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Summary of Delusions of Bliss: Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga are given a difficult mission: to single-handedly bring down a dangerous criminal organization. This all female organization, going by the name Blood Petals, is known for forcibly recruiting young girls, often against their will, and using them to perform various illegal activities. Sakura and Hinata are charged with dispatching the organization's boss, Kasho Miyatomi, who is thought to be the only thing holding the group together.

Arriving at the Blood Petals base of operations, the two young kunoichi proceed without any sort of plan as to how to sneak in. Naturally they are very soon caught by one of the members, the vice-commander of the group, a woman named Miyuki Rikaiga. Sakura attempts to convince Miyuki that her and Hinata are there as new recruits to join the organization but Miyuki, recognizing Hinata as a member of the Hyuga clan, doesn't buy their story; that is until Sakura concocts the lie that her and Hinata are lesbian lovers.

Sakura tells Miyuki a story about how her and Hinata (whom she renames Hinako), faced judgment and ridicule for their love from their family and friends, and that they both came to the decision to leave their village to find a place more accepting. Surprisingly, Miyuki is absolutely touched by the story and immediately drops her suspicions, reluctantly promising to take care of the girls. As such, Hinata and Sakura are admitted as members into Blood Petals, that is, on the condition they can keep up a convincing act for Miyuki.

So Sakura and Hinata go about the base working at a plan to complete their mission of eliminating the leader Kasho Miyatomi, whom is seen to be a vile man. In the course of their planning, they kiss each other in hopes of wiping away Miyuki's suspicion catching them sneaking around at night. But the act doesn't stop there; the girls, up late strategizing one night, go so far as fake having sex in order to convince Miyuki their story is real.

Soon Sakura and Hinata are deemed by Miyuki to be outstanding and trustworthy new recruits and fearing for their continued happiness she warns them to leave before they get too involved. The woman goes on to tell her own story, of how her own lover was taken from her by Kasho and the organization yet she is helpless to do anything about it as she has nowhere else to go.

It is then that Sakura breaks down, her conscience having caught up to her, she finds she can no longer lie to Miyuki. She tells her the truth about their mission, and about how her and Hinata aren't truly lovers. Miyuki is crushed and tells her she must leave the next day. When Sakura tells Hinata what she has done, that girl is also disappointed.

Hinata then tells Sakura that she enjoyed the past days she acted as Sakura's lover, that even if it was an act, it still felt wonderful to love someone. Sakura admits she feels the same way, but that they can't expect anything out of this. Hinata disagrees and kisses Sakura. The two proceed to have real sex, and find that the love they showed the past few days was more than a simple delusion.

That night Miyuki comes to the decision that, it's time to stop running, that it's time she faced Kasho and her past, and that, even though they deceived her, with Sakura and Hinata on her side maybe she can do just that. When she goes to their room, though she is quite surprised and confused to find the supposedly fake lovers actively engaged in very real sexual activity. The three then proceed to confront the commander, Kasho. They do battle and Miyuki emerges victorious, killing the man and exacting her revenge. She leaves Sakura and Hinata with the promise that she will be taking over Blood Petals and will transform it into something good that her lover would be proud of. The two young kunoichi then leave for home, now as lovers, their mission complete.

--End Summary.--

Hinata Hyuga gave a placid smile as she stared about the office of the fifth Hokage. Recently her skills had been in high demand and the missions seemed endless; here she was again ready for whatever task was assigned to her. This mission, however, already ranked more favorably than most in her book, as the only comrade standing beside her before the Hokage was Sakura Haruno, the girl who had been Hinata's lover for approaching a year now.

"Well, this certainly seems familiar, doesn't it?" Tsunade said with a warm laugh.

"Yeah I remember the last time you sent just the two of us out on a mission, that certainly was special." Sakura said with a wide grin.

"I'll bet. But anyways, your new mission's kinda tied to that other one. Do you remember the organization Blood Petals you investigated about a year ago?" Tsunade asked already knowing the answer.

"Of course. You can't expect us to actually forget the details of that mission…" Sakura said glancing lovingly in Hinata's direction; Hinata met her gaze and then proceeded to turn away with a blush.

"As I'm sure you are aware, following the success of your mission, Blood Petals as we know it ceased to exist. A very small group of its remnants banded together under the name and began to act as an all kunoichi mercenary squad that privately contracts missions to citizens at reasonable, often minimal prices. In the northern areas where they are based they have quite a reputation of heroics, protecting villages, helping with daily tasks and providing labor, acting as bodyguards, and so on. And though this group for the sake of the less wealthy, sometimes is known to resort to thievery at the expense of the various lords, Konoha is generally willing to turn a blind eye to the group on account of the services they provide." Tsunade said with lightness.

"Miyuki really is keeping good on her word." Hinata spoke reverently.

"Yes, your friend and her new Blood Petals are a benevolent band. Unfortunately the same can not be said of another group that has emerged recently; a group though not quite of the same size as the former organization, seems to follow the old formula pretty close." The Fifth Hokage said in an informal way.

"A new group?!" Sakura said in surprise.

"Yes, this new group which calls itself the Black Lily Syndicate, is closely modeled after the old Blood Petals, using many of the same despicable methods to bolster membership, maintain loyalty and order, and keep a well financed operation. They even have re-enslaved many of Blood Petals former membership." Tsunade's voice turned fairly grim.

"That's awful. So it's our job to take this group out just like we did the other, right?" Sakura said with disgust.

"No, this mission is different from that other. You see, this group is far more cautious; they saw first hand the Blood Petals fall. They are far more secretive, and far moiré mobile. We have hardly any info on the guys as it is. Konoha's resources are tight at the moment, and we have little we can spare on a case like this. As it is, Blood Petals happens to be in heated contention with the Black Lily Syndicate, and is expending much of their own resources in combating the group; their knowledge of the Syndicate far out reaches our own. You two are to act on behalf of Konoha as aids in helping the Blood Petals bring this organization down." The Hokage explained watching contently as smiles crept over both the young girl's faces.

"Thank you, lord Hokage." Hinata said beamingly, excitement about her face.

"Yeah, thanks. There's no telling how tough these guys'll be, but either way it'll be fun to see Miyuki and everyone again." Sakura said smiling.

"Oh and I hope, the 'new circumstances' that have arisen between you two since the last time you had a mission together, aren't going to affect your success working together on this one." Tsunade said with a light laugh.

"Don't worry it might get tough for us, but we'll try to stay on task." Sakura said suggestively with her own deep laugh; Hinata blushed as she gave her own very faint giggle.

"Well alright then. Good luck. Get going." Tsunade concluded the briefing, Hinata and Sakura nodded in response before going on their way.

Hinata and Sakura rushed northward in a hurry. The last time they had together taken this path their thoughts had been more glum, but now things were light and happy. Either girl thought pleasant thoughts as they contemplated visiting their dear friend once more. They conversed as they raced toward their destination.

"So, Sakura, how do you think Miyuki's been all this time?" Hinata asked warmly.

"If the rumors are right, busy, I'd say." Sakura answered with a soft laugh.

"Yes, but I wonder if she's happy now." Hinata said gently.

"Who knows. We'll just have to wait and see. All I know is I'm happier right now than I've ever been my whole life." Sakura said with a romantic air.

"R-really. You make me very happy too, Sakura." Hinata responded in her own loving tone.

"I'm glad. I know things can be hard sometimes now…" Sakura said taking a more serious note as she remembered all the judgment and ridicule she had faced in openly committing to Hinata.

"But things could be much worse, Sakura. I know I'm no longer his heir, but father could have done much worse. It could have turned out exactly like that story you told Miyuki back then." Hinata said with clear vulnerability.

"Yeah, I was also kinda surprised Hiashi Hyuga wasn't stricter on finding out his daughter was a lesbian." Sakura said with a friendly giggle. Then turning to a warm, comforting grin she said, "I'm not sure leading your clan is the job best suited to you anyways, Hinata."

"You're right. Hanabi probably is better suited to it than me. I'm sure that when I told father, he just saw that as his excuse to finally skip over me, even though he still seems to care and want me to succeed." Hinata said with a sigh. She then added a question, "He's always treated you well, right?"

Sakura nodded and then said simply, "He seems respectful, though that doesn't make it any less awkward for me."

Hinata's expression went from a smile to an expression of melancholy in an instant as she said, "I'm still sorry it didn't work out so well with your parents…"

"Don't be. It's not your fault I love you. Besides I can kinda see their point of view: they always did talk about wanting grandchildren, and since I'm not from a real prominent family it was always hoped that I'd marry into one." Sakura said sounding perfectly cool, as any sadness or regret over the issue had long since parted her.

"And what, the Hyuga family isn't prominent enough?" Hinata said jokingly.

"Ha. I totally should have used that one… And so what, does that mean you consider us married?" Sakura said with a series of hardy laughs.

"I don't know. It has only been a year. But at the same time I don't have any plans of ever leaving you. We're still young but we're already on our own living together supporting one another. As I see it it's almost just as good." Hinata made herself blush as she talked in a dreamily romantic tone.

"Maybe. I certainly know that I don't plan on leaving you behind anytime soon. You're worth anything I have to give." Sakura said majestically.

"Sakura. Please don't say things like that. It's so embarrassing." Hinata said her cheeks completely flush red.

"Oh come on, Hinata, I'm your girlfriend, I can say all the sappy romantic stuff I want." Sakura laughed, Hinata blushed even harder.

Then Hinata stopped in her tracks. She turned to Sakura who had soon stopped as well. In a hotly demanding tone she said, "Sakura I want you to kiss me. I really need it right now."

"Sure." Sakura said with a sensual laugh.

The pink haired kunoichi walked the necessary steps forward before joining her lover's mouth to her own in a loving kiss. The kiss started romantically but quickly seemed to digress into every imaginable levels of passion as either girl enjoyed the taste of the other's mouth, lips and tongue.

The girls stayed there on their path just kissing each other passionately for several moments until they became aware that they were not alone. A voice soon called to them, "Well this certainly seems familiar. Now what on earth could the two of you be doing out here?"

Sakura and Hinata broke their kiss at once to turn in the direction of the voice. A smile arose across either girl's face as they found themselves face to face with Miyuki Rikaiga, the very woman they had been sent to assist. Physically the woman looked much the same as she did the last year when she first became acquainted with Sakura and Hinata, she still wore a dark blood red robe that served as perfect contrast to her long soft blue hair; but in terms of her mental appearance, the once perpetually distraught and melancholic woman now had an air of happiness and strength to her.

"Miyuki! It's been so long. How've you been?" Sakura said with much excitement as she raced forward and hugged the woman, Hinata followed suit.

"What are you talking about? Thanks to you things are great with me now. Now why would the two of you be all the way up here? You on a mission or somethin'?" Miyuki questioned with enthusiasm.

"Of course." Sakura nodded.

"Oh that's a relief. I was afraid you might have come to join up with us." Miyuki smiled.

"And what if we had?" Sakura asked lightly.

"Of course I'd let you in. Still I wouldn't want to see you guys face rejection, that and even though things are better now, the life I provide for my girls isn't the most ideal." Miyuki spoke with a hint of regret.

"Don't worry, Miyuki. Things are okay at home. Most people accept us for who we are, and we're still able to live comfortably there." Hinata said in a peaceful way.

"Yeah, and even though we are here to join up with you, it's only on a temporary basis for now." Sakura inserted.

"Huh, really? Then you are here to see me?" Miyuki asked in surprise.

"Konoha, under the guidance of the fifth Hokage, has deemed that the criminal organization known as the Black Lily Syndicate is a threat to national well being. Due to a strain on our resources in recent months, raising a full out force to battle the group seemed an unwise course of action. Instead the Hokage saw the wisdom in sending two skilled shinobi with experience in this manner of mission to provide aid to the group known most widely to be in opposition to the syndicate." Sakura gave a condensed version of her mission briefing.

"Ha. So your Hokage hopes to use me and my girls to her own ends by planting you here. Normally I wouldn't be too into the idea of working for the sake of the government, but in this case, and since I love you two, I have no choice but to accept the help I'm given." Miyuki said coolly with a light laugh.

"Really? Thank you, Miyuki." Hinata said in a soft voice with a wide grin.

"No problem. Now come on, let's go. I'll introduce you to everyone." Miyuki directed energetically, turning to guide the girls further down the path.

It was only a little ways further that Hinata and Sakura came across the sight of the familiar fortress where they first conceived their love. There was little nostalgia for them though, as the once great and daunting structure and been largely torn down, reduced to a smaller more manageable size.

"So what do you think of the new Blood Petals HQ?" Miyuki asked in good spirit.

"It seems more accessible, seems like it would be more convenient for the smaller group." Sakura said with thought.

"Yeah. No need for a huge fortress when there are only twelve of us." Miyuki laughed.

It was then that a figure ran from the structure toward the three approaching women. Hinata could soon make it out to be a young girl; when she was caught up with the group this girl spoke, "Hey Boss, your back! Who are these girls, new recruits?"

"Hey, Noriko, glad to be back. And yes these girls are here to help us but it's only for the temporary." Miyuki answered her subordinate in a familiar fashion.

"That's great, Boss. Should I go call everyone for a meeting?" The young Noriko asked eagerly.

"Go for it." Miyuki said simply and the young girl went off in a flash.

Miyuki gave a soft laugh before continuing to lead Sakura and Hinata the remaining distance to her base. Soon the two Konoha shinobi and all twelve members of the renegade gang were all gathered in a central meeting room.

Miyuki began with introductions, "These are my Blood Petals: Noriko, Hanako, Ayaka, Yuri, Saya, Mayumi, Fumi, Arisa, Tamako, Rumiko, and Shizuka." She pointed to each girl as she said her name. The girls were all young, ranging from around fourteen to twenty-four. They seemed like a cheery bunch, all had a fairly content look about her face.

"It's nice to meet you all." Hinata said with an anxious smile and a polite bow before the crowd of girls. Sakura bowed as well.

"And these two are Hinata and Sakura, the two ninja who aided me in bringing down Kasho Miyatomi and the old organization a year ago." Miyuki turned to introducing the two guests to her group, upon hearing this most of the younger girls eyes lit up with wonder.

One such girl, addressed earlier as Tamako, spoke in awe, "Whoa really, these are the two who helped you take over, Boss?"

"The very same. They're here to help us take on the Black Lily." Miyuki declared causing the awestruck looks on the younger girls faces to deepen.

"Is that so, Miyuki? You think we can trust Konoha's dogs?" said Shizuka, the oldest of the girls aside from Miyuki, a distinguished yet rough-edged woman dressed lightly with short jet black hair.

"It's true these two pulled one over on me once, but that doesn't change that their good people, and exceptional kunoichi. We can trust them, Shizuka." Miyuki said in a somewhat hazy tone with a deep stare at this other woman who seemed placated at once.

"So did you find out anything new on 'em, Boss?" The girl named Arisa asked impatiently.

"Oh, yeah. It seems they're currently in the area. They're working out of a camp set up in the forest southwest of here; I think they're doing a recruitment drive…" Miyuki explained eagerly.

"Hmm, so you think it's time to make our move and take these bastards on, Miyuki?" Shizuka said informally.

"Possibly Shizuka, but first I want to catch these two up. Ayaka, explain to them the nature of the Black Lily. Tell them everything we've learned." Miyuki commanded one of her subordinates who jumped at her name.

The girl named Ayaka spoke with visible nerve, "The Black Lily syndicate formed right after the fall of the old Blood Petals yet has only become visible in recent months. The leader is a former member of Blood Petals named Sayuri Ashikaga. Unlike the former organization the Black Lily doesn't stay in a single area but is rather a mobile group. It has roughly 35 members of which seventy percent of which were forced into service against their will and are kept as virtual prisoners. In terms of their activities, they seem to follow the old model of the Blood Petals quite closely. Recently nearly half of the missions our own group takes involve protecting villages from raids by this group."

"Why would someone who experienced the tortures of the Blood Petals under Miyatomi first hand turn around and start a mirror group?" Sakura asked earnestly.

Shizuka laughed at the question, in a rough way she said, "Sayuri's a real sick bitch, that's why. I knew her back then, can't say I ever liked her. In fact no one liked her. She was prettier than most of us, one of the favorite toys of Kasho's biggest customers. What most of us got, she got more than double. By the time Miyatomi died she was completely out of it. Black Lily in reality is just this sad girl's attempt to vent her anger, make others suffer the same way she did…"

"That's kind of sad…" Hinata said solemnly.

"Yes, it's sad. But that doesn't change the fact that what Sayuri Ashikaga is doing must be stopped. And it seems it up to us to stop it." Miyuki said contently.

"So do you have a plan? Do you know how you are going to take them down?" Sakura asked a spark of latent anger in her voice.

"It's tricky. We don't want to end up harming too many of the members, since believe me we feel for them, but going after Sayuri alone is near impossible. As it is a full on assault seems unwise anyways since they outnumber us nearly three to one." Miyuki said reflectively.

"Why don't we use the same plan we did last time? Me and Sakura could sneak in deal with Sayuri and take the organization down from the inside." Hinata suggested.

"We've thought about something like that. I hate to admit it but aside from myself and Shizuka the rest of us aren't skilled enough to handle a covert operation like that, and Sayuri knows both of our faces. The two of you could pull it off, however I'm not sure we should send you both." Miyuki said decisively.

"What?! Why not?" Sakura asked confused.

"Two girls would be suspicious. You can't count on every dangerous criminal organization to have a total sucker in their leadership. I know we only survive thanks to Shizuka's good judgment." Miyuki said laughing at her own expense.

"But wouldn't it be all too dangerous for that person." Sakura argued fiercely.

"Yes, but it's a risk we have to take. We're just going nowhere as it is now. This might be our only option." Miyuki said coldly.

"I'll go." Hinata declared, "It'll be easy for me to gather information and track Sayuri with my eyes."

"No your eyes are the reason you can't go Hinata. I'm more believable than a Hyuga. It has to be me. I'll go." Sakura said reluctantly with a grim quality to her words.

"But Sakura. I don't want you to face such danger alone." Hinata cried helplessly.

"And you think I wouldn't feel the same with you? I have to do this Hinata." Sakura said definitively.

"Alright then. It's decided. Tomorrow Sakura'll infiltrate the ranks of the Black Lily and work to take them down from the inside, meanwhile the twelve us and Hinata will pressure them as much as possible on the outside. Hopefully it will all work out for the best." Miyuki said loudly so that everyone could hear. She then dismissed the group and signaled for Sakura and Hinata to follow her deeper into the base.

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