Looking for Love


It was another year at Hogwarts and everyone was excited to as the Welcoming feast began. It had been four years since Hermione and Severus had been together. They had married after one. It was simply meant to be. Albus was still Headmaster for another year or so and then Severus would be replacing him and Hermione would be taking complete control over Potions, but for the time being she was the Muggles Studies professor and former apprentice to her husband.

Harry Potter had come back and replaced Professor Lupin, who now worked for the Ministry ironically, as DADA Professor. Ginny Weasley Potter was the new Charms Professor since Filius finally decided to retire. Ronald Weasley had come back as the new coach for Hogwarts and Neville had taken over Herbology. The former Professors were still on the grounds for another year to monitor the new Professors and offer any advice and help with teaching and then the next year, everything was going to change.

Severus was still a little off balance by the thought. He was the youngest of the original Professors and therefore one of the best candidates for Headmaster. Three of his close colleagues and his Headmaster, who was like a father to him, would be leaving with the Golden Trio and Longbottom, the potions nightmare. The only one he wanted to be around for long periods of time was his lovely wife and his beautiful two year old son.

Ron looked over at the Snape family to see Hermione's two year old son, Blake, looking at him with an expression that he recognized from his best friend when she was trying to figure something out.

"What?" he asked in annoyance. He had to admit that he was wary of the child, not only because he looked very much like Little Severus, which he had never gotten over, but also because Blake acted very much like his father. The only thing that separated him from his father was his mass of unruly curly black hair, but everything else was the spitting image of Professor Snape. That scared Ron.

"Noffing," he replied.

"Then what are you staring at?" he asked with a huff and the boy shrugged.

"I don' know."

"Then stop staring," he growled. Blake eyes zeroed to slits and Ron felt a momentary panic as he remembered what happened when Little Severus had done that.

"You mean!" Blake snapped. Before Ron could say anything, Blake little hand came up and so did his middle finger. His jaw dropped and several students who had seen it burst into laughter.

"Mione!" Ron yelled. "Your son flipped me off." Hermione turned and saw her little son's tiny derogatory finger raised and gasped.

"Blake! Honey, that is a naughty thing to do," she scolded.

"But mum…"

"No 'but mum' anything. That is very bad," she said.

"Den why do daddy do it?" he asked and the staff and Hermione turned to look at the man in question who had a mouthful of food stuffed in one cheek and had stopped chewing and was now staring at them like a deer caught in headlights.

"Daddy does it, huh?" Hermione asked tersely.

"Yep. He say when pe'ple is bad to me to give m' da feen'ger," the boy said proudly and Severus's eyes became even larger and he managed to swallow his food.

"Your father is becoming a bad influence on you," Hermione said in a disapproving tone, not taking her eyes off of him.


"I told you! See what I mean? Like father like son!" Ron cut in triumphantly.

"Ronald, shut up," Hermione said dismissively.

"What? Are you kidding me! It's been four years and I have been trying to prove to you that Severus was not as innocent as he pretended to be," Ron argued.

"That doesn't mean that he did it when he was a toddler. It just means that he is teaching our son bad habits. Your insistence on the matter is probably what provoked Severus to start doing it," she said with a sniff and Ron's jaw would have hit the floor if it could have. They heard the familiar laughter from the other side of the table as Harry burst into hysterics, this time joined by Remus and Ginny. Most of the students were outright laughing now.

Toddler Snape had become a legend around the school and even though the man was still strict in the classroom, students now loved his class and loved him as well. There were even rumors going around that he played with Lego's, but many students were not sure they would go that far. The man didn't look like he was into kid's toys.

"You're joking right? I mean, you are seriously playing with my head, right? It's been four years and you don't believe me?" Ron asked in complete disbelief.

"Ronald, you're right. It's been four years so why are you still thinking about it? Does it really bother you that much?" Hermione asked in exasperation. He sputtered and his face turned red.

"Yes! It still bothers me!" he snapped.

"Hey! You not yell at my mommy!" Blake snapped coldly, reminding everyone of Professor Snape who smirked triumphantly at the boy when Hermione wasn't looking.

"You shut up!" Ron growled.

"No! You is a dundun head!" he snapped and this time Severus let out a baritone laugh that many of the female students swooned over. Harry Potter was wheezing and when he heard Blake's two year version of his father's favorite expression, he was gasping for air and holding his stomach. Ginny tried to contain her snorting, but the harder she laughed the louder and more frequent her snorts were.

"Mione! Your son is just like his dad!" Ron said in horror.

"I know. He is so much like Little Severus," she said with a little smile that clearly showed that she was reminiscing. Ron's brows flattened and he stared at her with a look of total un-amusement.

"I can't believe you miss that," he said flatly.

"Those were good times," she said, scandalized that he didn't agree.

"Good times? Good times? Are you mental? Actually, don't answer that," he said. "Those were not good times. That husband of yours went at my leg like a piece of roast chicken. I see nothing fun about that!"

"It was hilarious!" Harry laughed from the other end of the table. His face was red and he was practically sobbing with laughter. Ron glared at him and when he heard another chuckle, he looked up at the Headmaster in disbelief. Albus, however, had the decency to look somewhat ashamed although his eyes were twinkling madly.

"My apologies, Professor Weasley," he said and hid his face behind his goblet.

Ron was about to say something when he felt a sharp and familiar pain in his leg and jumped out of his chair and let out a scream like a little girl would have. The laughter had become deafening and this time, Harry fell out of his chair and was now sobbing more than laughing because of the pain in his stomach from laughing so hard.

"MIONE! HE BIT ME! BLAKE BIT ME!" Ron yelled in horror. He didn't even bother glaring at Minerva who snorted into her goblet. "HE'S JUST LIKE HIS DAD!"

Hermione, however, couldn't bring herself to scold her son. Instead, she was trying hard to contain her laughter. Blake came up from under the table and smiled broadly at the red-head who scooted away in horror. Severus hid his face behind his hand as he laughed at what his son had done. He knew he shouldn't encourage the behavior, but it was hilarious.

"It is not funny, Mione!" Ron growled. Hermione, Ron, and Severus engaged in an argument after that and ignored Blake who was trying to get their attention, but was thoroughly ignored.

"Hey! Daddy!" He was still being ignored. "Mummy!" Still ignored. Pouting slightly, Blake glared at his parents before giving a very Severus-like smirk and slipping out of his chair.

After a few more moments of arguing, they heard a manic peel of laughter and looked around to see where it came from. Then, everyone's eyes went wide as a very naked little Blake ran out from under the High Table toward the doors with his diaper held high in his hands. The whole hall was silent as they watched in shock as Blake's little feet padded rapidly down the middle of the hall; bits and all exposed for the world to see. It was then that everyone burst into a fit of laughter as his parents stared at him in shock. Hermione had a sense of déjà vu at the sight and turned to Severus whose cheeks had tinted red.

"BLAKE!" he cried out and jumped out of his chair and chased his naked son out of the Hall. Ron Weasley was laughing as hard as Harry was this time.

"THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!" he roared with laughter.

When the teachers looked back to the Great Hall entrance, they saw Severus Snape walk back into view and glare at Ron Weasley. Blake was flailing in his arms, laughing hysterically, and Severus's hair was a wild mess and he had a wary expression as he glanced at his son before looking back at Weasley and giving him the finger.

"Hey!" he yelled indignantly and then gaped as Blake mimicked his father before Severus took his naked son out of sight. Ron looked back at Hermione and scowled because she was laughing too.

"Get used to it, Ron," she laughed.

"What? Why should I get used to it?" he grumbled.

"Because Blake will not be the only one for long." Ron's eyes widened to saucers.

"You're pregnant?"

"Yep," she said happily and saw the color drain from her friend's face.



Author's note: I just wanted to thank everyone for the positive reviews and for sticking with the story even when I didn't update in forever. For that I do apologize and I will try to keep up with my other ones as much as possible. Thanks everyone!