By: NejiUchiha

I listened to the sound of the wind rushing through my opened window, it's gentle sound calming me down. I got up, walking to the bathroom in that stride I was taught to walk with, and changed into my silk navy-blue tank top with matching pajama bottoms. I brush my teeth and brush my hair one last time before walking back into my bedroom, folding my black comforter back just a little. Then I remember to write in my diary.

Dear diary,

Well, today wasn't all that eventful. Edward didn't show…again. Mike was being weird as usual. I found out that I have straight A's in all of my classes, even though I know I failed a test in Calculus. I wonder how that came to be. Anyway, I'm very tired and I have a test in history tomorrow. I promise to write soon!

Isabella Swan

I close my journal and tuck it under my bed, yawning as I slide in between the cool black sheets that cover my bed. I rest my head on my pillow, my gaze at the ceiling. I jolt from my bed at a loud noise hitting my floor. I look to see who it is, and walk over to my door to listen for Charlie.

"Jacob, that was VERY loud!" I whisper harshly.

Jacob still struck me with his white gleaming smile he almost never gives me. There he stood, his black wife-beater fitting him so that I could make out every muscle on him. His giant hands were in the pockets of his torn-up jeans. He then casually leaned against my wall at the foot of my bed, locking my gaze with his.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be that loud." Jacob answered, a smirk replacing the gentle smile.

"Well, if you haven't noticed yet, I'm ready for bed so can we talk tomorrow?" I asked, covering another yawn with the back of my hand.


His tone worried me, so I was quick to reply before he could leap out of my window.

"Well, is it really important? I'm not all that tired, ya know."

His gaze met mine again as he walks towards me, placing his hands on my shoulders.

"You sure you have time?" Jacob asked me, his hot breath hitting my face, making me shiver.

"Yea, I can stay up a little longer."

I smiled, trying to ease the tension that quickly filled the room as his face neared mine. Without another word, he pulls me in for a hug. I wince, knowing that he has a lot of strength and that he crushes me every time he hugs me. I loosen up as I realized the gentleness of the hug. I rest my hands on his broad back, pressing my right cheek to his chest. One of his hands rests on my shoulder, while the other is running through my hair. I rubb his back, hoping to calm the feeling I felt rising inside me.

There was something about him holding me that made me all warm inside. Was it that he was my best friend? I thought that was the most reasonable explanation. After all, I love him like a brother…don't I?

I feel his hand leave my shoulder, taking me out of my thoughts. I look up at him, wondering what he's thinking. He looks back at me, his face nearing mine one more. The heat we are releasing is almost unbearable, but I stood my ground as if there was no heat at all. My concentration broke when I feel his lips press to mine. I fought the sensation to close my eyes, but temptation won me over. As my eyes drift closed, I watch him close his own eyes. My arms wrap around his neck, bringing him slightly closer to me. He smirks against my lips as he wrapps his arms around my waist.

The kiss is so gentle, kindling a fire within me. Our lips move against one another's, earning a sigh or two. I then feel his hand go under my shirt, just in the moment I chose to let off of the kiss for air. Jacob pulls away from me, but I wasn't going to have that. I place my hands on his arms, wrapping them back around my waist as a blush crawls across my face. I look into his eyes, smirking at the blush that accompanied his face as well. I then place one hand on either side of his face.

"Jacob, don't run away this time…" I whisper to him, bringing his face to mine to gently touch our lips together.

When he presses his lips to mine with more force, I wrap my arms around his neck again. The kiss started off slow, then the aggression in both of us finally came out, making me bite on his bottom lip on accident. I pull away, afraid to look him in the eye because of that.

"Do that again…" He whispers into my ear, making me inhale sharply.

I close my eyes and connect lips with him again, nibbling on his bottom lip. Jacob growls in want, in want for me, which fed the fire in me even more. The kiss turns hot once more, our lips crushing each others, our bodies molding. I pull away for air, leaving my neck exposed to Jacob. He took advantage of this, placing his lips to my pulse. I arch my back, pressing myself into him more. He smirks, sending butterfly kisses on my collar bone until he reached the top of my shirt.

"Bella, is it alright? We can stop…"

I hush him by placing my index finger to his lips.

"Go ahead. Just be gentle?" I plead, making both of us blush.

Jacob nods, standing me upright. His eyes lock with mine as his hands grip the end of my shirt, pulling it up ever so slowly. I grew impatient, and grab his hands lifting off my shirt in one sweet motion. Jacob was taken back by this moment for a minute, gazing upon my revealed flesh. Jacob then wraps me in his arms, holding my hands to his chest.

"My heart only beats for you, Bella. You are my…mate…" Jacob whispers into my ear, making me smile and snuggle into his chest.

"I feel the same, Jacob. It's Edward's fault that I've been so internally damaged."

A single tear falls down my cheek, catching Jacob's look of sadness. He leans in, sticking out his tongue to lick up the tear trail on my cheek, stopping to kiss my closed eye. I smile and kiss him again, his tongue lapping at my bottom lip as to ask for entrance. I comply, opening just a little. Jacob's tongue slid inside my mouth with ease, his tongue massaging mine. I moan into his mouth. He moans back. My hands then slide up his shirt, my fingers running over his washboard abs over and over again.

"Jacob…can I…" I couldn't finish, for Jacob pressed his lips to mine again.

"Take it off, Bella. Take it all off…" Jacob says to me, lifting his masculine arms into the air.

I scoop up the shirt in my hands and pull up, growling when I was too short to take it all the way off of him. Jacob chuckled as he grabs the end of his shirt and pulled off himself, his outstretched arms making his muscles move towards the ceiling. Jacob drops the shirt on the floor, resting his hands by his sides. I took in the image like never before, memorizing every detail with care.

The way his pecks poke out. His giant biceps and triceps. His gorgeous washboard abs. Then I noticed that he had no hair on his body except for his arms.

I walk closer to him, my hands outstretched. My hands come in contact with his chest, telling me that I am close enough. I run my hands over his pecks, neck, and broad shoulders. I then caress the back of his neck with my right hand, pulling him into a kiss so tender it made my knees weak. Good thing Jacob's arms are around my waist or I would've hit the floor by now. Jacob put more force into the kiss while one of his hands made circles across my belly. His hands work their way to my bra fasten, playing with it for a little while. I reach behind myself, breaking the kiss, and undo it, letting it hang off of my shoulders. Jacob took both straps into either hand, running his fingers across the sensitive skin of my arms as he slid the bra off. I grow embarrassed, covering myself with my arms.

"No, don't cover them…" Jacob protests, placing his hands on my arms.

Jacob then pulls my arms gently from myself, resting them at my sides. I blush as his gaze locks with mine, his hand resting in my hair. He pulls me close, my bare breasts warm against his bare abs. In an instant, we're on the bed.

I look into his eyes as he plants kisses all over me, coming to the brink of my pants. I nod and he takes them off, purposely dragging his fingertips on my legs as both my pants and my panties come off. Jacob is quick to return his lips to mine, knowing that I get embarrassed easily. I then reach the button on his pants and undo it, pulling down his zipper and removing them, along with his boxers.

"Bella, this will hurt. Are you sure?"

I nod, closing my eyes in pain as I feel him enter me. With one quick thrust, he breaks my virgin walls, making me cry out in pain. He quiets the cry with his mouth on mine, waiting patiently for the pain to subside. He tests me by moving just a little, making me moan involuntarily. He then thrusts into me over and over again, a coil forming in my stomach. With one final thrust, I close my eyes and moan loudly, feeling him reach his point with me.

"Bella, God I love you…" Jacob whispers into my ear as he covers me with my black blanket.

"And I love you, Jacob. I always will…" I respond, scooting into him more with my back to his chest.

He chuckles and wraps one monstrous arm around my waist, pulling me even closer to him as we both drift into sleep.


A/N Yay for BellaXJacob. That's one of my favorite pairings of the Twilight series, besides the obvious BellaXEdward, JasperXAlice, RosalieXEmmet and CarlisleXEsme. Please R&R to let me know if it was good or not!