Week 1

The Camp

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It was four weeks before camp was going to start. Camp Crystal Lake was cleaned and every activity was set up, the only thing that was not done was the choices for camp counselors. The owners usually picked five or six if they are fit and if they are old enough, but since they were so close to camp time and they haven't chosen the counselors, they decided to choose them from twenty different people by putting them through challenges.

As Yuffie arrived at the bus station she could see that Cloud and Tifa where already there. She also could see Vincent, Red, Cid, and Barret where also there. She walked over and put her suit case onto the bus. She then walked onto the bus. She saw that there was one empty seat. She went over and sat down in it. As she sat there a young man sat down beside her. She looked up and saw that he was wearing an amulet around his neck.

"Excuse me, but I didn't say you could sit there." She said to him.

"Sorry, but it is the only place available for me sit there." He told her.

"Fine, what's your name?" She asked him.

"My name's Yuri, what's yours?" He asked back.

"Name's Yuffie." She told him as she looked out the window.

Karin watched as Yuri sat down with some strange girl. She didn't know how to react to him doing that. She thought that he would have sat with her, but he goes and sits with some ho. She sat still as Vincent sat beside her. The only thing she could think when she saw him was what kind of person was he? She looked at how he was dressed and his black hair.

As the bus took off Yuffie thought how much she was going to miss the bar and the fighting of monsters. Karin thought what a bore this was going to be and if any guy tries to hit on her she would hurt him.

Yuri put on his I-Pod and started to listen to music. Yuffie looked over when she heard Public Affair by Jessica Simpson start playing. She started to giggle when Yuri started to sing it. All she could do was laugh. As Karin heard her laughing she stood up and pushed Vincent out of her way. She then stood in the aisle of the bus. She saw Yuffie laughing at Yuri.

Jill looked up and saw the look on Karin's face. As Karin walked by her, she put her leg out and tripped her. Karin fell face first. She looked up and saw Jill laughing. She got off of the ground and slapped Jill across the face.

"You dumb slut!" Jill yelled at her.

"I'm no slut, look at what you're wearing, a leather mini skirt and a blue tank top." Karin snapped at her.

"So, you think I'm a slut?" Jill asked her.

"Yes I do." Karin said.

As Jill stood up Karin backed away. Yuffie saw this and got up. She walked slowly over to them. Jill punched Karin in the nose, Karin then kicked Jill in the head. Jill fell back onto Yuffie. Yuffie then stood up and jumped kicked Karin. Karin fell back and slid to the front of the bus. When the bus driver saw her, he slammed on the brakes which sent Jill and Yuffie flying forwards.

Yuffie looked up and saw the bus driver stand up. She then saw that is was her archenemy Sephiroth. He stood there looking at them. Yuffie thought of attacking him, but them she thought that it would be a bad idea.

"Will you all stop fighting, I do want to get to the camp by nightfall!" He yelled at them.

"Why do you want to be at the camp?" Yuffie asked him.

"Because, I want to be a camp counselor." He told her.

Yuffie stood up and went back to her seat, where Yuri was looking up at them. Karin did the same thing even though she wanted to hurt Yuffie still. Jill got up and sat back down in her seat where she saw that Red was laughing.

Cloud could not believe that Sephiroth was driving the bus that he was on. He didn't know whether or not to fight him. He then turned and looked at Tifa who was sleeping on his arm. He thought that if he and Sephiroth were to fight they would fight later. Cloud then put his other arm around Tifa so that he could get some sleep to.

Yuffie looked out the window as it started to pull up to the camp. She saw that there where about ten other people outside. She saw that there was some of them where waiting for the owners to show up.

The bus stopped and everyone got off. Yuffie saw that Karin was waiting for Yuri to walk up to her. Yuffie laughed when she saw that he just walked by Karin. Jill stood up and walked past Karin. Yuffie got off the bus last, and also grabbed her suit case that had all of her supplies.

Aya arrived at the camp in her bran new jeep. She could see that she was going to have a lot of fun at this camp. She always wanted to be a camp counselor, and she also liked the idea of having to fight for being one of the counselors. All Aya could think of was want she was going to do if she became a counselor. She knew that she would teach self defense to the children.

Aya got out of her jeep and walked over to the front office. She opened the door and saw that no one was in there. So she went and sat down on one of the benches. She didn't know whether to wait and see if someone was going to show up or if she was going check around the camp.

She decided to sit and wait. She looked around the room as she sat there and waited. She saw that there were posters off missing people posted up everywhere. She saw one that caught her eye. She got up and walked over to it. She started to read what it said.

It said: Missing, eighteen year old boy, last seen heading towards corner store around seven pm on June 4th, presumed to have been murdered by Jason.

"Who the hell is Jason?" Aya asked herself.

"He is one of the kids who died long ago at this camp." A man said.

Aya jumped and turned to see a guy wearing weird yellow outfit. He had spiked brown hair, with a soccer ball in his hands. She didn't know who he was, but he did look familiar.

"How do you know that?" She asked him.

"I heard it from some crazy guy on my way up here. Oh the name's Wakka." He told her.

"My name's Aya." She said.

"So, why are you here?" He asked her.

"I'm here to try to become a counselor." She told him.

"So am I. So if you become one what will you teach the children?" He asked.

"I would teach them some self defense." She laughed.

"So you like to fight do you." He said.

"Ya, you could say that, so what would you do?" She asked.

"I would teach them soccer." He told her.

"Its seems like you love to play sports." She giggled.

"So, do you want to come check the place out with me?" He asked her.

"Sounds like fun to me." She said to him.

The two of them left the office and went to check the place out. They found where they would be sleeping for the next four weeks, they also found some of the activates that the kids would do. They spent about four hours looking around the camp. They were looking in one of the cabins when they heard a horn honking.

They went to the parking area to see a rusty old car sitting there. Both of them looked at each other and then back at the car. Neither of them knew who's car it was. They walked forwards when they saw the driver side door open. They stopped when they saw a girl stand up.

The girl was wearing a long pink dress, had long brown hair, a staff on her back, and she was about 5'6. She turned and saw the two of them standing there. She waved and walked around the car.

"Hi, I'm Aeris." She told them.

"I'm Aya, and he's Wakka." Aya told her.

"So, are you here to try out to be a counselor?" Wakka asked her.

"Yes, are you two?" She asked.

"Ya, so do you need any help with your bags?" Wakka asked politely.

"Yes, can you show me where we're to put our bags?" She asked.

"Sure, just follow us." Aya told her.

They showed Aeris where she is to put her bags, and they also showed her where they would be sleeping. Aeris thought that it was strange that they would be sharing cabins with guys, but she then remembered that Cloud was going to be at the camp.

Aya went to the cabin where she would be sleeping. She pulled out a change of clothes for her bag. She pulled off her shirt and unzipped her pants. Wakka looked in through the window and saw that she was standing in nothing but her bra and underwear. He didn't now how to react to seeing and women half naked so he did what he always wanted to do, watch. As he was watching her he realized that it was wrong to watch a girl get naked.

Aya took off her bra, and as she was about to take off her underwear she saw that Wakka was watching her. She went over to her bag and pulled out her hand gun. She turned and shot at Wakka, but she missed him. He ran away screaming "SORRY!". Aya laughed as she saw him run into a tree.

Aeris ran out of her cabin and ran to where she heard the gun shot. She found Aya standing in the doorway of the cabin she was staying at, in a dark red dress. She also saw that Aya was holding a pistol in her hands.

"What happen?" Aeris asked her.

"I caught Wakka watching me get undressed." She told her.

"So you shot him." Aeris seriously said.

"No, I shot at him, and missed." Aya laughed.

"Is he okay?" Aeris asked.

"He's fine and he only saw my tits." Aya said as she headed into the cabin.

Aya put the gun back into her bag. She turned and saw Aeris looking at her with suspicion on her face. Aya sat down on the bed and gestured Aeris to come sit next to her. Aeris sat down and looked at Aya.

"Let me guess, you're wondering why I have a gun in my bag?" Aya asked her.

Aeris nodded, because she was scared of saying anything.

"Because I have fought some bad things and also I' m kind of nervous, also I only came here because I wanted to get away and have fun, but Wakka scared me so I shot at him." She told Aeris.

"So, you scared of something bad?" Aeris asked.

"Yes, and I'm afraid that it might come back and kill me." Aya whispered.

"So, you're going to have a lot of people here, so it might not ever come and try." Aeris reassured her.

"Ya, but it's not that it's a creature, it's a thing that is in me and another girl." Aya cried.

"So, don't be scared but be happy that you don't have to face it right now." Aeris said.

Aeris then stood up and pulled Aya off of the bed. She dragged Aya outside and started to run. Aya ran with her but didn't know where they were going. Aeris stopped and showed Aya that they were at the lake. Aeris then pulled off her dress to reveal that she was wearing a bikini. Aya thought that it was strange that she was going swimming, but she took off her dress and ran into the water. She was only wear her bra and underwear but she was having fun.

They both were in the water for about two hours when they heard Wakka yelling for them. They got out of the water and put back on there dresses. They found Wakka at the parking lot. He was talking to three other people. There were two girls and a guy. The one girl had short brown hair and was wearing short-shorts, and a white t-shirt. The other girl was in a red gown and had long brown hair. The guy was wearing a purple outfit and had long blond hair.

Aeris walked over to the new group that had arrived at the camp, but Aya stayed were she was standing. Aeris told the group who she was and was about to introduce Aya but she saw that Aya was standing still. Aeris gestured Aya to come and say hi, but Aya started to cry. Aeris ran over and put her hand around her.

"What's wrong Aya?" Aeris asked her.

"How come you have to ruin everything, why are you here Eve?!" Aya yelled at the girl in the red gown.

Aya then turned and ran from them. Aeris shocked at what had just happen ran after Aya. The rest of them stayed were they where. Wakka turned and looked at them. He didn't now what happen, but he did have a feeling about it.

"So, how have you been Yuna?" He asked the one girl.

"I'm fine, how is everyone else at home?" She asked him.

"Well, Lulu is having our second baby, Rikku is still stealing from bad people." He told her.

"That's good." Yuna said.

"So, what's your name man?" Wakka asked the guy in purple.

"My name is Keith." He told him.

"And what's your name ma'am?" He asked the girl in the red gown.

"My name's Eve and yes I do know that girl who yelled at me." She told the three of them.

"So, why did she yell at you?" Wakka questioned her.

"Because I tried to kill her and all of New York back in 1997, and I'm sort of her enemy, so lets just say that our mitochondria's are the same." Eve answered him.

Aeris found Aya near the lake. Aya was sitting down and throwing stones into the water. Aeris walked over to her and sat down beside her. Aeris started to throw some rocks at the water, but none of them would skip. Aya turned and looked at her. She just laughed at her as she kept trying to skip rocks.

"I guess you're wondering why I ran away from there." Aya said.

"Yes." Aeris admitted.

"Because, Eve was the something I was talking about, she tried to destroy me and all of New York." Aya told Aeris with fear in her voice.

"Don't worry, me and all the others will keep you safe." Aeris reassured her.

"Can't I just go shoot her?" Aya joked.

"No, but we can go jump off of the dock." Aeris said.

As everyone got off of the bus they saw that they weren't alone in this battle to become a camp counselor. Yuffie saw Aeris talking to some blond, and that Cloud didn't even notice she was here because he was making out with Tifa. Yuffie saw Yuri was holding his pack over his shoulder. She walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and smiled when he saw it was her.

"Thanks for being nice to me back on the bus." She thanked him.

"Hey no problem. Do you know what we're supposed to do now?" He asked her.

"I think we're supposed to wait for the owners of the camp to show up." She told him.

"Hey, why don't we all tell each other our names!?" Aeris yelled.

So that what they did for the next while. There was Yuffie, Aya, Yuri, Margaret, Jill, Karin, Vincent, Eve, Yuna, Anastasia, Keith, Wakka, Cloud, Tifa, Clair, Barret, Red, Sephiroth, Garnet, and Aeris.

They all talked until one of them went to the front office. Aeris was talking with Aya about where they were going to sleep. Tifa and Cloud were talking about where they were going to have wild sex. As everyone was talking, Yuffie came back from the front office holding a piece of paper in her hands.

"What'cha got there Yuffie?" Vincent asked her.

"It's from the owners." She told them.

"Well, what does it say?" Aeris asked.

"It says that we are suppose to do the challenges and that they will see us at the end of the four weeks." She said.

"Well lets get some rest and find the challenges tomorrow." Aya said.

So they all went to there cabins and went to sleep. The next six days they tried to find out what the challenges were. They fought with each other and they also had competitions of there own.

What the twenty of them did not know was that there was a force in the woods that was watching them. This force wants them dead and he will do everything in his power to kill them.

End of Chapter

Will week2 offer some death and who will be the first to die? The group only has three more weeks left to live and will they find the killer before he finds them? Find out in week2.