Summary: Seven years have passed. So much has changed. What's going on with Naruto and Sasuke? How about Natsuko? Kyuubi and Neji? Gaara and Haku? What about Itachi and Haruhi? Deidara? Sasori? Kisame? Read to find out.
Warnings: Language. Shounen-Ai. Past Rape!! Whatever else comes up...
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Chapter Twentyfour: The End?

Sasuke couldn't believe this. Naruto was going to just let Haruhi go with these men! What had she ment about Haruhi being happy with Deidara... and Itachi? Sasuke couldn't stand it, he was going to talk to Itachi, Deidara, or someone. He needed to find out for himself.

Naruto had told Sasuke that Natsuko was staying afterschool with Haruhi today to play outside on the playground. She had said something about picking him up an hour after school ended. Sasuke decided to take this time and talk to Deidara, or whoever was with Haruhi at the time. Luckily for Sasuke, Haruhi wanted both her 'parents' to come meet Natsuko after school.

Deidara and Itachi were sitting on a bench in the playground while Haruhi was on the playground with Natsuko. "He's a nice child, huh?" Deidara asked with a smile. Itachi nodded. He was noticing that Natsuko and Haruhi looked alike, somewhat. Natsuko's eyes were a darker shade of blue, but the two had the same color hair.

"Well, well." A voice that Deidara immediately reconised. His head snapped around to see none other than Sasuke Uchiha standing behind him and Itachi. "Deidara... Itachi..." Sasuke said with fire in his eyes. "How nice to see you both again." Sasuke said with a smirk. Itachi looked to Sasuke then to Deidara.

"Dei-chan... Who's this man? How does he know my name?" Itachi asked confused. He swore he'd seen this man before. Sasuke glarred at Itachi. Was thsi some kind of joke?

"Uhh... Itachi. He knew you before you lost your memory." Deidara explained hoping Sasuke would catch that. Sasuke turned to Deidara with a very confused look. "He's Natsuko's father." Itachi 'oh'ed. "Hey 'Tachi, I'm gonna talk to this man for a minute, okay?" Deidara said kissing the man's cheek before grabbing Sasuke and walking away with him.

"What's going on here, Deidara?" Sasuke asked pissed off. "First Naruto comes home telling me that she's not taking Haruhi back from you because she's happy with you, and now Itachi doesn't remember anything?" Deidara frowned. Naruto hadn't told him. "If you don't explain something quick, I'll have you arrested for kidnapping."

"Look Sasuke." Deidara started with a sigh. "Itachi doesn't know of anything that has to do with his past. I hoped he would never have to learn about it, and we could move on. I've always loved Itachi and only did the things I did to make him happy. Now that he's the old Itachi I knew back in highschool, I've been able to show my true feelings. I've become Haruhi's motherish figure in our family... I know what your thinking, we stole her from you and Naruto... and we've caused so much trouble in your family, but please don't take Haruhi or Itachi away from me..." Deidara said looking down to his feet. Sasuke was quite shocked. He wasn't expecting this.

"What happened to Itachi?" Sasuke asked the blonde, who looked up.

"He lost his memory when Haruhi was five. That was two years ago. In those five years we had Haruhi... Itachi changed. Haruhi changed him. He became nicer and more of a lovable person. When our house caught on fire, Itachi risked his own life to run into a burning house and retrieve his daughter. The house collasped on him, well part of it, and hit him in the head. He ended up with amnesia. We never told him about you, Naruto, anyone. Then one day, he asked about Haruhi's mother... We told him her name was Naru Uchiha, which she is..." Deidara said nervously because now Sauske was glarring at him. "We said that she, Naru Uchiha, his brother, Sasu Uchiha, his mother, Miko Uchiha, and his father, Fugaku Uchiha died when Haruhi was not even one."

"You what?" Sasuke asked a bit surprised.

"Look Sasuke... I understand you hate me, Itachi, Sasori, Kisame, but don't take away our family. We're not the Akatsuki anymore. Taht ended a month or so after we took in Haruhi."

"Took in?" Sasuke asked in disbelief. He snorted.

"Sasuke... Just please..." Sasuke noticed how serious Deidara was. "How would you feel if Natsuko was taken from you and Naruto? Haruhi would most likely not open up to you and Naruto right away either..." Deidara explained. Sasuke had to agree with the blonde.

"I won't take Haruhi from you all on one condition." Sasuke said. Deidara's eyes widened. Was Sasuke serious? "You have to tell Itahci the truth... When Haruhi's older, she'll find out. I want you, Itachi, Sasori, and Kisame over at my house tomorrow. No one besides Naruto, Kyuubi, Neji, and I know that you all are even here. I'm hoping none of the others will try to kill you, like Gaara. He lives next door, and on the other side of us is our parents. So when you come over, be very careful. I'll make sure that Kyuubi and Neji are over at Gaara and Haku's stalling them with Ichiro, their son." Deidara nodded nervously. Sasuke wanted him to tell Itachi everything! "Understood?"

"Yeah... I understand..." Deidara whispered to the man with a nod.

"Tou-san!" Natsuko said noticing his father. He ran of to Sasuke and hugged the man. "Tou-san, I want you to meet Haru-chan!" Natsuko said dragging his father by the hand to the girl. He smiled at the sight. "Haru-chan, thsi is my Tou-san. Tou-san, this is Haru-chan." Natsuko said introducing the two.

"Hello Suko-chan's Tou-san!" Haruhi said smiling at the man. Sasuke couldn't help but smile. This was Naruto's daughter... and Itachi's. Sasuke waved back to the girl when she waved to him. Sasuke turned to Natsuko. He too was Itachi's child... I guess if he was able to have Natsuko who wasn't really his then Deidara was allowed to have Haruhi... It would hurt him to lose Natsuko. He loved the boy like his own. No, Natsuko was his own.

Sasuke smiled and walked over to Deidara. "I know how you feel." He whispered. Deidara arched an eyebrow at the man. Was he high or something. Sasuke chuckled softly when he saw Deidara's face. "You know Natsuko's not my own flesh and blood, but I love him as if he was... so I know how you feel." Deidara 'oh'ed quietly and smiled.

"Dei-chan!" Itachi called out to the man, while walking over. "Dei-chan, who is this man?" Itachi asked motioning at Sasuke.

"I'm Sasuke. Pleasure to see you again, Itachi." Sasuke said with a smile.

"Sasuke?" Itachi said turning to Deidara who nodded. "I'm sorry... I don't remember your name too well..."

"It's okay. I understand..." Sasuke said with a small smile. "Deidara, remember tomorrow." Deidara nodded and Itachi looked confused. "You and your family are coming to my house for dinner." Itachi 'oh'ed again. "Natsuko! Come on, we're going home!" Sasuke called out to his son. Natsuko said goodbye to his friend and the two headed home. When Sasuke pulled in the driveway, Naruto was just about to leave.

"You picked up Natsuko... from the playground... where Deidara was?" Naruto asked nervously hoping he hadn't done anything.

"And Itachi." Sasuke added as the three walked inside. Natsuko ran off up to his room. Naruto eyes Sasuke. This couldn't be her husband, could it? "They're coming voer for dinner tomorrow. We need to get Kyuubi and Neji out of the house, and over to Gaara and Haku's." Naruto nodded, not sure what else to do. "Deidara and I came to a conclusion. We're going to tell Itachi the truth about everything... Deidara and I are the same terms since I can understand him. Natsuko's not mine, but I love him. Haruhi's not his, but he loves her." Naruto smiled and hugged Sasuke. He'd changed so much. Before, he just wanted to kill Itachi for what he'd done, but then again so did she...

The next night Natsuko was excited. Haruhi was coming over and the two of them were going to play in his room! When Haruhi arrived, she was with Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, and Kisame. The last three looked very nervous.

Naruto, Sasuke, Natsuko, and the other five sat down for dinner. They ate rice and chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans. Deidara ate the least out of everyone. He was the most nervous.

Once dinner was over, Natsuko was sent upstairs with Haruhi. The other six went into the living room to have a little talk. "Itachi Uchiha." Naruto started with a smile. "You know me as Naruto, but I want you to know my full name. I am Naruto Uchiha and this is my husband, Sasuke Uchiha." Itachi gaped, looking over to Deidara, who looked at his lap. He nodded slightly.

"I-I don't understand... Dei-chan, you said-" Itachi was cut off by Sasori.

"We said a lot of things, Itachi, that were false. Things to protect you and Haruhi." The red heard started. "For starters... You are Haruhi's blood father, but you're also Natsuko's blood father." Itachi turned to Naruto who nodded. "Naruto is both Haruhi and Natsuko's mother. The thing is..." Sasori didn't continue... He didn't know how to.

"We lied about your family..." Kisame said and Itachi turned to him. "You're brother really is Sasuke Uchiha, him over there." Kisame pointing to Sasuke. "Your mother, Mikoto Uchiha, is also alive, but Fugaku Uchiha, your father, died from a gun shot..."

"Haruhi and Natsuko are my children? Then why is Naruto married to my brother and why does Natsuko live with Naruto and Sasuke?" Itachi asked confused. He wasn't watching on, but no one expected him too.

"When I was twelve, a group called the Akatsuki was after me. I don't know why, and I don't care anymore. The leader was a man named Nagato, and he raped me. Six of the ten members were arrested. The other four who were arrested were you four: Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, and Kisame." Itachi looked to his 'family' who all looked down to the feet. "At age sixteen, the four of you came back to me. I was raped again, by you this time Itachi." Itachi gasped. He couldn't have! "I started dating Sasuke not to long after and he was going to help me raise the children, the twins: Natsuko and Haruhi. When the babies were one month old... you guys came back and took Haruhi from me."

"I'm so sorry..." Itach whispered, knmowing those words wouldn't change anything. "I didn't know... I mean, I don't know what I was doing!" Itachi shouted nervsouly. He felt akward now. "I've changed though!"

"We know, Itachi." Naruto said smiling. "That's why Haruhi is staying with you all. We undertand you've changed..." She whispered with a smile. "I guess I'll just be Haruhi's aunt... It won't be too bad. I'll still see her and one day when she's older we can tell her and Natsuko." Naruto explained. Itachi nodded, not knowing what else to do.

That night when Itachi got home, he didn't talk to anyone. He couldn't believe all he'd heard that night. How could anyone live the way he used to? He couldn't look in the mirror without wanting to throw up now. The Uchiha sat on his bed, starring at the ceiling when Deidara walked in. The man laid down beside Itachi, resting his head on the man's chest.

"I know it was tough to hear all of that, but you've changed." Deidara reminded the man. Itachi didnt' speak. "Itachi... I wan't you to know that I love you dearly." Deidara said while kissing the man on the lips.

"How can you love me? A murdered?" Itachi asked in a whisper.

"Because, I have since highschool. I couldn't not love you, Itachi. If I lost you, I don't know what I do." Deidara said smiling. Itachi gave the blonde a soft smile.

"I love you too, Dei-chan." Itachi said with a soft chuckle.

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