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Now, on with my rant! Normally I rant on what's going on Naruto, but I'm not going to do that this time. Nope. I'm not going to talk about how I think Sasuke will get the forth level of his Susanoo from a paper cut or anything like that. Instead I want to talk about Jay Naylor. For those of you who have no idea who I'm talking about Jay Naylor is an internet comic artist that for the most part I like. His work in both Better Days and Original Life are very funny and enjoyable. I look forward to reading them whenever a new issue comes out with the same feeling I get with Naruto, Bleach, and Looking for Group.

However, despite this, I have seen one thing about his work that has continued to bug me. It's his views on religion and religious people. He just makes them all seem so…bad. Religious parents seem to be these over controlling jerks who care nothing for their children's happiness and just want them to marry people who have the same faith. Other times, the religious people are unfaithful and the religious leaders give poor advice. And then there was the muffin arc. It starts off with this girl who wants free muffins from this kid who is selling them for 75 cents apiece. The thing is that she wrote several negative articles about him and threatens that she might write more if he doesn't give her the muffin. Yet the guy stands his ground, thus refuses to give her any. She gets all huffy and then finds out from some bullies that the kid has a body guard who thinks he's a superhero. So she manipulates the superhero and it all leads up to a riot causing the muffins being destroyed so no one gets them. Her friends are pissed off at her because now they can't enjoy those tasty muffins anymore and that they weren't hurting anyone. So the girl says calmly that she was having a religious experience. According to her, a religious experience can only be felt when a person is controlling the mindless masses. Now that pisses me off. I get that everyone has their own beliefs and I respect that. Maybe he had a bad experience with religion, I don't know. I just wish that he didn't make everyone who has faith seem like a horrible person.

Wow, that was a long rant. Well, I hope you're all ready for this chapter. It's loaded with story and special features!

Let's rock!


Sakon and Ukon managed to dodge Naruto's first Sempuken. While they were spared from the full force of the jutsu, they were however thrown back several dozen yards by the powerful winds it created. As they readied themselves they saw that Naruto was hovering over the large crater that he had just created. Most likely the first of many in this fight. Off to the sidelines Shion was watching like her life depended on it. Well, actually, it did.

"Crap," yelled Sakon. "If that attack hits us we're dead."

"Then we make sure it doesn't hit us," replied Ukon as he activated his cursed seal mark. His twin nodded and activated his seal mark as well.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock and surprise. He had never seen anything like this before except in an anime or a manga. But if it worked in the same way then that meant that their abilities had become stronger. They might even have gained new powers as well! Taking a deep breath, Naruto paused to take in the situation. He was facing two strong opponents who had unusual abilities. They seemed to be able to merge with each other and had tried to merge with him. What it would have done to him Naruto had no idea. But for some reason it had failed and they were confused, like it had never happened before. He knew this worked in his favor. Right now seemed like the best time to attack before they managed to merge back together.

With a grin and a plan, Naruto began to spin his arm around and yelled "Sempuken!". He then flew at the twin brothers at full speed. Seeing the attack, and knowing the power behind it, Sakon and Ukon decided to play defense. They bit their thumbs, made the hand signs for a summoning, and then together yelled "Kuchiyose: Rashōmon!". This resulted in the summon of a giant gate which the two of them hid behind. They both waited for several seconds but heard nothing. No explosion of the Sempuken as it hit the gate. No cry of anguish from the blond.

"Hey baka's," came Naruto's voice from above. Sakon and Ukon both looked up to see Naruto standing at the top of the gate. "Did you both really think I couldn't stop in time to avoid hitting this thing or that I wouldn't try? I'm really offended here! Who is stupid enough to try and plow through the enemy's defenses when he could just go around it or above it?" Back in Konohagakure, Kiba sneezed.

"Baka!" yelled Shion who was watching the fight from the sidelines. "You should have continued your attack. Don't announce your presence to the enemies like that! What kind of shinobi are you?"

"Wow," said Naruto as he scratched his head in embarrassment. "You're right, I should have done that." Just then Sakon and Ukon were both grabbed from behind. The two brothers turned their heads around to see that they had been grabbed by Naruto's Kage Bushin's. "Oh wait, I did." A moment later Sakon and Ukon realized that they were wrong about what kind of clones had grabbed them as they exploded. When the smoke cleared all Naruto could see were the remains of what used to be two logs. Naruto stared at the remains with wide eyes as Sakon and Ukon appeared on opposite side of the gate. They both charged at Naruto with their kunai's in hand, positioned to kill. Naruto saw this however and took to the sky to avoid the attack, but both brothers threw their weapons at him. Seeing this, Naruto pulled out the Raijin, deflecting them.

"This could take awhile," said Ukon as he looked over at his brother.

"Then lets finish up with this trash quickly before Orochimaru-sama gets mad," replied his brother.

"Trust me," said Naruto as he got their attention. "The snake teme is the least of your worries."


Hinata dodged another one of Kidōmaru's attacks as she jumped from tree to tree. Besides having a couple extra arms he also seemed to be able to create weapons as well as webs from a substance that came out of his mouth. For a moment, Hinata couldn't help but think of a certain weapon mistress of their age group who would love an ability like that. Yet, on second thought, it did seem a little gross.

"You're good at running away," taunted Kidōmaru as he landed on a branch near her. Yet despite his taunt, he was a bit confused. He had heard a lot about the Hyuuga fighting style and had even seen it several times before. But, from what he had seen thus far in this fight, this girl had a completely different fighting style. Then he remembered a meeting the Sound Four had with Kabuto before the mission began. He had his special cards out and was showing them information on several shinobi he believed would try to interfere with their mission.

"This one's name is Shihōin Hinata," said Kabuto as he held up a card. "As you can tell by her eyes she has the Byakugan, normally held within the Hyuuga clan alone. However, at a young age she was deemed a failure and then she was kicked out of her clan. She was recently adopted by the Shihōin clan and possesses high speed attacks." Kabuto began to go more into depth about Hinata's abilities, but Kidōmaru wasn't listening. She was a weakling that her own clan didn't want so why should he bother to remember what pathetic skills she did have. And now he was staring right at her with a wicked smile on his face.

"Kabuto told me about you," said Kidōmaru causing Hinata to pause in shock. "Just another piece of trash that got kicked out of her own clan."

"So what if I am?" demanded Hinata as she kept her guard up. She did her best not to show it, but inside she was worried. Her opponent had mentioned Kabuto. Could it have been the Kabuto she met at the chunin exams? And if it was, did they force the information out of him or did he tell them willingly? If he had been forced then that would mean that the village would have to try looking for him or his corpse. But, if he had given the information willingly then that meant he was a traitor. Hinata mentally shook her head to cancel out these thoughts so she could focus on the matter at hand.

"You are trash aren't you?" said Kidōmaru. "I knew you couldn't be much of a threat, being a mere genin, but now that I know that you're even less threatening than before. This is going to be one boring game."

Hinata said nothing. He's just trying to rattle you, she told herself. He wants you to get angry and rush in without thinking. Time to show him what you can really do!

Kidōmaru frowned as Hinata continued to stare at him. The girl hadn't taken the bait. Then he watched as Hinata's body flickered for a moment before it appeared right in front of him. His eyes widened in shock as the pale eyed girl delivered a powerful dropping axe kick that connected with his left shoulder. As Kidōmaru yelled in pain, Hinata vanished once more using the shunpo to land on the ground and then used the momentum to deliver a more powerful round house kick. Kidōmaru was sent flying through the air until he crashed into a tree. Dust covered his form and, despite knowing that the power of that kick should have been enough to break nearly all his ribs while doing serious internal damage, Hinata stayed in her ready position for any possible counter attacks he might pull.

"Not bad," said Kidōmaru as the dust cleared. Now his body was covered by the same golden substance she had seen him use earlier to make his weapons. Hinata tightened her fists as the armor cracked to reveal that Kidōmaru was fine. "My Kumo Nenkin doesn't just come from my mouth but my sweat as well. When it makes contact with air it hardens instantly to form weapons or, like you just saw, armor. I have to admit that your last attack was slightly impressive. I never would have thought that trash would have forced me to use the Nenkin no Yoroi. Looks like I'll have to bring my game to the next level!" With that said Kidōmaru jumped up into the air and landed onto a nearby branch. Hinata saw this and used her shunpo to appear on the same branch. She planned on using one of her powerful kicks at full speed, but Kidōmaru had already pulled out a flash tag which he threw towards the girl. Hinata jumped away from the branch and tried to deactivate her Byakugan, but it was too late. A blinding light filled the area and with her Byakugan activated the effect was twice as powerful. In her shock and panic, Hinata missed the branch she had been aiming for and fell towards the ground, landing hard on the ground.

Hinata found it hard to get up. Her entire body hurt from the fall. She opened her now normal eyes to see that her vision was full of spots. This caused her to let out a sigh of relief. Considering how close the tag had been while her Byakugan had been activated, it could have blinded her for life.

Out in the distance, Kidōmaru had activated the first level of his cursed mark. He had thought that he wouldn't have needed it in this fight but the girls close ranged attacks were simply too powerful. As he watched Hinata try to stand up the six armed shinobi pulled out an arrow from his mouth and then proceeded to create a bow. Once that was done Kidōmaru smirked while taking aim.

Hinata struggled to stand due to the pain. Everything hurt. It was starting to fade, but slowly. She managed to take a step forward just as a golden arrow grazed her side. She nearly fell down but stopped herself as her hand flew down to cover the wound.

Hinata knew she had gotten lucky. She also knew that it was unlikely that her opponent would miss like that a second time. Her eyesight was still spotty, but she didn't think she could find him even with her Byakugan. He was most likely out of its range. Right now she had three options. The first would be to surrender. If she did that then she would either be killed or taken to Orochimaru to be used in his experiments. The second option was to use her shunpo to get away as fast as possible. But if she did that then Kidōmaru would do one of two things. He would either chase her or go and help his teammates. If he gave chase and caught up with her then she would have nothing left to fight with. If he went to go help his teammates then there would be a greater chance that Naruto or Anko would be defeated. So running away was not an option. This left her with her third choice which was to stand her ground and fight. And if she was going to that then she needed to take a very big risk.

Kidōmaru, from his hiding space, activated the second level of his cursed seal. The extra eye it provided gave him greater accuracy. Once that was done he created one of his special arrows that could plow through the trees and, just for good measure, attached webbing to the end of it to allow him greater control of the arrows path. As he prepared to fire he noticed that the girl was just standing there with her eyes closed. She must have given up, he thought. Too bad for you because this is game over! And with that he let his arrow fly. The arrow went at an incredible speed and didn't lose any momentum even after going through several trees. Kidōmaru watched with glee as it pierced the girl's chest and hit the ground behind her.

But this expression didn't last long. A look of confusion had replaced it as Hinata's body vanished leaving behind only her jacket. While Kidōmaru was trying to process this Hinata appeared in front of him, aimed for the middle of his chest, and yelled out with all her might "Shunkō!". The force of the attack was powerful enough to destroy many of the trees in the area, snapping them with the ease of a twig.

Hinata was panting hard as she struggled to stay standing. My chakra is nearly gone, she thought as she placed a hand to cover a small wound on her chest. Slowly the smoke and dust clearing showing that Kidōmaru was still standing and had used his Nenkin no Yoroi once again. Yet even his most powerful defense could not protect him from Hinata's most powerful attack for there was a large hole in the middle of his chest.

Looks like this is game over for me, he thought. Never thought she could move that fast. She must have been focusing on her sense of touch and then used that weird substation jutsu at the very last second. Kidōmaru then noticed Hinata fight to remain standing. Despite the numbness he felt as he began to die a smile appeared on his lips.

"Looks like it's game over for the both of us," he said just before the darkness overtook his mind. If he had been able to stay alive a few seconds longer he would have been able to see Hinata fall off the branch and fall head first towards the ground.


"Man, you two are annoying," said Naruto. Before him were the twins who were looking like they had seen better days. Breathing heavily, they stood in their level two forms that reminded Naruto of spiky armor. As for him there were a few cuts here and there but nothing that serious. This is getting me nowhere, he thought. Looks like I'll have to ask for some help or else I'll be here all night. Naruto then proceeded to bite his thumb, make a few hand signs, and yell out "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!". White smoke surrounded him which hid him from sight. But once it cleared the twins could see that he was no longer alone. On his back was a bright blue salamander whose body was nearly the same length as Naruto's, but very thin and frail looking. It also had a long white beard that went down to the blond's hip. Slowly the salamander began to look around as if it were confused.

"Ah, Naruto-kun?" it said in an ancient voice. "Are you in trouble or something?"

"Something like that," replied Naruto as he pointed at the two in front of him. "I just need some advice on how to deal with these two baka's quickly." The old salamander looked at the two who were preparing for an attack. But none came for all the salamander did was whisper in Naruto's ear. Once it was finished, Naruto made a sign before yelling "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Smoke filled the area and when it cleared the two Oto-nins found themselves surrounded by a single ring of Naruto's. But this was only part one of the plan the salamander had thought of. Next, all of the Naruto's yelled out "Fūton: Daitoppa!". The powerful winds that this jutsu created from each clone forced the two into the center of the ring were the felt like they were being compressed. In an effort to relieve some of the pain Sakon and Ukon merged together so that they could heal themselves. However this seriously drained their chakra to the point where they had barely anything left. A few more moments later the two were tossed high into the air due to the force of the wind only to land with a very large thud.

Before they landed, Naruto had already dispelled his clones as well as his summons. He then flew into the air to check on them from a nice safe distance. It wasn't that he didn't trust the old salamander, who was a master strategist; it was just a precaution in case they had some life still in them. And as far as he could tell the two were knocked out cold. If they didn't have any internal bleeding or anything that could kill them then Anko could pump them for information. But before he went to get Anko, Naruto knew he had to check on Shizune, Tsunade, and that barrel. With that in mind he flew over towards Shion and landed.

"Come on," he urged. Together they began to run in the direction of the others.

"Wait a moment," said Shion once she realized where they were running to. "Shouldn't we be running back?"

"Anko-chan, Hinata-chan, and Sechs might still be fighting," said Naruto. "If we go that way there is a chance that'll you be targeted. Besides I have a feeling that this is the way we should be going." Shion gulped silently. This place looked a lot like her vision and, if it was the place, then that meant that Naruto was running towards his death.


Anko jumped from branch to branch as she avoided her enemy's attacks. Following her were Tayuya's Doki, three monstrous zombie-like creatures. The biggest of the three was bald with many scars coving its forehead. It wore only dark pants and a blindfold while tied on to both arms were three claws that it could use as weapons. The second wore green armor and used a giant iron club as his weapon. Its face was completely hidden from view due to its long black hair. The third and final one had his head upside down while its upper body was covered in bandages. Also, sticking out from the bandages were several long needles. Tayuya was in the distance, playing her flute for reasons unknown to Anko.

Anko had her Urumi out, ready for it to taste her enemy's blood. The bald Doki charged at her first, but she avoided the attack and launched her own. It missed the big guy but that wasn't her target, it was the one with the giant club. As the blade got closer to him the melody that Tayuya was playing in the distance changed slightly. Anko's eyes widened as the creature used his club to block the attack sending her blade upward. Yet with a flick of her wrist she sent the blade back downwards towards the creatures shoulder. Once again there was a slight change in the melody and the Doki jumped back before the blade hit.

Anko gritted her teeth as she was forced to jump backwards to avoid the bald ones attack as the song Tayuya played changed slightly. Suddenly, from above her, was the one with the club ready to strike. Anko made several hand signs before yelling "Tetsu Hakari!" Scales appeared on her arms as she raised them to block the attack. The club struck her with enough force to break a normal humans bones, yet the scales were strong enough to take most of the damage. However the force of the attack sent Anko down to the ground where the mummy man was waiting. As soon as she landed he kicked her hard sending right into the trunk of the nearest tree.

Anko let out a curse as she slowly got back to her feet. Ok, it's official. I really, really hate this bitch. Just then the other two Doki landed on the ground next to the mummy one. Not wanting to take all of them on at once Anko threw down a smoke bomb and vanished.

"Trying to run away?" said Tayuya aloud to no one in particular. "Not like it will help. I'll hunt you down and present your corpse for Orochimaru-sama." With that, she brought the flute back up to her lips and began to play once more. Upon hearing the song the three Doki jumped into the air and began to head in three different directions.

Anko watched this from a hiding spot up in the trees. Well this isn't hard to figure out. She's controlling those things with the sound of her flute. Get rid of the flute and those things are done for. At least I hope so. Worst case they might start to run wild, attacking everything in sight. Anko paused for a moment as she considered her options. Right now the Doki were all over the place, apart for each other. Tayuya as still out in the open playing on her flute. Right now the best she could do was rush the opponent.

Anko raced out of her hiding spot at full speed as she began a series of hand signs. Tayuya spotted her and order her Doki to intercept her. Once she was in range Anko yelled out "Dokueki Tsuba no Jutsu!" sending out several sphere's of purple liquid at the red head. Tayuya, knowing that her Doki wouldn't be able to reach her in time, leapt to the right to avoid the attack. She then turned to her to look at the area she had been standing on to find that the area's where the sphere's had hit had melted away.

That shit is going to be a fucking problem, thought Tayuya as she began to play on her flute again. Anko yelled out "Dokueki Tsuba no Jutsu!" once more sending out several more poisonous sphere's towards Tayuya. The attack would have worked however the Doki with the club used his weapon to block the attack. As his weapon melted before her eyes, the other two flew towards Anko on both her left and right. Seeing that she had missed her chance, Anko twisted her body around so that her back was facing Tayuya. She raised her arm towards a branch and yelled out "Sen'eijashu!" Snakes shot out of her sleeve and wrapped around the branch. Moments later she was being pulled away from the Doki and towards the branch as her snakes began to retract.

Not bad bitch, thought Tayuya. But your still shit compared to me! Tayuya then changed the melody on her flute. As she did her Doki began to open their mouths as ghost like worms began to come out. One of the worms managed to touch Anko's leg as she got away. The affect was immediate as she felt some of her strength vanish.

"Crap!" yelled Anko as she landed on the branch. Once her snakes were fully retracted into her sleeve she began to jump from branch to branch in order to avoid the Doki. It only touched me for a second. If it had been any longer I might not be able to move this fast. Or perhaps not at all! Anko knew she was in trouble. Not only were the Doki strong, fighting them at close range was even more deadly as long as they had those worms coming out of their mouths. Not to mention that Tayuya was somehow controlling them with music. How she was doing that, Anko had no idea. It was like fighting a more dangerous version of Kin

Still, that didn't mean that she was out. She had learned a lot from Ibiki-sensei. Not just torture and interrogation, but strategy as well. She knew what Tayuya could do as well as all the combinations of jutsus she could use. She needed one that would get her up close to Tayuya and then another to kill her quickly. After going through several idea's only one seemed to had the best chance for victory. It was also the craziest, even by her standards. But it didn't change the fact that it was her best chance and she was going to take it. So, after taking a deep breath, Anko bit her thumb.

Tayuya watched her surroundings like a hawk. There was no sign of Anko, but she knew that the purple haired kunoichi was still in the area and would try to attack her again. But this time, Tayuya would make sure that she didn't get away.

Suddenly, Tayuya spotted movement on the forest floor. It was Anko making another mad dash towards the tree Tayuya was on. Rookie mistake bitch, thought Tayuya as she sent her Doki towards her prey. As they fell down towards her Anko yelled out "Dokugiri!" She then exhaled a large cloud of purple smoke blanketed the forest floor. Moments later the Doki landed in the cloud, but could not see a think. Nor could Tayuya from her position. Shit, I can't see a fucking thing. No matter, she can't stay in there forever. It will either fade or she'll come out on her own shitty free will. Maybe I should summon my Doki over her so that their not just standing ideally by and can protect me better. Before Tayuya could do that, she heard Anko yell out "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Then, from out of the purple cloud came a large blue snake heading right for the foul mouthed red head. Acting quickly Tayuya ordered her own summoned creatures to attack.

Once they heard the order, the three Doki jumped out of the poison and surrounded their prey. The big bald one attacked the snake's back with his claw like weapon while the other two went with punches and kicks on the reptiles sides. As they did this the ghost worms were also hard at work as they drained the snakes strength. By the time Anko's summon was ¾ of the way to Tayuya it opened its mouth to let out a screech of pain from having the scales on its back being ripped apart. As it did, however, it also let Anko out of its mouth with her weapon in hand. Anko swung, sending her whip like blade towards Tayuya's chest. Acting more on instinct, Tayuya lowered her flute to block the attack. After all, it was a special flute that was stronger than nearly all other flutes out there. Sadly for her, Anko's blade not only pierced it but also her chest as well.

Tayuya dropped both parts of her now useless weapon in order to pull out the Urumi, but Anko reached her first. In a flash Anko had knocked her against the trunk and brought their palms together. She then forced them both to make a certain hand sign together that made Tayuya's eyes widen in fear.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" yelled Tayuya. "We'll both die!" Anko grinned wickedly.

"As long as I take you down, I don't give a damn," she said coldly. "Sōjasōsai no Jutsu!" From Anko's sleeve came two snakes that bit both girls' wrists, injecting them with a very deadly poison. Yet as Anko fell Tayuya turned into mud.

"Stupid bitch," said the foul mouthed Oto-nin as she came out of her hiding place. "Should have made sure that was the real fucking thing." She was about to leave, but stopped and looked at Anko's corpse. For a half second she stared at Anko before her eyes fell on Anko's weapon. Deciding to take it as a trophy, Tayuya walked over to the weapon. As she bent to pick it up she heard a sizzling sound coming from Anko body. Tayuya lifted up Anko's trench coat to find it full of active exploding tags.

The explosion was both quick and powerful not only destroying the branch they had been fighting on but most of the tree as well. Jumping out of the smoke was Tayuya, now in her level two form. She had several burn marks on her body and her clothing had several holes in it, but she was alive. That bitch! Tayuya screamed in her head. She was going to kill us both and then blow up both our dead bodies. Wait, why would some piece of shit like her do something like that? And use that many exploding tags? Three of four would have done the job, but there had to be a couple dozen in there. Did she think that I might survive her first attack and planned accordingly or some shit like that? And if she thought there was even a chance that I could, why the hell would she fucking use that first jutsu?

Just then, Anko appeared behind Tayuya with a kunai in hand. In a swift and powerful motion she stabbed the Oto-nin right side. Tayuya screamed in pain and anger as she swung her arm at Anko. The attack hit, sending Anko flying towards the ground. After she landed on her stomach, she tried to get up but found she couldn't due to using far too much of her charka. I knew this might happen, she thought. Naruto-kun did warm me that the kage bunshin uses a lot of charka. Not to mention all my other jutsus as well as charging up all those exploding notes.

When Tayuya landed, she couldn't help but smirk at Anko's current state. Despite all of her planning she still ended up in this position looking utterly pathetic. She probably didn't even have enough charka to stand, let alone fight.

"I'm going to fucking enjoy this," said Tayuya as she pulled out a kunai of her own. She then slowly walked over to Anko's body in an attempt to increase the girls fear and panic. She wanted her to cry. She wanted her to beg for her life. Not that she would give it anyways. Yet, Anko said nothing as she stared at Tayuya.

Once Tayuya was over Anko's body, she bent down and grabbed the girl by her hair. Once she did, however, a grey snake came out of Anko's mouth and bit the red heads arm before going poof. Tayuya stared wide eyed at Anko as her body began to tremble and her breathing quickened in fear. Then, all around her the world began to melt. Tree's, birds, Anko, and even Tayuya's body all seemed to be melting together.

"That was close," said Anko softly while still on the ground. She managed to move her head and saw that Tayuya was also lying on the ground with her mouth open as drool was dripping out. "Hey, can you hear me? That snake that bit you has a very interesting venom. It's a hallucinogen that feeds on your chakra. Think of it as a chemical genjutsu that you can only escape by having it drained from your body. The problem is that it takes time for my summon to build up the poison. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take a little nap." And with that, Anko closed her eyes as a shadow fell over her body.


Sechs and Kimimaro continued to stand in the same place for a while now. Neither one had moved an inch since they had meet. But both had their weapons ready for battle. Sechs had his Titan Blade ready while Kimimaro had pulled out a bone dagger from his shoulder. Both were gauging the other and deciding on what to do first.

Just then a buggy came by with Juri and a camera crew, ready to film everything.

"Do I really have to do this?" whined Juri.


"Hey baa-chan," yelled Naruto as he and Shion made their way to where Tsunade was. She was just lying on the ground, shaking nervously. Naruto noticed that she had some blood on her but it didn't look like hers. Off to the side was a large barrel of some kind. He then glanced around to see Orochimaru fighting Jiraiya. He also saw another fight between Shizune and what looked like Kabuto. That caused Naruto's eyes to widen in shock. Wasn't Kabuto on their side? Why was he fighting Shizune?

Just then a buggy came by and out of it came Koto and a camera crew. In a flash they set up near were Tsunade was lying.

"This is Koto coming to you live on sight," she said quickly and cheerfully. "As you can see it is a beautiful war zone here with plenty of bloodshed to be had."

"And more to be had," came Sakon's voice from behind them. They turned around and saw he was standing right in front of the barrel with Ukon in his back once more. He was panting heavily and looked like he was in real pain. "I will not fail Orochimaru-sama!"

Naruto was about to say something when the barrel suddenly exploded. Everyone covered their eyes in order to protect them from the dust. When they opened them again they saw that the twin had been impaled by a chidori. The owner of the jutsu they tossed their bodies to the side and smirked at Naruto.

"Here's Sasuke!" he said with an insane smile.





Game of Life part 2

Once the girls had each picked out their cars, Temari getting her red one, they all went down the road to collage. Anko went first in her purple car and landed on the first stop to get her career.

"Ok," she said as she picked her card. "It looks like I'm a lawyer."

"Hm," said Temari. "A career for people with a forked tongue. Fits you perfectly."

"Shut your trap and go," growled Anko. With a smirk Temari spun the wheel and also landed on the career space.

"Please let it be something good," prayed Temari as she drew a career card. "Crap, I'm a real estate agent."

"Well looks like I'm next," said Tenten as she spun and her green car landed on the career space as well. She drew her card and let out a cheer. "Awesome, I'm a cop. I hope I'm a sniper for something."

"I hope I get a good career," said Ino as she spun. However, her yellow car got into an accident and she lost all of her money. "Ah crap. Well it's your turn Hinata." Hinata spun and her car blue landed on the career space, much to Ino's irritation.

"Nice," said Hinata with a smile as she looked at her card. "Looks like I'm a doctor."

"… kinky" commented Anko.

Omake 2

Naruto the Brony

Brony Con had come to Konoha with a force. In the convention center, civilians and shinobi alike were buying all sorts of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic merchandise. From DVD's to costumes, it had everything. Heck, even a certain blond haired shinobi was looking for something in the plushy section.

"Please have one," Naruto prayed aloud. "There had to be one Rainbow Dash plushy here."

"N-Naruto-kun," came a voice behind him. Naruto turned around to see Hinata holding a Fluttershy plushy. "I-I didn't know you liked Rainbow Dash."

"Well we have a lot in common," said Naruto with a grin. "We both have big dreams and we both know we're awesome. It also makes sense since I'm a wind user and she's a Pegasus pony."

"But isn't she gay?"

"Please, there are people out there that think I'm gay for Sasuke," said Naruto. "I don't know where these rumors come from because I don't see it. So, you like Fluttershy?"

"Ah yes I do," said Hinata as she hugged her plushy. "She's so similar to me. Like the fact that we're both so shy around others."

"And your both very cute," said Naruto with a smile. This caused Hinata's face to turn bright red before she ran in the opposite direction. Shrugging, Naruto turned around and found his plushy.

As he walked around he saw others that he knew from around the village. Ino and Sakura were fighting over a Derpy plushy. He spotted Kankuro who was brushing the mane of a Rarity plushy while blushing. Tsunade was in a Celestia costume with Gai in a Big Mac costume. Soon he spotted Gaara and ran up to him.

"Hey Gaara, didn't expect to see you here," he said. It was then that he noticed that Gaara was holding a Luna plushy. "I guess you're a Luna fan."

"Indeed," said Gaara. "I can relate to her because she was once a villain who is now trying to make up for her past mistakes and be recognized for who she really is." Just then, Sai walked up to them.

"It's similar for me as well," said Sai as he showed them his Twilight plushy. "Just like she is learning about friendship, so am I."

"I think Apple Jack is just cute," said Kiba as he came running up to them with a grin on his face. "Plus, she has a dog. She's a keeper."

Just then they spotted Shino walking towards them. Today he was wearing a Pinkie Pie shirt with a matching Pinkie Pie baseball cap. In one hand was a Pinkie Pie plushy and in the other was a Pinkie Pie balloon.

"Don't judge me," he said as he walked past them.

"Hey, do you guys think this is a little gay that we like this stuff," said Choiji as he walked up to the group with the entire Cake family plushies. "I mean, this is a show meant for little girls."

"Better than that over convention next door," said Kiba.

Meanwhile, at the Twilight convention next door, Sasuke was dressed up as Edward with the glitter and everything. Orochimaru had dressed up as Belle while Kabuto was dressed as Jacob.

-Omake 3-

"Well, this is Darthvalgaav saying I hope you all enjoyed this chapter," I said aloud. "For all of you wondering where Mihoshi is, she heard the ice cream truck go by and went after it. Weird, that was a while ago and she should have been back by now. Oh well, what's the worst that can happen?" A feeling a dread washing over me.

"I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Don't worry; you won't have to wait until next year for the next one. I plan on having it finished before December. Also, I'm going to be starting my top ten lists. My first one will be top ten hottest anime girls! Now, I won't be going by bust size or anything like that. Appearance is important over all, not who has the biggest jugs!"

Suddenly an ice cream truck breaks through the wall of my house. Mihoshi is in the driver's seat for some reason.

"THAT'S IT," I roar. "YOU'RE FIRED!"