Finally, another one!! I got a little sidetracked, obviously. And of course I love Kelsi so much I had to write on her. The idea kinds hit me today on the bus (very awkward situation, btw) and I HAD to write it down.

You know, some girls don't like to tell their secrets. Some girls don't trust you, Mr. W. Some girls (none that I know, of course) are not very fond of being forced to reveal things about themselves. I just though you should know that, Mr. W, and some girls ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS ASSIGNMENT.

I just had to let you know.



Yeah, I guess I have some. Probably more than I should.

I do have one though that makes me feel pretty bad. I mean, some people won't think it's that big a deal (coughtaylorcough). But I do. Because it reveals something much bigger. Though I doubt Tay thought of that.

Okay, so this summer I wrote a song for Troy and Gabriella. Well, that's what I told them. The truth is, I didn't really write it for them. I wanted them to sing it, only because I knew that my first choice wouldn't. And I was afraid of what he might think of it. And what he would think of me.

I didn't write "You Are the Music in Me" about Jason, as everyone seems to think I did. I wrote it about another boy. A boy I wasn't dating. I wrote the song for Ryan.

And that's my secret. I'm in love with Ryan Evans. He is my inspiration, much more than Jason. And yet I'm with the latter. And I don't know why. I mean, he's sweet, affectionate, a nice guy. But I don't love him. Not like he loves me. Not like I love Ryan.

I know it's wrong. And that's why Ryan can't know: I don't want him to think less of me. Which he would, seeing as he is an honorable person that way. Not like me.

I know I should just give up. But I can't stop myself. He's the only thing I look forward to. He's the reason I love to write music. I feel like I've been writing for him since we first met. He's become such an object of obsession, it's creepy even to me. And no one knows.

You know, that song holds a lot of secrets. Another one that many wouldn't expect would be about the two different arrangements. Contrary to popular belief, I much prefer the version I wrote for Sharpay. I mean, it's high-energy, totally fun, and can you say piano solo?? It's way more fun than the version Troy and Gabriella sing, which was just a demo to begin with.

So yeah, those are my secrets…

Hope you enjoyed them?

You creepy voyeur.

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mr. W.

And if you show this to your wife and kids like you threatened to do, I might just have to die.