The Legend of Zelda: The Map of Love

His adorable face…

His adorable outfit….

His gentle touch…

His kindness…

Everything about him…

But….is this feeling right?

Link sat daydreaming in Hyrule Field. He was taking a break from riding across on his steed, Epona. Link held a delicate rose in his fingers, twirling it around. He thought of the one he loved the most as he held it. At first he thought this feeling was just a little crush until he had realized he had fallen madly in love. He was going to see his secret love back in Termina where they first met, when he was a child.

Link and his secret admirer first met in Clocktown. Link was confused and lost on where he had to go. But that was when they met……

Soon Link had received something to help him, he was not lost anymore. He knew exactly where he was all the time now. Which…made Link fall madly…..for him.

Link couldn't wait! He was so excited! He jumped on Epona and rushed as fast as he could.

Soon, Link arrived in Clocktown. He stepped across the brown colored pavement. He had not been here since he was a child. But at least this time he could enjoy himself. Link assumed that he should find what he was looking for in Northern Clocktown. With that, Link persisted with his journey. As Link didn't expect it, someone familiar came up from behind.

"Fairy boy!" the man yelled happily.

Link turned around quickly. It was no other than Tingle.

Link smiled and replied "Tingle! It has been forever!"

"I know Fairy Boy; I have still been trying to become a fairy since you've left. But it has not been going so well." Tingle put his head down feeling a bit sad.

Link could not bear to see Tingle sad. He tilted Tingle's chin up and replied "Don't worry about it. I'm sure you will become a fairy one day, I believe you will."

Tingle blushed as he touched Link's hand. "All right…I'll try" He looked into Link's deep blue eyes.

"Oh! I forgot I must give you something!" Tingle jumped back into happiness. This made Link happy as well. Tingle took out a map and handed it to Link.

"Read it…" Tingle said silently as he took off in his balloon.

It pained Link to see Tingle go. But he instantly opened the map. It seemed to be directions to a location that Tingle was. Link being desperate decided to proceed into finding him.

Link quickly ran as fast as he could to Epona. He jumped on her and rode off in the direction. "Tingle….Tingle…." is all he could say at the moment.

He soon arrived to the spot. He jumped off Epona and walked toward the area. This was the DekuSwamp. Tingle soon jumped out of the bushes.

"Fairy boy! I'm glad you could have made it!" Tingle smiled at Link as he smiled back. Tingle jumped into the boat.

"Care to join?" Tingle said in an alluring voice which made Link blush.

Link soon ran and jumped in the boat right beside Tingle. Soon the boat rushed off into the depths of the swamp.

"Tingle….it looks like you have something to say." Link suggested at Tingle.

Tingle giggled "You read me like a book; I really do have something I need to tell you. But it's hard….and you'll probably think I'm stupid…"

Link took Tingle's hands.

"I'd never think you're stupid…" Link said gently smiling looking at Tingle with his deep blue eyes.

Tingle fell deep into them; soon Tingle took his head and kissed his soft lips.

Link blushed completely. This was his dream come true, him and his secret love. Finally come together. Link kissed back and hugged him as he did it.

Soon Tingle struggled to let go.

"Link….I never want to split apart from you again….do you hear me?" Tingle said with happy tears in his eyes.

"Yes Tingle….together; we will never be apart ever again."

Both of them held each other as they rode watching the fireworks.

"Fairy boy… really are a fairy, because you make me fly.