Behind Enemy Lines

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Summary: Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi is going on a mission, something unexpected happens. They run in to the Akatsuki. They are unable to defeat them and the Akasuki takes Naruto and Sakura with them as captives. Rated M for later chapters. Pairing: Deidara x Sakura.

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He looked out of the window, the sun gently caressing the masked features. He wondered if he was meant to always lose everything he treasured, every time he seemed to finally have found something worth sticking around for, he had lost it. And he had not been able to protect it. He was sick and tired of it. He had always tried to keep up this cool and tough façade, when he really was hurting deep down.

He clenched his fist and hammered it in to the window frame hard enough to break it. But it didn't. It didn't break. It didn't even crack one bit. He turned his head to look at his hand.

"Weak" he mumbled. "I was too weak…"

He tilted his head downwards. Now it was all over. It was too late to do anything. The great copy-ninja had failed once again. He clenched his jaw. Did it really have to be this way? Would Naruto ever give up? No, he kept trying until he either succeeded or died. That was just how Naruto was. But the truth was, he wasn't Naruto, not even like him. Naruto was one of a kind.

But even if he wasn't like Naruto, he could damn sure start acting as if he was. Naruto had the guts to stand up and fight for what he believed in, but he himself was pathetic he was just sitting around waiting for the world to come to an end. He was a terrible sensei, he was afraid to go back to Konoha and tell them what happened, tell them that he had let the Akatsuki take Naruto. To tell them that Sakura was as good as dead, if not dead already. To tell them that he couldn't do anything to stop it from happening. He was afraid to go back and tell them that he had failed.

"No…" he said quietly. "No!" this time louder with more authority in his voice. "I can't let that happen. I have to do everything I can. I can't let them take them."

He grabbed his torn shirt and put it on while he turned around and walk out of what had been his room for the last 4 days. The corridor was dark and deserted only a few lights were on. He walked determined through the corridors passing several wondering eyes.

"Excuse me… Sir you can't go now, you haven't fully recovered… Sir… Sir!" A nurse call behind him, but before anyone could stop him he was out of the door and gone in a second.


She woke up two days later feeling sore in every single part of her body and incredible exhausted. She had never felt so tired before. Only with the strength of her will did she manage to crawl up in to the bed placed a few meters away, though it was a huge struggle to her. She had no idea what time it was because of the lacking window, and she wasn't aware of how long she had slept on the cold floor, but to be honest she didn't really care about that right now. The only thing she was sure of was that the bed was nice and warm, and that suited her perfectly.

She had never had her chakra sucked out of her, but she could imagine that it would be hard on the human body, though she hadn't imagined that she would be this tired and helpless. But it did make perfect sense, chakra is the source of energy that give humans their strength, and if nearly all chakra was gone it was only logical to assume that this would be the result.

Even though her mind wanted her to get up she just didn't want to bother. She turned around in the bed and threw away all of her thoughts, she really needed more sleep, and as soon as her eyes closed, she fell asleep.

But only a few hours later her stomach strongly protested. Her brows furrowed she felt like she had just closed her eyes, but true she was indeed very hungry. Once again her stomach rumbled.

"Okay, okay I'm up!" she mumbled tiredly into her pillow. She slowly sat up in her bed, and looked sleepily around. Much to her surprise she wasn't alone in the room.

He sat in the corner furthest away from the bed, and stared at her with his crimson eyes. Sakura frowned, how long had he been sitting in her room looking at her? And what was it he wanted from her? Was he really serious about her healing his eyes? She didn't believe Itachi to be that reckless, after all his eyes were his most deadly weapon, maybe because of that he would be willing to trust someone like her, just to get his weapon back, and what was wrong with his eyes anyways? She couldn't understand. She just stared suspicious at him.

He only stared back, like he expected her to say something first. As if he didn't need to explain why the hell he was in her room? Then he stood up, walking slowly towards her. She didn't like it and moved further back on the bed until she hit the wall. She sat up on her knees ready to fight back if he came to close. Itachi only moved closer, not making a notice of her shifted position.

She felt his eyes piecing through her, even if there apparently was something wrong with his eyes he hadn't lost the ability to make his enemy feel small and useless. She feared those eyes, eyes she had seen before, eyes that reminded her too much of the man she once loved, eyes so powerful and yet so fragile. She winced backwards.

He was very close now. He stopped when he reached the edge of the bed. Still quiet, saying nothing, only staring at her. She felt like she had to say something, but she couldn't, it was like there was a knot in her throat that prevented her from speaking. She was terrified. So this was the power of the Sharingan?

Her stomach rumbled once again and she felt a warm feeling creeping to her face, making her blush. She cursed herself. Hunger was a sign of weakness. Blushing was a sign of weakness. How could she let that happen in the presence of an enemy. Itachi didn't move, and for a moment the world was suddenly not so important to Sakura, she just wished he would go away. He then turned his head towards the table, this made Sakura look in the same direction. On the Table there was a plate with some rice and a piece of bread on, and beside the plate was a cup filled with water. All of a sudden Itachi was gone and everything returned to Sakura, the moment where Itachi was in her room had made the time pass slowly, as if the time had stopped.

She looked at the plate again and the hunger she felt, made her walk to the table and eat the rice and bread. This wasn't a big feast or anything, but it was more than what she had expected. She drank the cup of water and suddenly felt hoe thirsty she really was. Her throat was dry, and with every drop of water she felt how her strength came back to her. When she finished drinking she was still thirsty, but for now she had regain enough strength to stand up and walk. She went to the door, and tried to open it, but as she expected it was locked and not a possible escape way.

She couldn't feel any chakra reducing power over the room. So maybe she could just break down the door, with her power. She felt how her chakra rushed to her right hand, and then her hand started glowing blue with chakra. She stepped away from the door, while thinking of what she should do if she ran in to one of the Akatsuki. There was no other solution than to fight her way through. Though she wished she could save her strength for, when she would be looking for Naruto. She then launched at the door. With a loud cracking voice she had managed to break it down. She cheered at herself, but at the same time she was suspicious as to why it would be so easy.

She had no time to think and wonder. She had to get away from here. She sealed her chakra and ran down the corridor. She had no clue where she was running or where she was running to. There were absolutely no windows anywhere and no doors either, just a long corridor. Occasionally the corridor made a left or a right. She began to wonder why there weren't any doors or windows in this house, it seemed very odd to her. But she didn't think much of it, she just continued running. As time passed a certain fear crawled up, what if this wasn't real? What if she was trapped inside an illusion? That would explain why she hadn't run in to any Akatsuki that would explain why there were no doors or windows. When she realized this she stopped running. How long had she been trapped in this illusion? When did he do this?

The surrounding walls suddenly started moving closer, and she was now certain this was an illusion. She didn't like it, she remembered what happened to Kakashi when he'd been trapped in Itachi's illusion, when the Akatsuki for the first time went in to Konoha. Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai had fought Kisame and Itachi. Itachi had trapped Kakashi in an illusion, and it had taken Kakashi a week to recover from that meeting.

The walls surrounded her quickly and they came closer and just when she thought they would squeeze her to death, they walls stopped getting closer. Sakura had trouble breathing. She felt all her insides where being pushed together and felt her lungs would burst with every breath. Hours passed, and when she couldn't stand this torture anymore she screamed.

Slowly the real world came back to her, she was almost happy to see the walls of her room, she was being held capture in. She breathed a sigh of relief, but the peace wouldn't last long. In front of her stood Itachi, he held her wrists tightly. Her eyes slowly moved from the room around her to the crimson eyes she feared. She then realized she hadn't moved from where she stood right before she launched at the door.

Those eyes burned in to hers, she couldn't find any words to say. She almost wished those eyes would be replaced with a pair of blue ones. That would be less frightening, but no these crimson eyes, who killed an entire clan, these eyes were the ones she was facing.

"Where are you going?" He asked carelessly.

"I… I was just…" She stuttered, but couldn't say anything.

He then loosened his grip on her. Her hands fell to her sides. She was terrified, but couldn't look away from his gaze, a moment passed. Then Itachi turned around and walked out of the door.

Sakura all of a sudden felt very weak, she sat down on the chair, thinking of how an amazing power the Sharingan was. Not only amazingly strong, also a very frightening power. Not one to be taken lightly. She hadn't noticed until now, but she was shaking and it wouldn't stop. 'I can't let him stop me' she thought. 'I need to figure out how to avoid his power or how to see through it. Even though that's not likely going to happen.'

"I won't let him do this again, I can't let him make me feel this weak again" she whispered to herself. "Those eyes..." She frowned.


Those eyes could make him so mad. Just one look from them could make him go crazy. He would avoid being in the same room as them, but that wasn't always a possibility. His hatred only grew bigger when he heard the voice of the person those eyes belonged to. He just couldn't stand it. When that voice would talk to him with those eyes burning in to his skin, he was only barely able to keep his fury for this person inside him. Thinking of the last time they spoke made him clench his fists.

"He thinks he owns the whole world, yeah. That idiot!" He raged.

Tobi stood at his side and looked at him. He didn't dare to speak he could see Deidara was really mad. He thought that it would be best to stay still, and not say a word, or Deidara might take his rage out on him.

"How can he be so emotionless, how can he be so careless about anything I say to him. I swear I'm going to kill Itachi someday. You hear that Tobi, I'll kill that bastard." He breathed rapidly.

Tobi nodded.

When Deidara finally calm down, he kicked a small rock and watched it fly a few meters.

"We should continue, yeah." Deidara then said in a low voice.

The wind was getting stronger, and drier. They both knew that meant the wind country wasn't far away. They increased their speed. "Let's get this mission done" Deidara said.


Sakura had regained her courage. She promised herself she would never be this scared of him again. He could do whatever he wanted, she had a mission and he couldn't stop her from saving Naruto. She missed Naruto. He was always there, telling her it would be okay, and that he would save her. But now she had to find courage to go save him, and tell him that everything was going to be okay. She had to be the one to never give up. This was one of the things she had learned from Naruto, never give up, and always try your best. Always put your friends first. She missed his cheerful face. She missed how he could lift mood in any situation. He had never given up on her, so now she wouldn't give up on him. She had to do everything she could to save him.

She sighed. How should she be able to do her best to save him when she was here, captured. In a room were escaping wasn't an option. She had tried to escape, without any luck. She knew he was keeping an eye on her. She had to figure something out. She couldn't stand the thought of Naruto getting killed.

All of a sudden she could hear voices and chairs being moved, then a "bump". The noises seemed to come from above her. She got up and tried to hear what was going on up there. One of the voices were very loud and sounded mad or maybe scared, she couldn't tell. Another voice tried to calm the other down. She wasn't sure how many people were there, but she could only hear those two. She got curious as to what was going on up there.

Minutes later she heard footsteps outside her door, and in came Kisame. She couldn't read his face, but it was definitely not a happy face. He looked at her a second. She looked back and gave him the what-do-you-want look.

"You better come with me." He then said.

She just looked at him curiously. Did this have anything to do with what was going on upstairs?

"What if I don't want to?" She asked, with a small smirk on her lips.

"Just come already." He rolled his eyes.

He grabbed her wrist and dragged her with him. They went left, then two times right, left again to they came to a staircase. Sakura tried to remember where they went this might come in handy later. They went up and turned left two times and then went in the second door to the right.

The room was big and there were some painting on the walls. The room was a mess, chairs and tables where as thrown in. There weren't any windows in this room either and only a few lights so it was rather hard to see.

"I brought the kunoichi." Kisame then announced. "I thought she might be of some use."

There was silence a little while. Then she heard footsteps, and saw someone coming towards them. It was Deidara. He looked like he hadn't slept for a while, and his hair was a mess.

"Perfect, come!" He took her hand and dragged her to what looked like a semicircle of chairs.

In the middle of that semicircle there was what looked like a little pile of dirty clothes. Then she looked up at Deidara, what was she supposed to do? Wash the dirty clothes, just because she was a woman didn't it mean she was any good a washing at all. He looked back at her and pointed at the pile of dirty clothes.

"You have to help him!" He said, almost sounded like he begged her.

She didn't get what he meant and looked at the pile of dirty clothes again.

"Look closer Sakura." Another voice said. She froze when she heard Itachi speak. Deidara shook her shoulders, and she came back, remembered her promise to herself, she wouldn't let Itachi scare her again.

She looked closer at the pile of dirty clothes. To her surprise she saw something orange. A mask?

"Oh no!" she whispered, and hurried towards what wasn't just a pile of clothes but a living body, a very hurt body. Tobi's body.

She kneeled down at his side and started to pull his shirt off to see the damages. He had a big wound in the middle of his stomach and several less serious wounds all around his chest. She bent down and put her ear on his chest. She could hear his heart beating, but not as fast as it should be beating. She also heard his breathing, which was rattling. 'I need to take of his mask so he can have access to more air.' She thought. When she lifted the mask Tobi grabbed her wrist.

"Please… Don't…" He coughed.

"Shh… It's not good for you to speak now." She whispered.

But he wouldn't let go of her wrist. Then she let go of his mask, and his hand slowly fell to his side again. She was a medic she knew, it would be best to remove the mask, but she also respected Tobi's wish. She hadn't known Tobi for long but somehow he had reminded her of Naruto. He was cheerful even when other people wouldn't be, he thought of her as a friend, even if they where enemies.

Even if she hadn't known him for long she thought of him as a friend too, or at least as the closest she would get to a friendly person within the Akatsuki, he had been nice to her. He had a good heart, she could feel it. He never wanted her anything bad.

She wanted to help him. She wanted to return a favor. He had given her food and untied her that night. She hadn't forgotten about it.

She looked up. "I need some water. I have to clean these wounds first."

They were all still, as if they hadn't heard her. "Please?" She then said. Deidara turned around and left the room. So did Itachi, but she doubt he left to be any helpful. Kisame went closer and looked down at Tobi. He grinned and said "I told him, he shouldn't go pet the wolves."

Deidara came back with a bucket of water and placed it right next to Sakura. She immediately started washing the wounds. Tobi coughed.

"What happened?" she asked silently, while working on getting the sand out of the big wound.

"I… I don't know… They were just there all of a sudden… They went for him first… I had my hands full! It's not my fault they came out of the blue." He whispered.

"Who?" Kisame asked.

"The sand ninja's, they knew we were coming, yeah." He said loudly, angrily. "It's not like that had a chance with me, of course. But just all of a sudden they had Tobi cornered, yeah… I told him to be more careful!" He's breathing became more rapid.

'He really did care after all.' She thought.

She was done cleaning the wounds and started focusing her chakra to her hands. This would was very deep, and difficult to heal, but she had been taught by the best there is. 'I should be able to heal this.' She thought.

She worked for what seemed like hours. Kisame had gone a while ago, there were only her, Tobi and Deidara left, and he wasn't the best help, he just paced back and forth, while she was doing her best to save Tobi. He seemed to cough a lot. She didn't think much of it in the beginning, but when he didn't stop she had a suspicion that he might have gotten blood in his lungs and that would mean there was an internal wound somewhere. She had to close that one, internal wounds were the hardest to heal since you could never be too sure of where the wound was. She could only hope to find the right spot.

When the worst was healed she started looking for the internal wound. She healed the best she could. When she was done she asked Deidara to carefully put him in a bed close to her room so she could keep an eye on Tobi's condition. At this moment she couldn't tell if he was going to be okay or not.

She wasn't sure about Deidara, he seemed like he was genuinely worried about Tobi. She followed them to the room where Tobi was going to stay. She looked at Deidara putting him down on the bed. Deidara watched him a little while. Then Sakura put a hand on his arm.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine, yeah." He said and stepped away from her arm, "It's not like I care about him anyways." He crossed his arms and looked away. "I just don't want to put up with getting a new partner all the time that's it, yeah."

Sakura didn't believe that, she smiled inside. 'Sure you don't.' she thought. But didn't say anything. She knew it was hard seeing a friend almost die in front of one. She had been working at the hospital, and she had seen many ninjas coming in with their friends half dead. She could see the sorrow in their eyes. It was even hard on her too. The hardest part was when they didn't survive. She always cried when she came home from work when she had lost a patient.

He turned and looked at her. "You should get some sleep you look very tired, yeah." He did have a point she had spend a lot of chakra on healing Tobi, and now he said it she did feel kind of dizzy. She took her had to her head.

"You're probably right, I should…" she grabbed a pillar that just so happened to be placed right next to her, she all of a sudden felt very tired, like her legs wouldn't carry her anymore, and grabbed the pillar with the other hand too. Then the pillar did something very weird, it lifted her up and carried her in to her own room. She didn't understand, pillars don't move around.

"What a weird pillar…" She whispered and frowned already a sleep.

Deidara looked down at the pink kunoichi in the bed, he smiled a little. She sure was the weird one, he didn't understand how she could heal someone she hadn't known for long that was supposed to be her enemy. Why would someone heal an enemy? He just couldn't understand that. But deep down he was grateful that she had.

"Thank you" He whispered and took one last look back at her, before he went out of the room to get some sleep himself.

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