"Will you at least talk to me?" Catherine stood with her arms crossed over her chest as a way of showing the brunette she wouldn't back down from this. Leaning on the counter top in her kitchen she watched as Sara went about making coffee as if she wasn't even stood there. "Sara…"

"What do you want me to say" Her voice was emotionless, and that meant on thing – Sara Sidle didn't want to talk. The older CSI just couldn't leave it like that though.

"How about you tell me what the hell happened to you?" Catherine asked softly as she moved and placed her arms around the brunette's waist. She was worried, and Sara knew that when Catherine worried she wasn't going to let it go till she got an explanation.

Leaning back and forcing herself to relax in Catherine's grip Sara put the coffee down and just took a deep breath. Turning slowly she made herself face Catherine, looking into the blue eyes that showed so much love. "Kiss me…" She managed to say.

"What?" Catherine asked wondering if the gash on Sara's forehead was worse than she had originally thought. Usually if the younger woman had been through a bad shift she wanted her space to the way she was acting now caused Catherine to worry more.

She ran her index finger of her right hand down Catherine's jaw-line, looking at the woman's lips and then allowing her finger to move down her neck and stopping just at the top of Catherine's shirt that Sara wanted to pull off her. Her left hand that was now on the waist of the woman she used to push a confused Catherine back slowly and pressing her against the kitchen wall. She pressed her own body to the other woman – and when their lips were only inches apart she repeated. "Kiss me…"

The need in the woman's eyes and the want in her voice caused Catherine to worry even more. Sara didn't ask for help, she didn't ask for anything. What ever had happened last shift and lead to the bloody beaten state of the brunette CSI wasn't good – in fact it was very bad. Without another word the two kissed and it was easy for Catherine to taste the need. It wasn't often Sara let Catherine in to help, but if today, she could help by giving Sara what she wanted and making her deal then she'd do it.

Many long moments of a heated make out session passed before Sara pulled back, pulling her hands from Catherine as if she'd been burnt. "S…Sorry" she stuttered breathlessly. "I…" she stopped and pushed her hand through her hair scraping it back from her face.

Catherine observed her girlfriend, of over seven months, as she moved back and lent against the counter still facing her – looking down at the floor. To have someone pull away like that would usually hurt Catherine but she knew that it wasn't her – it was what ever had gotten itself buried in Sara's head. Running over her options she decided on stepping forward and pinning the younger brunette to the counter top. Kissing her neck softly as Catherine placed her hands on Sara's waist she spoke to an unmoved Sara, in a low husky voice, as she moved her hands from Sara's waist up her body "Let me help you forget…please…."