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Synopsis: Rodney recieves a fate worse than death when he attempts to help an ally.

Notes: This story came to me after I saw Lifeline. Therefore it has a lot of spoilers from Tao of McKay onwards.
There'll be hints of McKay/Brown and allusions to McKay/Weir, but this will be a plot and character driven story.


"Three years into this expedition, and you're still rewatching the same game of football." McKay sighed melodramatically as he attempted to escape the clutches of a man who wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

"C'mon McKay! It's a classic!" Sheppard chided.

"I am not watching it again. Not when there's a whole library of new...ish releases sitting there begging to be watched."

"We are not watching Children of Men, McKay...I wanna see something...enthralling, uplifting...fun!"

"Well go watch Happy Feet then."

At that moment, Chuck's voice came over the tannoy.

"Colonel Sheppard's team, please report to the Conference Room."

"Crap." the pair chorused, and headed back along the corridor.

"The Genii? What the hell do they want?" grumbled Ronon, as the team sat in the conference room.

"It seems the Genii are having problems with an internal element within their society...Some of Cowan's old supporters have been assassinating some of Ladon Radim's men." Carter elaborated slightly.

"What so why did they contact us? It's their problem!" McKay huffed.

"They are still our ally." Teyla reminded her teammate. "It is a small galaxy...If the Genii face a difficulty in discipline, it will hinder their fight against the Wraith, and will make Atlantis appear an easier target for other similar races."

"I'm sure the Travelers would love that." Sheppard interjected.

"I'll get back to my original question," groaned Ronon, "What the hell do they want?"

"Not as much as you'd think Ronon. The Genii know we're far more advanced in imaging technology than we are...They're essentially asking us for CCTV for the purposes of crime prevention." Carter explained.

"What is...CCTV?" enquired Teyla.

"Closed Circuit Television." McKay provided. "1984 type stuff...Big Brother is watching you...Just sounds like something the Genii would want."

Teyla obviously didn't get the reference.

"So we're just going to hand over this...CCTV to the Genii?" Ronon was obviously not happy.

McKay provided an explanation. "They have more advanced Wraith equivalent technologies at their disposal...but with a Wraith's visual cortex being more similar to that of an Iratus Bug...sorry John...It's hard for any human to make heads or tails of their output-"

"-And because they have a technological equivalent, there's nothing to stop us from giving them the digital imaging equipment they'll need." Carter finished.

"What she said." McKay pointed at his commander and sighed.

McKay looked to Ronon and Teyla. Teyla was obviously uncomfortable about this arrangement, and Ronon just looked pissed off. Sheppard seemed miles away, trying to find a way to deny the technology to their 'allies'.

Sadly there was no way rational though could really win out over legislation.

Carter grimaced. "Sorry guys, but we're kind of in a bind here, and we need the full support of our allies right now."

"What are we getting in return?" Teyla asked.

"A share of their crop yield for next month's harvest, Travelers' locations, and continued help in locating your people Teyla."

Teyla's shoulders hunched slightly. "As proper allies, aware of my people's situation, they should have been looking for them since they went missing."

"They're pretty stretched right now Teyla. They're not doing so good...This offer was the best they could come up with...Dr. Roslyn brokered the deal along with Lorne's team...She says they were entirely sincere, especially given their reason for asking for help."

Teyla nodded solemnly.

"So what's the plan?" Sheppard asked.

"Your team go to the Genii Homeworld. The Genii civilians will believe you are there to make the trade for crops and manpower to find the Athosians. In reality you'll be helping Ladon's men in implementing their surveillance system...You'll be working closely with some of the security specialists."

"Didn't think the Genii had any specialists...they just seem to like screwing things up." Rodney said.

"Or screwing people over." Ronon added.

Carter and Teyla ignored the remarks, rolling their eyes at a smirking Sheppard.

"When do we leave?" Asked Teyla.

"Whenever Lorne's team is ready."

With that, the team nodded, and left, heading for the armoury.

"Sheppard to Lorne...don't hurry on our account...take your time!"

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