To The Death

By: NejiUchiha

Jacob's POV

"Edward, where exactly do you want to die?" I ask as Edward leads me to La Push, Bella resting soundlessly in his arms.

"Well, Jacob, since you're the one that's going to die, I figured you'd like to meet your end where you met your beginning." Edward replies, to me, his face smooth yet menacing.

I kept my growl low in my chest as Edward's steps slowed to a stop. As I watched Edward set Bella on a pile of grass, his fingers absentmindedly tracing her arm as he stands to face me. Edward bows his head in my direction, what a gentleman usually does before a battle. I bow back, lifting my head quickly so that we can begin. Right as my eyes focus, I see Edward appear right in front of me. I jump back and swing at him, my fist connecting with his granite jaw. Edward's head snaps to the side, a trickle of blood running from the corner of his mouth. I start to feel my hand throb painfully as Edward wipes the blood away with the back of his hand, his eyes going black as he grabs my throat with his hand, lifting me into the air. I grab his hand with both of my own as an attempt to loosen his grip, but it only makes him tighten it. My head starts to feel like it's going to explode, my eyes feeling like they are popping out of their sockets.


My eyes close, the image of Bella replaying itself in my head. The night we first made love, her dark brunette hair scattered on my pillow as she moans my name.


I can almost hear the sweet call now.


The voice is more frantic now, like a distant scream.

My eyelids lift obediently, white blotches blocking most of my view. I'm able to see enough to register what is happening to me. Edward's stone-hard grip crushing my throat, his hand as cold as Death itself. My eyes shift to Edward's left shoulder, where I see Bella pulling at his shoulder, her hands practically clawing at him to get him to let go of me. A sudden burst of energy shot through me at the sight of my mate struggling to save me. My hands find their way to Edward's throat, squeezing of their own accord. As I feel his grip loosen, I remove my right hand from his throat, keeping his chin in place with my left hand still in place. I reel back my fist and swing it forward with all the strength left in me, my fist hitting him right square in the nose. Edward drops me to the ground as he staggers back, loosing his footing and falling backwards onto his ass. I gaze at my opponent, whose nose appears broken and bleeding from both nostrils. Bella kneels my me, her hands caressing my face and hair.

"Jacob…are you okay?" Bella asks, her face nearing mine.

I couldn't stop myself from leaning in and planting a kiss on her soft lips, an involuntary moan escaping my lips. I pull back and stare at her gorgeous features, her eyes red and slightly swollen, probably from crying. I stand up, Bella trying to support me with one hand on my chest, her free arm around my back grasping my waist on the other side. I stagger towards Edward, whom is still on his ass.

"Edward…you've lost her already. I care for Bella more than you ever could. I love her and she loves me, and there's nothing you can do to change that. I'll make sure you regret the day you hurt her, right here and now."

Edward's POV

I knew what was coming. I knew that as soon as he said those words, that I was going to die. As my last desperate act, I stare into Bella's deep brown eyes, my heart breaking at the sight of them. I let my eyes trace every contour of her. The way her hair fell past her shoulders in a dishelved wave of dark brown. Her flawless pale skin. Her soft, pink lips, which are slightly open as she intakes small breaths. My eyes fall onto the juncture where her neck meets her shoulders, that gorgeous piece of her that I nibbled so many a time. Her white nightgown, which gave her pale complexion a slight pink tint. Her long fingers, which were now covering her lips in a shocked manner. My eyes close as I concentrate, putting together a picture of Bella in my mind with those details. My breath hitches as I feel Jacob's hands on either side of my face. The warmth of his hands eases me, my heart racing as his thoughts enter my mind.

Edward, I know you can hear me. I promise you that I'll take care of Bella, to make her happy. I'm going to make this as quick as I can, so that Bella doesn't suffer any more than she already has. I'm sorry…

My eyes close, a single tear falling from my eye as Jacob's thoughts halt, a sickening crack ringing in my head as Jacob's hands jerk my head at an odd angle, my eyes going white for a brief moment behind my eyelids. Sand then…there was darkness…

Jacob's POV

After snapping Edward's neck, Bella's eyes welled up with tears.


Bella turns to me, her wet eyes meeting my own. She places her face in my chest, her tears soaking my white t-shirt. I run my fingers through her hair as I tell her that we have to burn him too. (A/N You'd know that if you read Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse!)

"I want to do it, Jacob, but you have to…take him apart…"

"Okay, but you need to turn around and not watch. I know that this is painful for you. It is for me too…but…"

"Just don't say anymore…please…"

"Alright, Bells…alright…"

After taking Edward apart, my eyes filled with tears, Bella picked up the limbs and, one-by-one, threw them into the fire that I started for her. When the deed was done, Bella and I held each other by the fire, watching the smoke from the flames carry Edward's spirit up to where he could rest in peace.

To Be Continued?

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