Behind Enemy Lines

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Summary: Its the overused plot of Sakura being kidnapped by the Akatsuki with a twist. Yay me for being original! Rated M for language, violence and later chapters. *Wink wink* Pairing: Deidara x Sakura - REWRITING IN PROGRESS!

A/N: Nothing much changed here, just a few, spelling errors and rewritten sentences.



A storm was brewing. You could tell just by looking at the sky, it was dark gray and in the horizon, you could see lightning and barely hear the thunder. The wind grabbed a small stone and blew it a few meters away, but a pair of ninja sandals stopped it. If you looked closer, it almost looked like the stone was trying to seek shelter behind the kunoichi, who was standing there. However, the kunoichi did not notice the stone at all. She was just standing there, on the edge of the world watching, as the ocean water would get closer to the boulder she used as refuge.

"How did I end up in all this?" she whispered quietly, a tear came rushing down her cheek. Her voice drowned in the rising storm. No one was around to hear it, no one would ever know that she had said it and why, but it did not matter. The words now blown away by the wind would be lost forever.

A gust of wind picked up a few strands of pink and waved it playfully. The pink haired kunoichi looked up and just then, a couple drops of water landed on her face. She sight morosely and decided that it was about time to get back to the others. 'They must be back by now.' She thought. Her eyes met the horizon once more before she turned around, jumped to the nearest tree, and ran back to their camp.

Meanwhile the little rock desperately tried to resist the now raging wind, but was pushed in to the dark water.