Summary: Naruto Namikaze, daughter of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Namikaze. Something happens to Naruto Namikaze, female, age sixteen, that makes her have to change herself to become Naruto Uzumaki, male, age sixteen. Her parents send him to live with his grandmother and grandfather, Tsunade and Jirayia Sannin. With them he will attend school at Jirayia's school. Jirayia the principal. Tsunade the nurse. They swear to protect Naruto as he is their grandaughter.
Warnings: Language. Shounen-Ai. Horrible Grammar. Terrifing Spelling. Enjoy!
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Chapter One: The Past Coming Back

Naruto Namikaze, a beautiful young sixteen year old. She's a slim girl, very atractive, yet she has no... boobs. She always hated herself for that. If she was to cut her hair short, she could pull of as a guy... on the outside. Naruto's hair went down to her shoulderblades, maybe a bit more. It was bleach blonde, but she was not a 'dumb blonde'. Her bright hair made her cerulian colored eyes pop out. Naruto was a very intellagent girl. All honor classes. She got all A's. Never once had she gotten below a B on a reportcard. The lowest on a test or quiz for her would be a C. Her parents were both teachers at her school, Rutter High School.

Naruto has two best friends. One's Haku, who's sixteen as well as Naruto. Naruto and Haku have known each other since they were in the third grade school. Haku's a boy... but he kinds looks like a girl. They're almost oppisites. Haku has hazel eyes. His hair was long, and black. He is very slim like Naruto. Weird thing... both of the never stopped eating. Naruto's other friend is Kyuubi. She the same age as Haku and Naruto. Kyuubi has bright blue eyes like Naruto, but she has Strawberry blonde hair. Kyuubi and Naruto have known each other since pre school. Kyuubi's mother was a single parent. She was friends with Kushina. When Kyuubi was nin, her mother died. She went to an orphange, but didn't spend much time there. Most of the time she was with Naruto at her house. When Kyuubi was ten, Kushina and Minato adopted her making her Kyuubi Namikaze.

When Naruto was just twelve... she was raped. Now adays... she acted as if it never happened. You never see that girl without her smile on. So there was this gang, called the Akatsuki. It consited of ten people. Naruto was walking to Haku's house one day, she wasn't with Kyuubi, and this gang... just... attacked her. They didn't do anything to her that day Akatsuki followed her around for a week or so. That was when one of the members decided he wanted some fun. One night, the gang found her and he had his way with her. Only he did something to her. His name... Itachi.

These men were never found. Untill Naruto was fourteen... she was scared. Then one day she heard on the news about a gang called the Akatsuki was found. They were put in jail. What they didn't know was... they only got six of the ten. Naruto didn't know they hadn't gotten all ten. She didn't even remember how many people there was. She was just happy they were locked away.

"Naru-chan... Wake up." Kyuubi said to her sister.

"Five more minutes Ky." Naruto said throwing a pillow over her face.

"Haku's already waiting downstairs..." Kyuubi said. She was ready. It was the first day of school, junior year. "We're gonna be late Naru!" Kyuubi yelled.

"But... I wanna sleep in." Naruto wined.

Kyuubi pulled her covers away. "Get dressed."

"Uhg... Fine." Naruto got up and went to the bathroom. She quickly hopped in the shower, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, and got dressed. Naruto wore a black shirt that said 'Blondes Have The Most Fun'. She had a jean skirt that was ripped a bit, and black leggings, along with black convers with a single red rose on the side of each shoe. When she went downstairs to see Haku and Kyuubi in the kitchen eating pancakes that her mother had cooked. Kushina and Minato had left already because they had to get to school before the students.

Kyuubi was wearing a black shirt with a skull on it. She wore dark blue jeans, and black and red convers. Unlike Naruto, Kyuubi had a nice set. She looked very womenly for her age. Haku was wearing a brown shirt that said 'What Are You Staring At?' on it. He had black kinda baggy pants on and black convers.

After they had eatin, the three grabbed their backpacks and set out to walk to school. That's when trouble started.

About half way to school, four men in black robes come out of no where and corner the three. "Naru-chan." One guy with long black hair, which was tied up, said. "It's so nice to see you again."

"No... You're... In jail." Naruto said in disbelife.

"Nope. That's where you wrong missy." The man black hair and blue highlights said.

"See... We weren't put in jail..." The blonde one said.

"Our teammates were." The red head finished up.

"Don't touch her!" Haku said angerly to the black haired man.

"What are you going to do?" He asked snickering. Haku slipped out of the four, grabbing Kyuubi's hand, who grabbed Naruto. The three ran for it. The blonde man was about to run when the other stopped him. "Let her go..." He said. "Remember Naru-chan. We're back!" The man known as Itachi yelled to her.

As soon as they got to school, they headed for Mrs.Kushina's room. Some of her students were in there but not many. "MOM!" Kyuubi yelled running into the class. They only said 'Mom' if something was serious... Otherwise it'd be 'Kaasan.' or something.

"What is it, dear?" Kushina asked.

"Kushina! There back, Akatsuki." Haku explained. Kushina looked at Naruto who hadn't spoken.

"I won't let them hurt you again, 'kay?" Kushina said hugging her daughter.

So after school, which turned out to be a horrible first day of junior year, Kushina and Minato were talking about the situation. They had called Tsunade and Jirayia over.

"She could go with my mother..." Minato suggested.

"That's to far away. What about Kyuubi?" Kushina asked.

"It's for her protection." Tsunade said.

"I know but..." Kushina started.

"Kyuubi would still be here with us." Minato said.

"We'd have to change her look." Jirayia said. "She could start school at my school."

Naruto and Kyuubi were jsut sitting and listeing. Finally Naruto spoke. "People say I'd look like a boy if I cut my hair..." She started. "And I'd see you all on weekends, right? And Jiji is the principal at the school."

"You wanna cut your hair off?" Kyuubi asked.

"No... but I don't want to see them again..." Naruto sighed. "I don't wanna leave you all..."

"But if we all moved to Baachan and Jiji's home... They'd notice something."

"Then it'd settled... Naruto will moved in with us for a while." Jirayia said. "We'll take care of her looks and everything."

"She needs a name." Minato said.

"Can I keep my first name?" Naruto asked. Tsunade nodded.

"Kushina... what is your maden name?" Jirayia asked.

"Uzumaki." She answered.

"Naruto Uzmaki." Jirayia said.

"Sounds boy-ee." Kyuubi said smiling.

"I kinda like it better than Naruto Namikaze." Naruto said smiling.

"So Naruto, dear... Go pack your things. We'll leave today... You can start school sometime this week." Tsunade said. Naruto nodded.

Naruto and Kyuubi went upstairs. Naruto got her big black suite case, with one orange sripe on it, and began to pack any of her boyish clothing. "Ky... You'll visit on weekends... right?" Kyuubi hugged her sister, who hugged back.

"Of course Naru... I'll bring Haku with me. Who knows, maybe you'll meet a boy there." Kyuubi said teasingly.

Naruto laughed. "I'll be a boy. That would make them gay, and it wouldn't turn out to pretty in the end. Besides... I haven't had a boyfriend since... Haku in fifth grade. He's the only guy I've kissed before."

"Same... but I dated him in sevnth?" Kyuubi said trying to remember.

"He's a player." Naruto said joking. She sighed. "I'm gonna miss you two."

"NARUTO! We'll see you every weekend we can! Only... Five hours away! So promise not to be sad..."

"I promise..."

"Good. Now for your hair..." Kyuubi said letting her finger go through Naruto blonde hair. "...I'll cut it for you."

"Jiji said he would." Naruto said remember the conversation down stairs.

"Yes... But you want Baachan or Jiji to cut your hair over me?" Kyuubi asked smiling.

"I guess not..." Kyuubi pulled Naruto to the bathroom, grabbing a pair of scissors on her way.

"Say good bye to your long pressious golden hair."

"Don't make it to short... I can be a guy with longish hair..."

"It wont be to short. Just let me do my work." Kyuubi took the scissors and snipped off a bid chunck. Naruto wanted to cry, but she didn't. When Kyuubi was done, Naruto looked at herself in the mirror. She now had blonde hair that went to her chin, maybe a bit shoter. She looked like a boy with a girly face now. "Now.. You'll have to wear hoodies and something to keep those down." She pointed at Naruto's boobs.

"I have that wrap that I used for my ankle..."

"Get it!" Naruto ran out of the bathroom and came back with it. He removed her shirt and bra and Kyuubi helped her wrap the wrap around her. (A/N: Sisters... Doesn't matter! Gosh...) Kyuubi ran out of the bathroom and grabbed a black guy shirt that Haku had left there once, and a pair of lose jeans. "Put these on." Kyuubi said handing Naruto the clothes. "One last thing.." Kyuubi went to the closet and found a hoodie that Haku had left there. It was dark blue with one black sripe on the right arm. When Naruto was changed... she really looked like a boy... except the girly face, but some guys had girly faces... right? "We have to show Kaasan and Chichiue!" Kyuubi said excitedly. She grabbed Naruto's wrist and dragged her downstairs. "MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!" Kyuubi yelled. Tsunade, Jirayia, Kushina, and Minato all stared at the girl. "May I present... Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto walked down the stairs. Evernone gaped.

"You look like a boy..." Kushina said.

"Yeah.." Naruto said rubbing the back of her head.

"Well... looks liek Kyuubi took care of our job." Jirayia said.

"There's still the shopping." Tsunade said smiling. Jirayia sighed. "Ready to go Naruto?" Naruto nodded. She hugged her mother and father goodbye.

"Ky... Tell Haku I love him and I'll see him when you bring him to visit." Naruto said hugging her sister.

"Will do... Will do..."

"Come on squirt." Tsunade said grabbing her coat and walking aout the door.

"I'm not a squirt!" Naruto yelled. Jirayia just chuckled while grabbing his coat, and Naruto's stuff, and heading for the door.

After a five hour drive, Naruto found herself at her grandparents house. Her grandparents were like rich. Jirayia did own a school. Tsunade was an ex-doctor... Now a nurse at the school. Their house had three bedrooms, a living room, a dinning room, a huge kitchen, one game room, two bathrooms, an indoor pool and outdoor pool, and exersise room, and a big backyard. Naruto was excited to be at her grandparents house. Usually they only visited here a couple time over the summer, because Jirayia and Tsunade were the ones who visited. Now Naruto was very excited. She would be living here for a year or maybe longer...

"So Jirayia will take your stuff inside... You wanna go shopping?" Tsunade asked.

"Can we get girl clothes too? You know... so maybe i could feel myself around the house." Naruto asked smiling.

"Of course."

After an hour of shopping, Naruto had bought like fiveteen new boy shirt, lots of long boy pants, and more boy things. Tsunade explained that she'd be wearing a uniform around school. Naruto didn't like the idea, but the uniform wasn't tha bad. The boys got white long sleeved button down shirts, a navy blue jacket to go over it with 'KH' printed on the right chestplate for 'Konoha High'. The pants were also navy blue to match the jacket. The shoes were regular black dress shoes.

"I'm... kinda excited about this new school." Naruto said to her grandmother.

"That's good. I hope you make friends there. A lot of nice people are there."

"Yeah... but I'm not good at making friends with... boys." Naruto said shyly.

"You're one of them now... so try to becomes friends with them." Naruto nodded.

Tuesday through Friday, Naruto spent her time getting ready for school. Yes she had missed two weeks, this school started one week before hers, but she had to get ready with supplies and getting a scheduale.

Over the weekend, Jirayia drove down and picked Kyuubi and Haku up. Naruto was excited to see them. Haku was surprised at Naruto's new look. He said 'If you were a dude, I'd totally date you.' and the Naruto had replied with a big smile 'Done it once, never again.'

On Sunday Jirayia took Kyuubi and Haku home. The next day... Naruto would be starting her new life as Naruto Uzumaki.


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