Welcome to the start of fanfic number five, The Wind Lord. As voted in BEMB this will be a Naruto/Hinata/Anko story. Don't worry about the age difference because, as a written, I control everything. Yes, Anko will be the same age as the rest of them. I do this mainly because I think it's wrong for people to be with other people twice their age. That's just wrong.

Anyways, there's going to be pieces from Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach in this story. Also, I might decide to bring in my other OC's, original jutsus, and other things that I have found that works. There will be other changes and so on.

Now, let's rock!


The date was October 10 in the village of Konoha. The day had started out like any other day would. The shinobi went along with their business and the villagers did their own things. Children laughed in the streets and the elders tried to tell them how life used to be. However, that all changed when the Kyuubi suddenly appeared in the village.

The key to that was suddenly. How did a very, very large nine tailed fox sneak up on a village of shinobi? Only two people thought of that and knew the answer. The first was Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage of the village. However, he couldn't tell anyone else for he had just sealed the giant beast into his own son.

The other was Uzumaki Kushina. She knew how the Kyuubi appeared because she had seen it once before when she was a little girl. As she lay in her hospital bed she remembered it well as it destroyed her homeland and left nothing but waste. But, her father had killed the one who summoned it. Or, at least, that's what it seemed.

Then she saw him. He stood before her dressed in black with pins and bolts in his skin to preserve his life. His left eye was closed while his right was opened to reveal his Sharingan. It was him. The man who summoned Kyuubi in Uzu no Kuni. The man that her father killed along with himself. Uchiha Madara.

"It took a long time to find you," he said as he sneered at her. "I never would have thought to come back home."

"If you are here to finish what you started you are too late," said Kushina with no hint of fear. "My son is safe."

"For the moment," replied Madara with an ice cold smile. "He is a helpless baby. Killing him will be a simple matter for me." Kushina then started to laugh and Madara looked confused. "Tell me, what's so funny?"

"You think you have won, but you have lost big time," said Kushina with a grin. "Minato has taken your Kyuubi away from you and at the same time made sure you won't kill my son."

"Impossible," declared Madara. "There is no way he could kill the Kyuubi."

"Whoever said that the Kyuubi is dead," said Kushina. "Minato has sealed him into our son. If he dies, the Kyuubi dies as well. And knowing him, Minato placed a few safe guards on the seal so that Naruto will one day be able to control the Kyuubi's power." Madara, having enough of this, raised his hand and slapped her. But, she only glared back at him in response as his Sharingan began to change.

"For this defiance you will suffer forever," he said as space and time began to warp around Kushina. "Believe me when I say forever. Where you are going time has no meaning. You will live forever with the knowledge that I will find away to get back the Kyuubi. And when I do, I will bring you back so you can watch as I rip it out of your son." Kushina scream as she was sent into the space and time warp, leaving behind nothing.

A few moments later the hospital doctors came into the room to see what the noise was. Inside, they found nothing.

The Hokage was informed of this at once and Sarutobi order a search of the entire village and the outlining villages as well. He knew she wasn't the type of person to abandon her child and there was no way she could leave since she had just given birth. Minutes turned into hours and hours turned to days and they found nothing. The Inuzuka clan had their dogs all over the place and found nothing. The Yamanaka clan probed the minds of several doctors and found nothing as well. Every inch of the village was search and all they found were a couple of kids smoking.

Despite this, Sarutobi never gave up hope. He believed that she was still out there somewhere. Until then, he would watch over Naruto and do his best to fulfill their last wishes. Yet something's are not so easily done. The council and the villagers believed that Naruto was the Kyuubi reborn and screamed for his blood. The shinobi wanted to turn him into a weapon. Sarutobi tried to talk some sense into them, but it went in one ear and out the other. In the end he was only able to pass a few laws that he thought would help give Naruto a chance with the next generation.


Years later, a nameless chunin entered his apartment after a long mission. He had just gotten back from an escort mission to Yuki no Kuni. While the mission was a bust, he had managed to get his hands on some scrolls. You see, the man they were escorting was a collector of jutsu scrolls and was looking for several new ones to add to his large collection that he always kept with him. Sadly, the local shinobi didn't like that at all. During the confusion the chunin was able to grab two random scrolls and make a break for it.

The chunin walked over to his kitchen table and sat down. He then reached into his bag and pulled them out. One had the Suna symbol on it while the other had the Yuki symbol on it. Deciding to open the Suna one first, he breaks the seal and began to read it.

"What the hell?" he shouted aloud. Inside the scroll were several wind jutsus that were C to B rank. There was a defensive one, and two offensive ones. He, on the other hand, was and earth user and had a harder time with jutsus that involved water and wind. Also, he was hoping for something more powerful to impressive everyone when he finally took the jonin exam. He set the scroll down and opened the other. This one held only Hyoton: Kokuryubo Fusetsu, an A rank jutsu. However, this jutsu used a lot of chakra and his two worst elements. In his frustration, he threw both the scrolls out his window.

Meanwhile, a five year old Naruto was outside looking through the trash for food. He had been living on his own for a few weeks since he had been kick out of the orphanage. He was given a weekly allowance to pay for his own food and stuff, but the villagers would only sell him stuff far worse than the stuff he was looking at now. Plus, they would take every dime he had.

Suddenly, he felt something hit him on the head. Two something's to be precious. Naruto rubbed the top of his head and saw the scrolls. He opened the first one and came to realize something. He didn't know how to read! Picking up both scrolls in his tiny arms, he ran off to the only person who would help him.

Sarutobi was in his office with his paper work when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," he said. A moment later he saw Naruto in a dirty oversized shirt and blue shorts holding two scrolls. "Ah, what can I do for you today Naruto?"

"Ojisan, could you read these scrolls to me," asked Naruto. "I think there stories because they have pictures."

The Hokage chuckled as he picked up the child and set him on his lap. He then opened the first scroll and then looked over at Naruto who was staring at him wide eyed, eager to hear a story.

"I'm sorry but these are jutsu scrolls," said Sarutobi. "Where did you get them?"

"I was looking for some food and they fell out of the sky," said Naruto as he waved his hands around. "They hit me on the head and it hurt. What's a 'jutsu'?"

Sarutobi sighed. No matter what he did, life didn't get better for the boy as he had hoped. The children mirrored the actions of the adults and began to hate Naruto for no reason. Even when he gave him his own place, things were difficult for him. Then, a thought entered his head.

"Well Naruto," he said at last. "They are really cool powers that shinobi have."

"What?" cried the boy. "That's not fair. I want powers too!"

"Oh, are you sure?" asked the Hokage innocently. "I mean there is a lot of work needed to become a shinobi. And, if you work hard enough, you become a Hokage like me."

"Really?" asked Naruto. He had seen how people treated the old man for a while. They would bow to him and say nice things. He always had nice clouting and a nice place to stay. He had always wondered why and if being a shinobi did that then it might work for him. "Ojisan, I want to become a shinobi."

"Well then," said the Hokage, "I'll have to make some arrangements for next year so you can go with other people your age. How does that sound?" The small boy only nodded in response. "Now, do you have any questions?"

"Ah, what kind of powe…I mean jutsus are on these scrolls?" asked the boy.

"Well this scroll here has Fūton jutsus and this one over here has a Hyoton," said Sarutobi. "Fūton jutsus are jutsus that use the wind while Hyoton jutsus use ice."

"I think I can understand the ice Ojisan," said Naruto as he remembered being hit by an icicle someone threw at him. "But wind is lame."

"Oh really," laughed the old man. "Well, do you know what a tornado is?" Naruto nodded. "What about a hurricane?" Again the boy nodded. "Well those are really powerful winds. With the right Fūton a shinobi can blow his opponent away, cut him to shreds, or create a powerful defense. In fact, I have heard that some people in Suna have been able to fly." Now this wasn't exactly true. In Suna, the most anyone has ever been able to do was glide with the use of a fan or make a more controlled fall. However, it's just easier to tell a five year old that they are flying.

"Cool," exclaimed Naruto. "Just you wait; I'll be flying in no time!"

"Hehe," chuckled the old man. "You're just like your mother." Sarutobi then realized that he had made a mistake. He shouldn't have told the boy about his mother.

"You knew my mother," asked the boy quietly. "Where is she? Did she leave me because I was bad?" Now this is why he didn't want to talk about that.

"No Naruto," said Sarutobi. "We don't know what happened to here. But I know for sure that she didn't choose to leave you. You were all she talked about before she disappeared and I knew she was excited to be a mother. It wasn't because of you." Naruto looked a little down so Sarutobi decided to do something special for him. He remembered reading in a magazine that children learn faster when they are younger and that it was better to start them on some things sooner rather than later. "Well Naruto, how about I give you a couple early lessons since."

"What kind of lessons Ojisan?"

"Just some chakra control lessons," he said. "It is very important and will help you later on. Now, I'll only show you these exercises and these exercises alone besides learning how to read. We can't have people thinking I'm playing favorites. Once you are done with these you will have to learn the rest on your own. Do you have any questions?"

"Only one Ojisan," replied Naruto. "What's chakra?" Sarutobi could tell this was going to be a long day.

Well, there's the opening. Hope you liked it!