(What if Leon hadn't pulled the pin out of the grenade and Stansfield had escaped alive after killing his enemy out of revenge. This is my one-shot of what might have happened. I don't own anything. I'm merely playing with the characters and writing my own 'what if' plot)


Leon limped down the corridor, the bright sunshine from outside guiding him. His shoulder was searing with pain and he was bruised from being flung through the air by the force of the explosion, which had burnt him slightly. Yet, on the whole, he was okay. Whatsmore, he was happy. He was almost away. Once he was out of the building he would find Mathilda and they could live together in peace.

Stansfield stepped out from the room he'd hidden himself in and followed his enemy along the corridor. Slowly, he raised his right arm and aimed his silver gun at the back of Leon's head.

One shot.

Tha'ts all it took and the professional assassin fell to the ground. DEA officer Norman Stansfield turned him over and watched as the blood seeping out of the back of the mans head. He watched as the life drained from his eyes.

"Stansfield?" Leon choked out.

"At your service." Stansfield replied.

"Don't hurt Matilda." Leon replied, with a begging tone to his hoarse voice.

Stansfield stood up from his bent-over position as he looked at Leon.

"I'm not like you. There isn't a 'no women, no children' rule with me." Stansfield said.

An expression of pain, anger and sadness swept over Leon's face before he breathed out his last breath and moved no more.

Grinning psychotically, Stansfield walked out of the corridor and into the street, instructing officers to go inside and fetch the body of the man they'd been trying to catch.

Then he placed his gun back inside his jacket and looked around, intent on finding the girl.

Intent on finding Mathilda.