Four Years


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"Everyone has his burden. What counts is how you carry it."

-Merle Miller-

It's been four years since that fateful day. Four years since I lost my arm and leg. Four years since my brother lost his body.

Four years since mom died.

Today is the anniversary of mom's death and still, I am nowhere closer to finding the Stone and getting my brother back the way he was.

We are on a train heading back to Central to meet up with Colonel Mustang and have him yell at me for wasting money.

Can't wait.

I look to Al as he plays with one of the children on board. He is always good with kids, even in that scary, suit of armor. He always seems to make them laugh.

I look out the window and the past four years floods through my mind. The trouble we've been through, the laughs, the tears, the heart aches. Has it all been worth it? Have my tries been in vain? Have I…have I been a good big brother to Al?

And what about Winry? Sweet Winry that's always there to fix me when I'm broken, and not necessarily my auto-mail. I find myself thinking about her a lot. Her smile, her face, and her laugh…I miss it all. But it's not like I'd ever tell her that.

It's been four years since that day. Four years and my heart still stings at the memory. Four years and my limbs still feel missing. Four years since I smelt Alphonse's scent. Four years since I hugged him and could feel his heart beating with mine.

Four years and I still feel empty.

I need to find the Stone so I can get Al back to the way he was. I need to find the Stone so I can go home and tell Winry how I really feel.

I will find the stone, even if it means going through another four years of hell to get there.

The End

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