What if...

Jo stopped Dean from leaving. This is during BUABS.

"Here take these painkillers; they'll help with the pain." I took the plastic bottle and handed it to him.

"Thanks Jo, I'll uh… uhm call you later"

And he walked out the door.

It was now or never.

"Dean!" I shouted as I ran out of the bar. He turned around to find me standing in front of him.

Then, thunder rumbled as the skies opened.

"Yeah?" he shouted through the rumbles.

"You know when old people talk about things they wish they did when they were young?"

I could see the confusion in his face and I was a bit confused myself at what I was saying.

"Umm… Yeah, sure" he bit out.

"Well I don't want to be one of those people so I'm just gonna say it…"

"Say what?" his expression still looked puzzled.

"I love you" I mumbled. After such a long time that I have kept this burden, these feelings inside I finally found the courage to say to the man that I love, how I felt. But the thunder rumbled the skies.

"What?" he shouted not knowing of the confession I just revealed.

I didn't know what to feel that moment either disappointment or relief. Disappointment because he didn't hear how I felt or relieved that he would tell me how he felt about me which could just lead to happiness or more disappointment. So I just couldn't take the risk getting hurt again.

I turned around to go back inside but he grabbed my arm and pleaded me to stay.

"Wait, I have something to tell you"

I was getting myself ready for the sorry-your-not-the-one speech because I know how these things turn out. The other girl gets the guy or the guy just leaves, either way I still end up alone.

"Jo the first time I met you I thought you were just gonna be like those other girls, but your not. You're special to me. You're the girl I think about every day. I didn't know what these feelings meant before but now I know, I love you.

And with those three words, he touched my face with his soft hands. And he kissed me with a want. I could feel his fingers move on my hair to my neck. His luscious lips were so sweet that I wanted to stay like this forever. We were oblivious to what was happening around us and then I felt it, Rain. It seemed to go on for an eternity. An eternity that never ends.

Author's Note:

I know the ending is a bit crap but I'm just doing my best to write out the story that's in my head.

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