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Sorry for the late posting. But this is the final chapter. Hope you liked the story.

Previous Chapter:

Eragon was resting and his eyes were closed. When he didn't feel her continue with the dressing of his wound, he opened his eyes. "What's wrong?" he mumbled. She looked at him worried. "Your wound opened up again and is infected. I am afraid I'll have to close it." She answered. "How?" "I'll have to burn out the infection." His eyes were glary, imagining the pain associated with it. Arya must have noticed his fear. "I wish Saphira could make you unconscious again, but I do not want to take a chance. I'll think it is safer for you to stay awake."

Chapter 5

It seemed like even more sweat was now shinning on his forehead - not only from the fever but also from fear of the pain to come. He looked at Arya and his eyes told her that she should go ahead – it had to be done. Arya tried to give him a reassuring smile but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

She slowly got up and went over to the open fire. She took her knife out of its shaft on her belt and put it into the fire. Then she went outside and broke off a small branch off one of the bushes near the entrance of the cave. She broke off any smaller branches to make it a smooth surface.

When she was finished she walked back to Eragon, who had closed his eyes for a moment. When he heard her getting closer, he opened his eyes to look at her. His eyes were glassy and full of pain.

Arya kneeled next to him. She opened his shoulder bandage to make it more accessible. Then she held out the stick and said: "Eragon, please bite down on this." Eragon nodded and willingly opened his mouth to bite onto the stick. When he was ready Arya went back over to the fire and took the knife. She returned to Eragon and sat beside him. He nodded again willing her to start. She slowly brought the knife down onto the wound. Eragon moaned, his hands digging deep into the blanket while he absorbed the pain. The wound frizzed and a smell of burned flesh was in the air.

Saphira just stood by and connected to Eragon trying to share some of the pain. Tears escaped Eragon's eyes and after a few seconds he lost consciousness. Arya was glad at least he won't feel the pain anymore. Saphira bowed her head, silently communicating her approval to Arya. Arya smiled back and started to bandage Eragon's wound again.

When she finished she covered him with the blanket and went to sit down by the fire. She was exhausted. It bothered her that she could do nothing to help ease Eragon's pain. She wished her power would return but knew that she had to be patient. After a while she lay down and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning when Arya awoke, she turned to look at Eragon. His eyes were open and he smiled at her. Arya got up and kneeled beside him. She gently touched his forehead and sighed in relief when it seemed much cooler than the day before. The fever finally had broken.

"Hey" she said. "Looks like your fever is going down and your body is finally fighting off the infection. How are you feeling?"

"Better, thanks to you." He smiled again. "How long have we been here?" Arya was hesitant to answer. "A few days." He nodded. "We have to leave. I am sure the Razoc were sent on our trail and will find us soon if we stay." Arya knew he was right even though she wanted him to rest a little longer. "Yes I know. I will get everything together and get Saphira ready."

At the end of the day, Saphira was saddled and everything in the cave was cleaned up like they've never been there. They decided it was better to travel at night to avoid detection. And off they went towards the Varden, who hopefully could help them in their fight against the king.

The End.