In Which Clark and Lex Go To a Metropolis Costume Shop To Find Halloween Costumes

By Shakespeare's Girl

"Okay, Clark, this is it."

Clark stared up at the sign over the store. "The Witches Coven? What is this place?"

"It's only the most exclusive costume shop in the entire city. Go on. It's not as bad as it sounds. Or looks."

Clark shrugged. "Okay. But you're going first," Clark teased.

Lex sighed and strode through the doors of the shop. "Neva? Are you here?" he called.

"It figures you know the owners of this store by name," Clark muttered.

"Don't knock it. We get exclusive use of the store today."

Clark raised an eyebrow appreciatively. "Nice."

"Alexander Luthor," a deep voiced woman called from between a pair of skeletons that guarded a door marked "Employees Only." "How good to see you again dear," she smiled at him, and Clark stared at the woman's teeth. They were normal, except for the pointy incisors. Fangs, he corrected himself. That woman is wearing fangs.

"Neva, you've never looked lovelier." Lex's compliment made a blood red flush heat the cheeks of the paper pale woman. Clark wondered if she stayed out of the sun on purpose. Her lips were a deep burgundy, and her eyeshadow was so dark it appeared black against her skin. He didn't think anyone could actually be that pale. "What do you have for us today?"

Neva smiled, the fangs turning an innocent grin into a malevolent sneer. "I have exactly what you want. But unlike most shops, I am not going to bring it to you, Alexander. You must search for it. So. You and your friend have the store today, so enjoy. And call me when you've decided. The dressing rooms are over there." She eyed Clark and Lex carefully. "Do not make any irreparable messes in my store."

"Of course not, Neva. You're an Angel."

"Not likely," Neva snorted at Lex and spun around to walk back through the door to the Employee section.

"So, Clark. What do we need, exactly?"

"I have no idea," Clark admitted. "I thought you knew."

"Well, I have a few ideas. But I doubt you'd like some of them."

"Well, why don't we just browse around for a while. After all, there's no harm in looking without purpose."

Lex smiled and grabbed Clark's arm. "Come on. The best costumes are always in the back."

They walked through rows upon rows of costumes, some funny, some sexy, some just plain strange. Clark stared at leather collars that went around one person's neck, while the friend held the end and wore a complicated leather or velvet outfit. For some reason, he found the image of he and Lex wearing one of those costumes intensely appealing.

Lex kept pulling his arm, though, so he followed the shorter man through the racks and shelves until they came to the very back wall. "Here we are. There should be something perfect on this wall. Let's see..."

Lex pondered the choices. Authentic looking doctor's outfits hung next to angel wings. A vampire cloak was placed next to a pink princess dress. "Oh, Clark, I just got the most inspired idea."

Clark looked at Lex skeptically. "Why do I get the feeling I am not going to like this idea?"

"Do you also have the feeling that I like it so much I'm going to override you?"

"Yes, I have that feeling as well," Clark sighed. "Okay, tell me."

"Here, I'll show you instead." Lex began pulling items off the rack, muttering to himself about things like spirit gum adhesives and whether or not it was a good idea to go masked or if they should just wear the costumes. As Lex pulled things down, he handed them to Clark, who held them, miserably seeing where this was going to end. "That should do it," Lex nodded. "Now, to see whether these sizes fit."

Clark turned toward the dressing rooms, Lex on his heels, holding a single item in his hands.