Hello, readers! I know I have not updated in ages. I'm very sorry. And I'm sorry that my chapters are so short. I don't have a ton of time to work on them with school and such. And thank you all very very much for sticking with the story! I really appreciate it!

"Hello, Rain and Celadon!" Samlett greeted. "What can I do for you now?"

"We just need a stall," Rain said. "I'm sleeping out there with her tonight." Samlett nodded; he knew Rain and the closely forge bond between her and Celadon.

"You're responsible for the stall's upkeep," Samlett said. "And you can have it as long as you need it." Rain thanked him and rode Celadon to the back.

"How much longer do you think it will be?" Celadon asked. Rain dismounted.

"What?" she asked. "Until the Sunchaser and Princess Arianna arrive? I don't know. It will happen when it happens." Rain took off Celadon's hackamore and hung it on the stall door. The two laid in the straw and got comfortable; within minutes, both of them were asleep.

It was sunny, very sunny. Two girls, one dog, and one horse were all in the woods near the river. The blonde girl was complaining loudly, while the red-head was trying to listen. Suddenly, the sky blackened and there was a loud, howling gust of wind. Four different shrieks of horror rose as the group was hurled through the blackness in front of them.

In her sleep, Rain screamed and jerked awake. The light around her was pale with the sleepy touches of dawn. She heard the faint calling of the Dreamspeaker.

It has happened, Rain. the Dreamspeaker said. Arianna and the Sunchaser have crossed the Gap. Find me, and I will explain further. Rain shook her head.

"Celadon, wake up," she hissed. The mare snorted her displeasure at being woken up so early, but obliged and got to her feet.

"They've crossed the Gap," Rain whispered as she put on Celadon's hackamore.

"Arianna and the Sunchaser?" Celadon breathed. Rain nodded and mounted. Celadon sensed her rider's urgency and took off at a polite canter until they reached the edges of the town. Rain shifted her position, and Celadon began to fly down the path towards the meeting place. Rain noticed the violet glow before Celadon did.

"Slow down," she hissed. "We're nearly there." Celadon obliged and moved to a trot. Rain changed the color of her eyes and pulled Celadon to a stop. Atalanta was waiting for them.

"Wecome, Aelarain and Celadon," she said.