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I was right. I said it in the past that the person who was claiming to be Madara wasn't really Madara. I just knew that something was going on and that he was just using Madara's name. I mean, if he was the real Madara then why was he always hiding his face? But it seems that the real Madara has an idea of who the fake Madara is. Also, does every bad guy now have the Rinnegan? It's starting to get a little old.

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Just a few minutes before Naruto-itoko match begins, thought Haku as she looked from the TV to the oven. I hope Ibiki-san's pie doesn't get too burnt. Or maybe that will help improve the flavor? Ever since the chunin exam a certain scared faced torture master had been ordering pies and cookies from Haku like crazy. Never before had anyone ever asked for so much of her home cooking before. And it was helping her pay her part of the rent!

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. With a sigh, Haku got up from her seat and went to the front of the apartment. She had been expecting Kiba again because he had been showing up nearly every day. Haku wasn't dumb and knew that he liked her and normally she would have been flattered by it all. However, he also showed signs of interest in Hinata in a way that was more than a teammate. Yet, when Haku opened the door she found herself looking at Gaara.

"Ah…hi," he said as he looked away.

"G-Gaara-kun, what are you doing here?" asked Haku nervously. It had been awhile since she had seen the sand using shinobi and had mixed feelings about him. Feelings even she didn't understand.

"Me and my siblings are in the village as part of a peace endeavor until a new Hokage is appointed," he said. "I asked around and found out that this is where both you and Naruto live. Is he home?"

"No," said Haku as she shook her head. "Naruto-itoko is right now in the Oni Tournament. If he wins first place he will became a chunin automatically."

"I see," said Gaara. "Then allow me to say what I need to say to you then and I'll be on my way." Haku said nothing, she simply nodded and a moment later Gaara was on his hands and knees bowing to her. "I'm sorry for what happened during the invasion. I was under orders to attack this village but what I did to you wasn't. I know that there is no way you'll forgive me for trying to kill you but I had to let you know how I felt. Because I…"

"Gaara-kun," said Haku softly as she interrupted Gaara. The red head looked up and saw Haku's smiling face. "Would you like to come in?"

"H-Hai," said Gaara with a smile as he got up. A minute or so later he found himself seated at a table near the TV with a plate of Haku's homemade cookies in front of him.

"So," said Haku as she sat down. "I'm a bit curious as to what you want to tell my cousin. I hope it's not something like you want a rematch or something."

"No," said Gaara. "I wanted to tell Naruto that I have decided to join the regular troops in my village. I know how they feel about me and that the villagers in general are afraid of me. I-I have always known that but have done nothing. And all that has happened has caused me pain. The only connecting I have had with others until now have been painful ones."

"Gaara-kun," whispered Haku.

"I want to forge a new path. I want to work hard and connect with others. And maybe one day I can be like him. My fight with your cousin opened my eyes to something new. He and I are so much alike. We were born with the same burdens and the same hatred. Yet he was the one who kept fighting to change people's opinions of him. He never gave up hope that one day he could be something more. I now know what I must do and the goal I to must set for myself. I plan on working hard so that I will be acknowledged by the people of Suna and become their Kazekage. And maybe, on that day, I will be seen as something precious to others." At that, Haku smiled.

"I see," she said. "But I don't think you'll have to wait until that day, Gaara-kun."

"What do you mean?" asked Gaara. But before he could get an answer, something happened on the TV that caught both of their attentions.

An explosion!


"What's going on here?" demanded Koto as she looked at the audience. Smoke hid most of the people from her view but she knew where it had originated from. Shion's seat! Then four figures suddenly jumped out of the smoke cloud. One of which, the one with six arms, was carrying Shion away!

"Hey," muttered Sechs, "those are Oto-nins. I recognize them from the footage of the Chunin exam. They were the ones who were helping Orochimaru when he fought the Hokage."

"Are you sure?" asked Naruto. Sechs looked at Naruto for a moment before he nodded. Unconsciously he tightened his fist. He hadn't been there to see that fight and didn't feel right asking others what had happened. Well, not yet anyways. But if those four shinobi had helped kill the old man then he was going to make sure whatever they were planning with Shion didn't happen. Who knew what they were going to do to her! "Then I have to go after them."

"You can't," said Koto. "According to the rules if you leave the arena then you are disqualified."

"Naruto, think about it," said Sechs as he moved over to Naruto's side. "Whatever happens to her isn't your concern. Look, everyone else here is fine and the guards are heading out." Sechs was right. At that moment all of Shion's body guards were moving out and ready to fight. But Naruto also noticed how slow they were going. He also noticed that none of them were shinobi. Naruto looked Sechs in the eye and then towards where Shion had vanished. Then, he looked down.

"Sechs I…" began Naruto. Sechs sighed.

"I thought this might be the case," said Sechs. "We can't have a proper rematch if your focus is elsewhere anyways. So that means there is only one thing to do." Naruto looked up at Sechs who was grinning wickedly. The same kind of smile that Naruto got whenever he planned an awesome prank. And Naruto understood exactly what Sechs had in mind. Without another word the two of them jumped with all their might and landed outside the arena at the same time! They then began to race off as two people from the stands began to follow them.

"Ah Koto," said Juri nervously. "How are we going to call this one?"


"Let me go!" scream Shion as she tried to kick her way out. She had no idea what was going on or why. Also, she was confused. If her life was in danger she should have had a vision. So why hadn't she seen this coming or seen someone else dying while protecting her from them?

"Shut the fuck up," swore Tayuya.

"That's not very lady like Tayuya," said Jirōbō.

"Can it fatso," growled Tayuya.

"Shut up you two," said Sakon. The two quickly fell silent and turned their attention towards him. Shion took this to mean that this guy was the leader. "We seem to have some trash following us."

"That might not be so bad," said Kidōmaru with a smirk. "We have some time before Orochimaru is done with that Tsunade lady, right? We might as well have some fun killing some level one trash."

"I'll go," said Jirōbō. "I could use a snack anyways."


"Naruto-kun, are you sure this is a good idea?" asked Hinata as she jumped from tree to tree.

"Why not," said Anko with a smirk. "We have been on the side lines for too long. Might as well have a little fun!"

"But this is dangerous," insisted Hinata as she looked at the backs of Naruto and Sechs. "These are people who work for Orochimaru and we have no idea where Tsunade and Jiraiya are."

"I know this is dangerous," said Naruto. "And I know this isn't a mission. But what I do know is that this Orochimaru person wants Shion for some reason otherwise he wouldn't have sent those guys to get her. I know I can't stand up to him but I might be able to mess up whatever he's planning and save Shion."

"And why are you doing this Sechs?" asked Anko. "I mean, you have no real reason to mess with Orochimaru. And we are from different villages so if we die then that's good for your village, isn't it?" Sechs snorted.

"Don't take like you know everything," said Sechs. "I came here and entered this tournament for one reason and one reason alone: to have a rematch against Naruto. And if he goes and dies before that happens then I'll never get that. I'll never know if I can defeat him the second time around and surpass my former self. So I'll help you guys out for the sake of that day." He then turned his head to look at Naruto. "But let's get one thing straight. You owe me big time!"

"Don't worry," said Naruto as he gave Sechs a thumbs up. "I promise we'll have our rematch."

"I don't think you'll be able to keep that promise," said a voice a head of them. The next thing they knew a heavy man with orange hair shot towards them in a Superman like pose. It was aimed at Hinata, but Sechs got in the way and caught the guy's fist in his metal hand. Sechs then tightened his grip and pulled the orange haired man towards the ground.

"Sechs!" yelled Naruto as he stopped and turned around. Down on the ground the dust was beginning to settle from their landing. Sechs and his opponent had landed on their feet and then jumped back to get some distance from each other.

"Don't worry about me," said Sechs with a grin. "I'll make quick work of this lard ass."

"What did you say?" yelled the orange haired man.

"You sure?" asked Naruto.

"Just go," said Sechs. He then looked up and gave Naruto a small smile. "I intend to keep up my end of our promise." Naruto said nothing; he simply nodded and went on his way along with Hinata and Anko.

"Pathetic," said the orange haired man. "Looks like as a leader he's nothing but trash for leaving you behind to face your death. I, Jirōbō of the Sound Four, shall end your life here and then kill the rest of them." Sechs narrowed his one good eye.

"If you think you can then do it," said Sechs.

"My pleasure," said Jirōbō as he made several hand signs. He then yelled out, "Doton Kekkai: Dorō Dōmu!" Sechs didn't make a move as he was trapped inside a dome of earth. Jirōbō then placed both of his hands on the dome and prepared to drain Sechs of his chakra. Then, the chakra within the dome vanished which surprised him. The next thing he knew was that he was pierced by the Titan Blade. Slowly he turned his head to glare at Sechs who was giving him a bored look. "How?"

"A simple combination of the kawarimi and bushin," said Sechs. Jirōbō's eyes widened. He tried to think of a time when he could have used those two jutsus and then it hit him. When they landed there was all that dust, it was the perfect time! Sechs then withdrew his blade from Jirōbō and then turned around. "You must be the weakest. Damn, I was hoping that I'd get more of a challenge from you. But you're so lame you're not even worth using any real jutsus." And with that he folded up the Titan Blade, placed it on his shoulder, and began to walk away.

Jirōbō placed a hand on his wound as he turned around. His face was twisted into a snarl. How dare he! How dare this nothing, this trash look down upon him. He was one of Orochimaru's chosen few! Rage flowed through him with the force of a raging stream. It burned within him with the fury and heat of molten lava. His body began to change. His hair turned into a long mane and his skin turned red. He got up and charged at Sechs who did not turn around or stop. But, when Jirōbō was about to strike at Sechs with a powerful blow to the head, Sechs spun around to avoid the attack as well as to counter attack with a metallic punch to the face. Jirōbō fell backwards from the blow with his eyes shut. He could feel that his nose was broken and the blood running down his face.

"Damn you," cursed Jirōbō as he opened his eyes. He then gulped for Sechs had activated his arms transformation and turned it into a gun. A gun aimed right at Jirōbō's head.

"You don't know when to stay down," said Sechs. "I was going to let you just walk away, but it seems like that was a mistake." And with that a beam of highly pressurized water shot out of Sechs' arm and pierced Jirōbō's skull.

"I see you already took care of that piece of trash," said a voice over to the side. Sechs turned around and saw a white haired teen dressed in a similar fashion to the late Jirōbō. Something in Sechs stirred at the sight of this person. A sense of danger mixed with worry. Whoever this person was, Sechs knew that he was strong.

"And who might you be?" asked Sechs as his arm turned back to normal. The teen said nothing at first. He simply reached over to his shoulder as a bone seemed to pop out. He grabbed it and pulled it out all the way to reveal that it was shaped like a dagger.

"I am the former leader of the Sound Four," said the teen. "My name is Kimimaro and in the name of Orochimaru-sama I shall defeat you and all others who stand in his way."


"I see them," called out Naruto as he and the two girls had caught up with the remainder of the Sound Four.

"What the hell," swore Tayuya. "That fat ass only took out one of the little shit?"

"Oh well," said Kidōmaru. He then tossed Shion over to Sakon who caught her with ease. "Looks like we'll have to handle this ourselves. It will be game over for them soon enough." And with that, both he and Tayuya turned around and began to head towards Naruto and his group. Anko yelled out "Sen'eijashu!" as several snakes shot out of her sleeve and wrapped around Tayuya. Anko then proceeded to drag the other girl west of the group. Naruto managed to jump over Kidōmaru and when he turned around to pursue the blond he found Hinata blocking his path.

"Don't worry about these guys Naruto-kun," said Hinata as she got into her stance. "We'll handle them while you get the priestess."

"Thanks Hinata-chan," said Naruto. "I owe you a date after this." At that, Hinata's face went beat red.

Naruto continued to chase Sakon until they came to a clearing. When they got there, Sakon stopped and turned around. Naruto noticed that they were far from alone. He could see Shizune, Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya. There was also someone else there fighting Shizune but Naruto couldn't make him out. But what he could tell was that Tsunade wasn't helping Shizune fight nor was she helping Jiraiya fight Orochimaru. And near Tsunade was an odd barrel a little bigger than he was.

"I think it's time to end this chase," said Sakon. "And when I'm done with you I will assist Orochimaru-sama. You might have had a chance while you were all together, but facing me alone has guaranteed your death."

"Oh shut up," said a voice behind Sakon. Naruto blinked unsure about who said that. Then, the body on Sakon's back began to move as they dropped Shion. The head turned to face Naruto.

"Would you be quiet Ukon," said Sakon. "I can handle this so just go back to your nap."

"No because you'll just waste time," said Ukon as he stepped out of his twin brother. "We have wasted too much time with this trash already. Let's just get this over with!" And with that he charged at Naruto who prepared to block the attack. But what happened next shocked Naruto, instead of hitting him, Ukon began to merge with him.

"What the hell?" yelled Naruto.

"This is our kekkei genkai," said Ukon. "It allows us to merge with others at the molecular level." But then, just as his left arm had merged into Naruto, the unexpected happened. Ukon felt a presence and a chakra like he had never felt before. It felt like it was roaring at him and pushing him out! Then, all of a sudden, Ukon was sent flying backwards and landed on his back. "What the hell are you?"

Naruto blinked, unsure of what had just happened. One moment his opponent was trying to merge with him and then he's flung backwards. Naruto didn't know how or why, but none of that mattered.

"I'm the guy who's going to kick your ass! Sempuken!"





The Game of Life (part) 1

It was a rainy day in Konoha. The girls had planned on having a girls night out by going to the movies or something but it was pouring too hard. Now Ino, Temari, Tenten, Hinata, and Anko were all stuck at Anko's house. And to make matters worse, the power was out.

"So what do you girls want to do?" asked Tenten.

"Not much we can do," said Temari. "It's worse than a sand storm out there."

"Well I guess we can play a board game," said Anko as she finished lighting the candles. She then walked over to a closet and began to inspect what she had. "Let's see here. We can't play Disney's Scene It because we don't have any power. I'm missing some pieces from Clue… how about The Game of Life?"

"I guess," said Hinata as she began to clean off Anko's dirty table to make room for the game. "I just hope the game is as exciting as our real lives." Then a powerful wind blew everything off the table before Hinata had a chance to fully clear it. She then turned around to see Temari had pulled out her giant fan. But she remained in a battle position.

"The red cars mine," she hissed.