Hedgehog's Dilemma


It's raining so heavily that the boy has to struggle with every breath, and yet he does not sense the cold chill of the evening through his drenched clothing.

In fact, he doesn't care, either.

Honestly, he feels so lorn and restless it genuinely hurts. Wanting to keep silent and start screaming at the same time, he simply digs his teeth in his bottom lip.
The physical pain pales in comparison to his inner agony.


Standing in front of the monument he reaches out and touches the wet surface of the tombstone, tracing the characters of Uchiha Obito's name with the fingertips of his right hand.

Somehow, the carvings appear surreal, albeit their edges turn out to be quite rough against his skin.

Then the rain suddenly stops, or so it seems. Blinking in confusion, he raises his head.

"Sensei," the youth states calmly, hiding his surprisal.

'No, not anymore,' he corrects himself.

"You'll catch a cold if you stay out here like this," the blond notes while pausing next to the teen, insulating them both from the downpour with his umbrella.

Kakashi lowers his gaze, nodding absently ā€“ the Yellow Flash has a point, and he knows himself that it's everything but reasonable to remain there. Nonetheless he is not tempted to go home.

Slowly, the man crouches and places an entirely white bouquet of calla lillies next the one Rin brought along earlier.
Bright petals are scattered all across the fagstone.

The man's unreadable expression alters when he tips his head a bit and looks at the young jounin, who reciprocates the mildly concerned glance, unfazed.

"Are you alright, Kakashi?"

Shifting his shoulders uncomfortably he finally shrugs ā€“ a lame, halfhearted motion without any further meaning.
He's insecure about what to say.

"Iā€¦ just don't feel like being alone today."

His quietly murmured words are almost lost amongst the steady drumming of the rainfall and he is glad about it; his voice sounds throaty and weak. Pathetic.

Also, he cannot enunciate the true reason, Sakumo's obit.
Until now he has been unable to get over his father's suicide and he cannot manage to talk about it yet. Not openly.

Most likely the Yellow Flash is aware of that.
He is not indicating it, though.

"Want to accompany me, then?"

Author's Note:

Another one for blue.bimbomushi.
Thank you for being such a great inspiration! Part II, which is quite a bit longer, is going to be finished soon.

Comment on Schopenhauer, motivation and NGE influences will come later (hopefully)...