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Ami's slumbering form lay sprawled across the love seat stationed in the dark corners of the library. Her lily white skin providing a great contrast against the ink black leather. The sundress she was wearing rose high above her knees showing off long slender legs. The same legs that were secured around his waist not too long ago, as both of them were screaming ecstasy.

He almost felt guilty.

While asleep, the girl preserved the innocence that she used to possess. The innocence that he stole away. The innocence that never rightfully belonged to him, but to Zoisite. One of his dearest friends and guardians.

But I'm commander of the galaxy, anything in it is mine.

The kings thoughts shifted. Everything belonged to him. Ami belonged to him, in any way he wished. Of course his love for her would never compare with his love for Serenity. Nothing ever could. Though the Mercurian Princess had something that the queen will never possess. A natural thirst for knowledge. One that often consumed her being. Endymion wanted that, and now it's his.

A soft patter of footsteps were heard outside the oak doors. He didn't shift at all, though he acknowledged the steps. Their forms were hidden among the stacks of books and bookcases. It would take someone with a great knowledge in the where abouts of this room to discover the two. No one possessed that much information besides the dark haired couple that were in it now.

He knew he was playing her like a harp.

She really didn't understand the truth. He would never love her or truly care about her. Never express the same adoration that Zoisite does. Though he can lie. And what lies he told, twisting her mind into something he could mold and use. She believes he adores her, worships her, save her from the mistakes she's made. She wasn't the first he had used. The Venus Princess was just as beautiful, if not more. And the blonde sure knew how to make love. Should it even be considered that, since there was no love between the two? Just raw lust.

Getting tired of stalking the beautiful girl with his eyes, the king stood up, and collected his items that were thrown about. Taking the silky material of his shirt, he slid it over his head and shoved his feet into his pair of shoes. With a final glance towards Ami, he debated on moving her out of her slumbering position but didn't for fear of heightened curiosity between the two.

Without another thought, the oak doors were opened, then closed as his presence left the room.


Ami awoke due to the bright cast of light directed upon her sleepy eyelids. Groaning she turned over in hopes to escape the burning sun. Her hands searched for the lacy material of her blankets and frowned when she found that she wasn't in her bed at all. Instantly, her head sprung up, her sapphire eyes alert.

The room around her was surrounded by books. The Library. And judging by the stiffness in her back and neck, she would assume she had fallen asleep on the sofa. The same leather sofa her and Endy had always … A dirty thought crossed her mind, had they?

A state of fogged sleep still clogged her mind. How long has she been asleep anyways?

"Ami?" a voice asked. It's tone filled with confusion.

The blue haired girl turned her head and faced her queen with a respectful smile.

"Hello Serenity." she answered. Her voice even seemed groggy.

The blonde smirked, "I'm glad to see that you're finally awake. You slept for almost 2 days."

"I - what?"

Serenity giggled, a playful side she only showed around few others. "Ami… you really must stop over working yourself. The other night you must have been studying in here and fell asleep. A few of the servants noticed you, but Endy ordered no one to wake you."

Ami rubbed the back of her sore neck with lithe fingers. Almost shocked at the news.

"He said you had a long and stressful day. I only came to check on you to tell you that the generals have arrived home."

Realization finally hit her, and now she was wide awake. "Oh Yes. Thank you!" Ami scrambled to recollect herself, grabbing the white sandals that she owned and sliding them on before getting off of the couch.

She was about to rush to the doors, but stopped and turned towards her queen, "Serenity… I also looked over the plans you made and I agree with all of them. I'm sure Endy- " She corrected herself quickly "King Endymion. Could put them into action."

"I'm glad you agree. Just make sure no one else discovers them Ami." The sentence was soft, but Ami heard the order and demand behind it.

"Of course, my queen." And with a bow she left.

The guilt was slowly eating at her but Ami knew she had to ignore it, there was far more problems ahead then the affair that was occurring between the king of earth and herself.

Without looking where she was going, she ran face first into a large object that occupied the middle of the hallway.

"Excuse Me, Princess." Although he was speaking with formality, the icy undertone was definitely heard.

Ami looked up to see Jadeite's form towering over herself, his icy blue eyes burning her skin as if seeing her for who she truly was.

"It was my fault. I apologize." she said meekly, as her digits reached for a stray hair and placed it behind her ears in a shy manner.

Jadeite tried to contain his anger at the young girl. Kunzite had ordered that he not mentioned what he saw to anyone. Though, at the moment he wasn't sure if he could obey this command.

"How was the mission?" Ami asked curiously in hopes of gaining more knowledge of why her general would leave her without any excuse or farewell.

" A successful one. Although, Nephrite offered to stay behind in order to maintain the stability of it." the male answered in a computer like tone.

"Oh." Lita wouldn't be taking this news lightly.

Jadeite sighed, he never had anything against this girl before. He even looked out for her often, almost like a little sister. Now he could barley keep eye contact without thinking of her as a whore.

"Have you spoken to Zoisite?" he asked. In hopes to change the awkward silence between the two.

She shook her head and kept her glance towards the floor, he hoped it was because of the guilt though he couldn't be too sure.

"You should. He cares deeply for you. He was waiting beside the library door all morning, though The Prince ordered no one to disturb you." Wonder why…

Ami still hadn't spoken a word since Zoisite's name was mentioned in the conversation.

Quickly, the male decided to make his exit, "Well, I best be going now. Bye." and with that he hurried down the hallway before he was sure his mouth would betray him.

Ami's eyes looked back after him with confusion. Surely, he couldn't have found out about …. And if he hadn't then why had he acted in such a harsh manner? She didn't do anything to offend him that they knew of.

Continuing down the hallway, she stopped at the door that was her destination, hesitating for a moment before knocking.

There was silence on the other end and Ami hopped that no one occupied the room so that should could just avoid the situation ahead. There was still no excuse for Zoisite's sudden departure. Especially since all of the generals have been acting rather odd when the subject was brought up.

The soft click of the lock was heard and the door was opened, revealing an extremely tired looking general in the doorway. His hair was tied back in it's usual style and his general uniform was unbuttoned exposing a slightly muscular form slashed with raw wounds.

"What happened?" her tone increased a few octaves with her worry. Her eyes clashed with his as they always did when a strong emotion was expressed. Though, this time was different. Zoisite's normal emerald eyes looked dead and gray.

"Oh. I'm sorry." Instantly, his hands reached to button his shirt and his eyes broke contact, "I thought it would be one of the boys."

Translation: I thought you were pissed at me and didn't want to see my face.

"Can I come in?" She knew better not to press the subject with the possibility of anyone eavesdropping. All of the senshi's and general's rooms were soundproof and there was no way of some unwanted ears listening in.

"Sure." He stepped back and allowed her small form to enter the room. Shutting it once she was inside.

"What happened?!" Ami asked, her hands already working on his shirt to once again inspect the damage.

His larger hands encased her and stopped them of their work, "I should be asking you the same."

"…W-what do you mean?"

"You didn't answer any messages I left on your communicator. You're wearing the same dress from the day at the fountain and everyone has been saying you've been knocked out for almost two days. Not to mention when I wanted to come to see you, my own girlfriend, I was told I couldn't because you needed rest." He was talking quickly and the frustration in his voice was evident.

"All that is nothing compared to the fact that every general said goodbye to their senshi, to embark on this 'deadly' mission that no one seems to tell me what its about, but mine. Were you that happy to escape from me?" She brought her hands away from him and back to her side.

"Don't you dare pull that on me, Princess." He growled as his form stepped closer to hers, his hands captured her head to hold his piercing gaze, "You and I both know there is no one that can ever make me as happy as you do." And with that his lips were on hers.

And their mouths began to work together, writing a secret tale.