Kinoke: -evil laughter- Bwaaahhhhahhha! I'm gonna give you a seires of diolog and you have to reveiw with answers of what the topic is their taling about ok? so I will now updat untill i've got enogh guesses on the topic of the conver sation between the Uchiha siblings! heh heh heh and so my diolog begins! -evil laughter again- Bwaaahhhhahhha!


"Hi Akei!" Sasuke said entering is brothers room.

"Hello Sasu-chan." Itach said greating his little brother casually.

"Whoa Nii-san whats that in you pants!?" the seven year old asked pointing to his brothers black pants.

"Nothing really speical otouto." chuckled Itachi.

"Awe come on I want to see it Akei...please?" whined Sasuke, his lips falling into an adorable pout.

"Alright, fine." Sighed Itachi and took it out of his pants. "See its nothing special." He said plainly.

"Wow, its so long Akei, where'd you get it?" He asked looking up at his big brother.

"I can't really answer the question right now Sasu-chan, but I can tell you this. You'll get one just like it when you grow up." Itachi said patting Sasuke's head and ruffeling his hair. Sasuke giggled slightly.

"But Nii-san I want one just like it, now!" he whined after a while.

"You're to young." Itachi argued.

"But yours is cool...can i touch it?" Sasuke pleaded.

"What? No, go touch your own." the 14 year old said frowning.

"But...but yours is longer! Please Nii-san! Please?" Sasuke said pouting again and looking up at his big brother with huge ukeish black eyes.

"Alright you can touch it." Sighed Itachi in defeat. Sasuke knew Itachi couldn't say 'no' to his inoccent face.

"Yay!" Sasuke giggled and took it in his hands. "Its really hard too Nii-san! And slightly warm...did you use it today?" Sasuke asked staring at the object in his small hands.

"Yep." Itachi delcared proudly.

"Wow thats so cool I can't wait to use mine when I'm older." Sasuke said looking at his brother admiringly. Itachi chuckled and shook his head.

"Just wait Sasu-chan, you'll get older faster then you think, then we can both use them, together." He said patting Sasuke's head lovingly. Sasuke smiled and let the object go and Itachi put it back in his ninja pants.


Kinoke: -giggles- that leaves a lot to the imagination doesn't it...-giggles-So like i said ppl reveiw with what you think the Uchiha brother's are talking about. Till next time readers!