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AN: This will be a series of one shot lemons with a bunch of different cullen couples. Have fun!

"Bella, wake up love," I murmured into her ear. "Bella, we have plans today,"

"Mmmm, I don't want to. Need sleep, sleep good, plans bad"

I chuckled. That's my Bella. I picked her up swiftly and carried her to the rocking chair. I put her down and went to draw the curtains. She squinted.

"Sunlight?" she asked in a surprised groggy manner, "I've missed the sun,"

"C'mon Bells, Its Saturday, we can go to the meadow."

"Okay," And she finally got up, came over to me and kissed me on the cheek. "Good morning, sunshine"

I chuckled. Bella was not a very active morning person, and her just now brief show of compassion had me close to swooning. A vampire, swooning. That'd be a sight to see.

After a while of rocking in the chair and growing impatient for her warmth, I went to knock on the bathroom door.

"S'okay Edward, you can come in"

I cracked the door open and slowly stepped in. She was wrapped in a short green-striped towel and was brushing her teeth. I stopped dead. The towel only just grazed beneath her panty-line and her legs were almost fully exposed to me. Not to mention that the neckline of the towel revealed far more than Bella's conservative crew-neck t-shirts.

"Umm," I was completely incoherent. Then she raised her arms to pull her hair into a quick bun and her towel fell dangerously low. On an impulse I dashed to catch it before it fell and found myself cupping the towel to her modest breasts.

Bella looked up at me, completely surprised. I gasped and removed my hands, only to have the towel fall completely off.

Before Bella could move, I had her in an iron grip with my lips pressed roughly to hers. The amount of passion that flooded my head overwhelmed me, but Bella complied immediately, kissing me harder.

I slid my hands up and down her body, ravishing her. I wanted to touch every fragment of skin, I wanted to feel and caress every crevice and curve. I wanted her, I needed her.

My hands started on her back, rubbing up and down her spine, pausing to pinch each individual vertebra. I came back to her front and fingered her belly button and abdomen. Then I went automatically to her breasts. I squeezed them and rubbed them as hard as I trusted myself too and Bella's moans erupted within our mouths.

Bella pulled away, gasping for breath and I immediately traveled down her neck with my lips. I licked up and down her neck and collarbone while my hands had traveled south, finally reaching her firm butt. I gripped it and squeezed hard, massaging it. She gasped in pleasure and hitched her leg around my hip.

With her hot spot pressing against my erection through my jeans, I became aware that I was still fully attired and that we were performing acts of passion in a slippery bathroom.

I kissed her deeply before pulling her hips higher on my waist so that she was clamped around me and maneuvering us out the door. We slammed against the wall on the opposite side. I momentarily thanked God for having sent Charlie out on an emergency fishing escapade.

I sucked Bella's right nipple as she cried out loudly.

"Edward! God, Edward! Uhhh!"

I scooted us along the wall until we reached her bedroom. Suddenly, Bella hopped down from her position and I looked around, surprised.

But then she was in front of me, a wicked smile plastered to her face. She placed both hands on my chest and pushed me down onto her bed.

I grinned; it was nice to see a mischievous side of Bella. Then she was straddling my waist and slowly unbuttoning my shirt. One by one, the buttons popped out of their holes. She may have been concentrating on not fumbling with the little buttons, but the time she was taking to get a simple shirt off was excruciating.

"Bella! I can do it faster you know! Oh God Bella! Hurry!"

'Patience Edward,"

I was not having that. Once the shirt was totally off, I flipped us over quickly. I removed my pants with as much speed as I could and leaned down on top of Bella, with only my boxers on.

I began sucking on her right breast again, caressing the left one with my hand. Soon her chest was heaving and her fingers were entwined in my hair, pushing my head down hard.

"Oh God! Edward! Oh God! I need you! Please! Uhhahhh!"

I snickered, the fact that I could turn her on so easily made me ecstatic. I switched breasts and moved over to her second hardened peak.

I licked circles around it and suckled it. Then, I bit down lightly, just a small amount of pressure and she gasped and then settled into a long and luscious moan.


Quickly, she had us flipped over again and was laying on top of me.

"My turn," she said sternly.

I she began patrolling my chest with her fingers, delicately dancing around my nipples. She replaced her hands with her mouth and sucked and bit all over my torso. The sensations were irreplaceable. Soon I was emitting soft moans.

Bella seemed displeased at my reaction, as if she was disconcerted that she could not produce the same sounds out of me as I had from her.

She began to grind her hips against mine. The feeling was too much and I was soon panting and moaning with pleasure. Still unsatisfied, Bella moved down and licked her tongue around the hem-line of my boxers. I shivered.

She slowly, inch by inch, pulled the boxers down my legs.

"Bella, do you have a thing with moving slowly because it is killing me,"

She only moved slower, torturing me. When she was finally done, I was shaking uncontrollably.

"My God, Bella," I gasped

She drew back up and stroked my length softly. In the state I was already in it was all I could do to keep myself as one body of matter.

She started pumping with her hands and I convulsed on the bed moaning and groaning louder than she had. Something can be said about foreplay.

To my great surprise she took me up full in her mouth and ran her tongue around my manhood. I shivered up and down emitting loud sounds of pleasure. The feeling was sensational. How could I have lived my 100 odd years without Bella?

She started to bob her head up and down taking me with her.

"Christ, Bella! Oh God!"

Then, she started sucking, hard. She sucked harder as my cries increased in volume and urgency, until I came into her mouth. She swallowed all of it.

"God, Bella, I love you. You can't even begin to imagine how that feels."

"Show me then," She replied seductively. I grinned and began to kiss her passionately. I could already feel my erection starting again. I hitched one of her legs over my shoulder and wrapped the other around my waist. I looked down into her center, smelling the blush in her cheeks as I gaped.

"Bella, you are beautiful."

I fingered her wet folds and started to rub her clitoris. I think she gasped, but I can't be sure since it soon changed into heavy panting.

"Oh Edward! I love you baby!" she moaned softly as I ran my fingers all around her, rubbing and massaging her slit between my thumb and forefinger.

I inserted a finger into her and began pumping. She was so warm and tight, I wanted more of her. I added two more fingers, but this new and amazing thirst was still not quenched.

I lowered my head and licked the length of her hot triangle. She cried out sharply

"Jesus! Edward! I need you!"

I moved my tongue and began pumping at her entrance. Her taste was irresistible. I pumped harder.

"Edwar-war-war-war-ward!" She chanted with each thrust of my mouth. Her hands were wrapped around my head pushing me down further and further. When she came, she was gasping for breath. Just to tease her, I licked all over her warm center, savoring her taste and cleaning up her wet interior.

"Edward, I need you in me, now." She stated adamantly.

"Are you sure Bella?"

She just nodded. Before I could even move to position my self, she had placed a finger to my sternum.

"You already had your chance," She said sexily.


But she had already positioned herself above me. She lowered herself down and I almost burst at the feeling, but that was disrupted by Bella's cry; not of joy, but of pain. I moved up and kissed her deeply.

"Bella, are you sure?"

She didn't answer. She just hung onto my shoulders panting. I stroked her face and held her tight. I was still in her, and she was still in pain. But then she began to move her hips, back and forth as she rode me.

She was slow and gentle, but as our panting grew fiercer and our passions rode higher, she was rocking with so much gusto and passion that I need not meet her with my hips at all.

"Oh Jesus, Bella! Give me more baby! More! Uh! Uh! Uh!"

We fit perfectly, I was in so much bliss, I couldn't imagine what I would do if I ever lost her. I guided her hips, pushing her down on me harder. I was surprised she hadn't collapsed of fatigue already, but what surprised me more was when she went even faster and harder. She tightened around me.

"Ohh God! Bella‚Äďah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Uh-uh-uh-uh! Ahhh!!" I was unable to control my cries as my semen spurted inside of her.

But Bella wasn't done yet. I had my hands on her hips as I kept pulling her towards me. She was still becoming tighter and tighter. I felt myself come a second time, the same time as she did.

"Oh Jesus Christ Edward! Uhhh!"

She fell on top of me, panting hard.

"Breathe Bell,"

"Edward, I love you. So much."

We lay there together; Bella hadn't even bothered to remove herself from me. But I didn't mind, I wanted to be connected to her always. She was lying on top of my chest and I was stroking her hair until she shifted forward and both of us became aroused once more.

It was laughable how easily turned on we were by each other.

Bella gave me a sideways glance, but I had already flipped us over.

"This one's mine" I whispered.

I pulled myself out of Bella and shot right back in. I began at a human pace until Bella found her own rhythm, meeting my hips at each thrust.

"Oh God! Edward! I love you! Give me more! Faster!" She said in a state of pure ecstasy.

I was happy to comply and sped up the pace.

"Ohh! Edward! Harder! I need more!"

I thrust harder, not willing to break her.

"Edward! More! Harder! Faster! Edward! I need you!"

In the heat of the moment, I thrust hard, harder than I should have, I should have broken her . . . but I didn't.

"Oh God! Edward! More!"

I was thrusting as hard and as fast as I could now, using all my vampire strength. She tightened around me, tighter and tighter. I was going to come and so was she.

"Bellaaaa! I luh-uh-uh-uh-ove you!" I panted with five final thrusts. She cried out as she released, but then,

"Keep going baby!" She cried. I wasn't tired, I was a vampire, I can't get tired. But apparently neither was Bella.

I pumped hard and fast. Bella was soaked in sweat now and I gratefully licked it up. I kept pumping and we came together once more.

"More!" Bella shouted. After I'd orgasmed a third time, I didn't even bother to slow done, I just continued knowing that Bella would want it too. I stopped after my fourth and lay down rolling next to Bella.

At first I thought I'd killed her. She was lying down on the bed covered in sweat with her eyes closed. I panicked but then she rolled over to me and kissed me on the lips. Our tongues battled together for some time until Bella pulled away for air.

"I love you," she murmured, "That was amazing"

"Oh God, I know . . . You're stronger than I thought you were. I shouldn't have pushed so hard" I replied.

"Are you kidding?" She laughed softly "I will always want all of you Edward,"

"You are so strong and so wonderful; I will never under estimate you again. I love you." I told her, meaning every word.

"I love you too,"