Yoshizilla: Futurama...one of the best and funniest animated shows to ever exist...but stupid Fox had to CANCEL that awesome show, so I'm very happy to hear that next year, it'll come back on Comedy Central. In celebration of this great series, I have decided to do a Futurama fanfic! I hope that you all enjoy this and get a good chuckle or two from reading!

Disclaimer: All of the Futurama characters, locations, and references belong to 20th Century Fox. Or, they did when Fox cared, but now Comedy Central picked up the show, and...you know what? The show's just owned by Fox. How is that?

Yoshizilla: Better, but nonetheless stupid.

Disclaimer: (sighs and shakes head) I figured as much. (sighs again)

Yoshizilla: Yeah right. You better pray that the fanfic itself is longer than this. (leaves)

Ahhh, New New York City. Isn't it the best place in the world to be in the future? Or, precisely, the year 3000? (receives a loud "NO!" from the entire audience) I'll take that as a yes. Anyway, inside Professor Farnsworth's gigantic home we see Bender and Dr. Zoidberg playing a few games of "Go Fish".

"So, what's the catch? Do you actually eat the fish?" Dr. Zoidberg asked as he pulled out a card.

Bender only laughed. "No, it's that you just say "Do you have any number, and if I do, then you place your card down, and if I don't, you have to pick another card. Whoever losses all of the cards first wins. And THIS - " He points at a nearby, huge sack of money. "Will some be mine. Heh, heh, heh..."

Dr. Zoidberg cheered, and he picked up the cards in front of him. "All right, let's play some card game I don't have any clue about!" He shuffled his deck and bit, and looked up at Bender.

Bender chuckled to himself as he got out a pair of X-Ray specs and placed them on his eyes. "Hehehe...let's see what this sucker has." He turned on the X-Ray specs, and saw through the cards, getting the exact numbers he needed. Leaving on the X-Ray Specs, Bender said to Dr. Zoidberg, "All right, Shrimp, it's your go."

Dr. Zoidberg looked at his cards, then up at Bender and asked, "Okay, do you have any of the female woman?"

Bender looked at his own cards, and smirking, he cleverly lied, "Nope! Go fish."

Dr. Zoidberg sighed. He picked up another card. "Errr...what's so special about a human wearing weird clothes and a crown?"

"It's a King, and it's not the card I have!" Bender chuckled evilly again, before stating, "Go fish."

Dr. Zoidberg sighed and picked yet another card. Several minutes later, Dr. Zoidberg started to eat the cards he picked, while Bender laughed in pleasure as he gained more money. Eventually, Dr. Zoidberg reached the last card.

"Oooh, I wonder what this card will be," Dr. Zoidberg curiously asked, sniffing the card, "Is it a salmon? Or is it the Glognator of Planet Snoob?"

"Shut up and place the stupid card," Bender hissed, taking a puff out of his new cigar, rolled up in a three-hundred dollar bill.

Dr. Zoidberg started to sweat nervously. He looked at the card, and closed his eyes, saying, "Errrr...do you have the card with three red hearts?"

Bender's eyes popped out, and his head sprung out of his body, crashing up the ceiling, and falling back down. The X-Ray Specs Bender was wearing fell down on the floor and broke into tiny pieces of glass. Dr. Zoidberg cheered, and he stood up, grabbing the money and started to head out the room.

"All right! Now I can finally go buy all that garbage down at the restaurant! Woohoo!" Dr. Zoidberg cheered, leaving a shocked and bitter (and headless) Bender alone.