Just something very random I thought up while bored in study hall. If I get inspired I may write out other characters versions, seeing as they would all get the assignment. But I may not. Just depends. Enjoy!!

Disclaimer: Seriously. Do you think I own any of this? I wouldn't be stuck in school still if I did.

So does anyone else remember that debacle in the cafeteria last year??

You know, the one with all the secrets and confessing?

Oh yeah, that one.

Well, I know I was acting a bit…strange. I mean, what should it mean to me if some skater dude is into classical music? And who cares if Zeke bakes? Well, we all do now, because he's amazing, but really, why did that have to be a big secret?? And Martha. I mean, really. Who doesn't dance? So far as secrets go, that was a pretty lame one.

But mine isn't lame.

My secret's a good one. One that if anyone knew, I could never live down.

No one knows this secret accept for me, Ryan, and Mother. I don't even think Daddy knows.

My reputation could be ruined with this.

Here it goes.

I'm not a natural blond.

That's right ladies and gentlemen…

I dye my hair.

Of course, it doesn't sound that bad to any of you. I mean, so what? All girls have dyed their hair before. It's just a girl thing.

But most girls don't have a twin brother who had hair as perfectly blond as Ryan.

When we were born, our hair was the same color. There are baby pictures where the only way to tell us apart is by the clothes. But as we got older, I started getting darker. By the time we were six, I was a brunette (albeit a light one), while Ryan still had is baby fine pale yellow locks. It was then that I started begging my mother for some bleach. I kept at her for five years. Finally, as we were about to start middle school, she gave in. I walked into my sixth grade homeroom with hair just a golden blond as the stylist had promised. And no one knew any different, other than my brother. But he wouldn't tell.

I don't even know why I'm writing this. It's a stupid place to spill my soul, a journal being kept as an English assignment. But hey, the assignment was to tell a secret. I doubt you're even going to read this, so what's the point?

Although as Ryan will say when I tell him "It's really good for your inner peace, Shar."

Yeah. Like I really care about inner peace. God, why do I have to be related to that damn yogi?

I'm delaying now. The assignment was supposed to be front and back. This is only front.

I guess I can tell you my other secret, though this one isn't as juicy.

I'm not the younger twin.

Yup, you heard right. Everyone assumes Ryan is my older brother, because he's kinda quiet and stuff, and I'm the limelight hog, but he's not. I am exactly ten minutes older than him. And trust me, at home, we act like it. He's always coming to me for help in everything, from dishes to homework to life stuff. And he's always trying to have fun and not work. And Mother babies him. He's her favorite, by far. I mean, Ryan only does yoga because Mother suggested it. I told him he should start Pilates a year ago, and he just scoffed the idea. Now he's hard as a rock, and in a much calmer state of being. So calm, he's been telling me that I should go to class with him. Yeah, right. If I'm going to work out, I'm going to do it in a way that I can actually sweat. My state of being is at its peak when I'm sweating to some god-awful 80's songs (which are actually quite good to work out to).

So there they are. The two things no one knows about me except for my immediate family. And now you, Mr. Wagner. Although I still doubt you read these damn things.

I think I'll burn this book on the last day of school.

Miss Evans,

I do indeed read these journals. As for your secrets, this was just what I was looking for. Don't worry, I will not blackmail you. Oddly enough, your brother wrote about who was younger as well. Very well written piece, although you may wish to omit the swearing next time around.