Almost one decade.

Ten years.

Five million two hundred fifty nine thousand four hundred and eighty eight minutes.

Three hundred fifteen million five hundred sixty nine thousand two hundred sixty seconds...and counting

In ten years he had expected it to change. The guilt to change. His anger to change. They did, but not in the way he had been told. They did not lessen and fade, or become replaced with new love. They had only gotten stronger, more intense, and most importantly, more useful. Now they were tools. Tools he used well. Tools that allowed him to serve, protect, and kill. Tools that made him perfect for military recon. And an almost perfect bodyguard.

If there was one wish he wanted as much as one more moment with his family, it was to see Adam Baylin accomplish his goal. He had grown to care for him, despite the emotional risk. They were family and that was that. No analyzing, no formulas, no decisions. Just emotion. And now, he too was gone.

Perhaps this was to be the life story of Tom Foss. He was forever destined to build trust, reach out and grab on to something, someone, and see it ripped away from him. To be left hurt, broken, and alone. The last part was getting easier. He preferred the loneness to the pain of loss. Thus, he could live in seclusion as long as he had a goal. One which he could dedicate his mind body and soul too. As long as he had something to accomplish, life was worthwhile. He was worthwhile.

Now his goal was Kyle. Train him, teach him, save him. It kept him going, put to use all of skills, and was exactly what Adam wanted. Therefore, it was exactly what he wanted.

Truth be told, he was already proud of the boy. He knew Adam was right, Kyle did need to enjoy life. But he worried that any ease in training would lead to failure. And he could not fail. He would not fail.

Never again.