone and that I could bother you while I wait" Gabriella said

"Well, the only way you'd bother me is if you left right now, your company isn't annoying, Montez" I said

"And neither is yours Evans" Gabriella said back, I cracked a small smile

"So, really I have got to know what is the point in the show National Pride, I've always wanted to figure that out" I said

"There is no point, the point of the show is for countless girls to drool over the guys who star and appear in it. The only reason everyone watches it is because of Johnny and Orlando, I mean, hello, why else would we watch it? The story line sucks, the scripts are terrible, and if I have to hear Monica Rendell do her signature I won thing one more time I will break that TV in your sister's room" Gabi said making me laugh

"Okay, as long as I'm not the only one annoyed by it. Montez, what do you like to do?" I asked

"I like to read, I like to write, draw, sing, do tons of things really" she said

"Do you like movies?" I asked

"Yeah, I love movies" she said

"Really, because-" I started but my sentence got off by Sharpay barging into my room.

"Come on loser we're going to the mall" Sharpay said

"Are you talking to me?" Gabriella and I asked in unison

"Not to you, Ryan, why would I bring you? Hello, the rules of the mall are to shop 'til you drop then have a hot guy help you up, if you're there it kills the point of shopping" Sharpay said

"And that is?" I asked

"The point is to shop and to meet hot guys" Sharpay said

"Don't you already have like two boyfriends or something, why get another?" I asked

"Not for me, for Gabi, it's her next lesson. How to hold her posture and demeanor in front of really good-looking members of the opposite sex" Sharpay said

"Why not leave her here? I mean, we all know how sexy I am" I said

"Ryan, please, I just ate" Sharpay said

"Then I guess you just threw up, too, you bulimic freak" I said

"Ouch, Ry, words hurt" Sharpay said grabbing Gabriella's hand and leading her out of the room. I, of course, followed them.

"Are you really bulimic?" Gabriella asked

"No, Ryan just likes to say stupid little comments" Sharpay said

"Shar, you know not everything I say is stupid" I said

"Ryan, get a life" Sharpay said

"Sharpay, get a brain" I said

"Uh, forget this, Gabi and I have some major shopping to do" Sharpay said

"Uh huh and me and my mega yummy friend Chad are going to like shop 'til we drop" I said in my VG voice again

"You know Ryan, you're not funny" Sharpay said

"Yeah just funny looking" Gabriella said nodding, Sharpay turned to Gabriella with this smile

"Yeah, see you're getting it, any insult works even if it's as lame as that one, you just need the right stuff backing it up and following it" Sharpay said like she was teaching a class. Sharpay decided to teach her plenty of insults in the car ride, meaning I had to drive so she could have her hands free. We drove for about ten minutes with the only sound being Sharpay's voice until I pulled up at Chad's. I walked up to the door and knocked. The door opened after a while and there stood Karen, Chad's younger sister.

"The idiot is in the backyard" Karen said, "oh and tell your sister that if another one of my teddy bears goes missing from my room after she stops by for a visit, I'm going to start charging" she added in, I chuckled and went on through. Straight out the backyard was Chad and Troy tossing around a basketball.

"Who wants to hunt for babes in the mall?" I asked loudly, their heads snapped to me and sly smiles worked their way onto each boy's face.

Gabriella Montez

East Central Mall in Eastern Albuquerque

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007, 6:30 PM

My training continued with Sharpay dragging me to the mall for the second time that week. The ride was probably the most annoying drive I've had in a while. The first half was all Sharpay talking, then the second half all I could hear was Troy and Chad ramble on about some stupid basketball game. It wasn't too enjoyable. When we did reach the mall, Troy ran off somewhere and Chad started pestering Sharpay.

"Uh, Chad, stop" Sharpay said stomping her foot down

"Are you angry?" Chad asked

"What do you think?" Sharpay asked snappily

"I think you're sexy when you're angry" Chad said, I could easily tell Sharpay felt flushed or embarrassed by the compliment but she didn't let it show too much.

"I look sexy all the time, Danforth" Sharpay said

"And I would rather not hear this" Ryan said

"Then go, we don't need you here anyway, I didn't even want you to come" Sharpay said

"You know what Sharpay, why don't you just go over there and screw Chad, at least that way someone in our group will be happy" Ryan said

"You are sick and wrong" Sharpay said

"I take after you, sis" Ryan said

"Uh screw this" Sharpay said exasperatedly

"Gladly" Chad said motioning towards a closet with his head, Sharpay scoffed and stomped off with Chad following, "Shar, I was joking" Chad said following her

"So, what should we do?" I asked turning to Ryan hoping he'd suggest the movies again. I'm almost sure he was about to ask me to the movies before Sharpay barged in to talk about the mall.

"I was going to go find someone willing to go to the movies, I mean, I just have to see that new movie" Ryan said

"Well, what a coincidence, I need to go to the movies, too" I said

"Well, you know, we could always walk to the movies together, you know, it's right on the other side and you know real freaks walk these hallways during this time" he said

"Really? Like who?" I asked

"Well, Troy's definitely an example, and Sharpay lives at the mall, she's enough freak for everyone, so what do you say?" he asked

"I say let's rock and roll" I said linking my arm with his. We were walking when we passed this little girl who I swear was wearing the exact outfit as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I looked at him and he looked at me and ten seconds later we were skipping through the mall singing about going to see the wizard.

"We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz" we sang stopping at the theatre. We got the tickets and in Ryan's attempt to sound casual about us sharing snacks got in line after me.

"Oh, you're buying snacks, too?" he asked, I nodded a small smile on my face

"That was the plan" I said

"By any chance might you be getting popcorn?" he asked

"Seeing as it is the only snack they sell right here, I think I'm getting popcorn" I said

"Well, what a strange turn of events, so am I" he said in a fake shocked voice

"It's just so shocking isn't it?" I asked sarcastically

"Definitely, you know, we'd be wasting money getting two separate tubs of popcorn, I mean, we could easily just get one big one and sit near each other, save a few bucks" he said

"Well, you know I might want to shop a little later, so, yeah I think that idea works." I said

"Okay, but I must warn you I get pretty tired in movies" he said, I smiled a bit more

"It's fine Ry, just get the popcorn, I'll get the seats" I said walking away and into our theatre. I went to my favorite spot in the theatre, like the very back, and sat down. The movie could be summed up in a few words, the best movie ever. It wasn't that the movie was good, heck, the movie was such a bad attempt at horror it was a comedy, it was what happened during the movie. First Ryan and I reached into the popcorn at the same time and both pulled our hands real quick, it was cute. Second he played that whole yawning I'm so tired thing and put his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to him, he smelled nice. And lastly and my favorite thing, there was one scary part in the entire movie and I jumped so high I practically landed in his lap. He just laughed and I watched the rest of the movie, his arm around me and me pretty much resting on top of him. Once again best movie ever.

"So, what'd you think of the flick?" Ryan asked me

"I thought they tried so hard for horror they made a comedy and it was pathetic and the couple a few seats over was way too loud with the whole kissing thing. I bet if the guard didn't walk by and glance at them, they would have done it right there in the theatre" I said, Ryan chuckled

"You're funny, Montez, really funny" he said, I giggled a little

"Gabriella?" asked a voice, I turned around and saw my old best friend, I could have died.

"No way, Kaylee?" I asked, she nodded and we ran to each other

"What are you doing here?" Kaylee asked me

"I moved here like a week ago or something" I said

"I just moved here, and I just met the hottest guy on the face of the earth" Kaylee said, I giggled

"Same old Kaylee" I said, she glanced over my shoulder.

"Okay, scratch that I met the second hottest guy, who's the hunk?" Kaylee asked, I turned my head a little and saw Ryan wave lightly towards us. I turned back towards her.

"Tell you all tonight at my place?" I asked

"What about school?" Kaylee asked

"School or gossiping with BFF about hot guys… hm, yeah gossip" I said

"Ooh, did someone say gossip?" Sharpay asked appearing out of nowhere

"When'd you get here?" I asked

"Don't worry your pretty little head about that, now did I hear the word gossip?" Sharpay asked

"Yes you did, Kaylee this is Sharpay Evans and Sharpay this is my best friend in the entire freaking world Kaylee Collins" I said

"Hi, nice to meet you" Kaylee said, Sharpay merely nodded

"Well, Gabriella, what's happening?" Sharpay asked

"Well, I was going to have Kaylee over to fill her in, she's starting school here isn't that awesome?" I asked

"Definitely" Sharpay said

"Yeah, and I'm going to be cheerleading captain" Kaylee said

"Kayls, you don't want to mess with the captain here, she's not like Nicole at our old school, one push won't kill everything" I said

"I would never and I didn't push her thank you, my arm slipped and just happened to collide with her back causing her to fall, it was a total mistake" Kaylee said

"Uh huh, whatever you say" I said sarcastically

"Now can you please tell me who the cutie is?" Kaylee asked

"He's not that cute" I said

"Now I know you can't be talking about me" Ryan said popping his head in

"How do you know we weren't, cutie?" Kaylee asked Ryan

"Because I heard not and cute in the same sentence, the only way they work together is ooh, Ryan Evans is so not cute, he's just so damn fine and sexy" Ryan said

"Ooh, I agree with you" Kaylee said

"Kayls, you're here one day and you're already majorly flirting" I said

"Gabs, you're here an entire week and you don't have an army of guys behind you, what century is this? Where is my best friend? And when does the hottie express pull into station? Whoo-whoo" Kaylee said

"Okay, is your friend like on crack?" Sharpay asked

"No that would be you darling sister" Ryan said

"Just because I lie to my boyfriend doesn't mean I was lying when I said I wasn't on crack at that party" Sharpay said

"When'd you lie to me?" Troy asked appearing behind Sharpay, she turned quickly and looked towards me for help.

"She lied when she said she didn't want you guys near her, Troy, you should know your girlfriend here was just practically in tears without you. Sharpay was totally in total death spiral mode, she ate like two entire soft pretzels from Wetzels Pretzels and she didn't even flinch or stop to think of the calories" I said making something up, Troy fake gasped

"Oh no, so tragic, Shar, you know if you miss me so bad, you should just spend more time with me, and also babe don't worry we can burn off those calories, the Troy Bolton way" Troy said to Sharpay, she walked around to his other side making him turn and hugged him. She mouthed thank you to me and that was one of those times when I saw the good side to Sharpay Evans.

"So, when did you lie to Troy, really?" Kaylee asked that night, we were in my room and I decided to screw school, besides it starts an hour later on Wednesdays anyway.

"Well, I told him a few years ago that during our break I didn't see anyone else, but truth is I kind of saw this guy during our little break from each other and I didn't end what me and the other guy had going on until a long time later" Sharpay said

"How long?" I asked suddenly curious

"Like it's still going on now, but you can't tell Troy, if he finds out OMG I'd be like history" Sharpay said

"Don't worry our lips are sealed" I said, Kaylee nodded

"Okay, now the boyfriend, Troy? Tell me about him" Kaylee said

"Troy is sooooo hot. He's like a god, I mean, really, in more ways than one. He's big on a lot of things especially the one's that matter if you catch my drift" Sharpay said

"Ooh, continue" Kaylee said and that's what Sharpay did. I kind of tuned them out, feeling more like Sharpay was teaching Kaylee and not me. The night didn't get much better, Sharpay and Kaylee gossiped all night and didn't even notice me leave my room and go sleep in the guest bedroom a few doors down. Talk about invisible. In school, I got a bigger shock though. Kaylee like immediately became one of the coolest girls in school and I don't know how. In one week, I was still the freaky geek but she was like totally sheik and she ruled the streets, sorry in a rhyming mood. After Kaylee became so instantly big, I was more determined than ever to pay attention during Sharpay's lessons and become the best me I could be, even if that me was more like Sharpay than it was me.


End Author's Note: New character and for those reading my story Who's Broken Now, this Kaylee is like the same character. You'll learn, I'm not always super creative and usually once I find a character I like, I stick with them. Go figure.