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Lips that Slip


Naruto noticed the change in Kakashi's attitude the first night. The older ninja was hardly speaking, even to chastise or threaten the young man. The boy thought the jounin was just in one of those moods and let it be. The next day prove much the same leaving the silver hair man to hardly speak to him. It was causing paranoia to grow within the teen but oddly the man never ordered him away either. Whenever the younger tried to help Kakashi the other man quietly endured it. He wouldn't say a word which was scary in itself. The blond found himself purposely ruining the jounin's belongings or spilling things to get a rise out of the other but like a zombie the man would sigh and go about silently staring off into space or his book.

Naruto felt like a insect.

The one time in the remaining week Naruto tried asking the jounin what was wrong which his reply was. 'Nothing you can help with.' The ensuing argument was fruitless and left the blond feeling worse than before. Once the older man was walking around without the aid of a crutch the boy had little reason to stay around, or excuse rather. The parting left him feeling empty and his teacher's lazy goodbye did nothing to smooth over the feeling emptiness and dismay. Now two weeks after the fact the young ninja was back to work and feeling oh so miserable.

"I just can not understand this 'carpet munching' Anko spoke of. She said I needed to get a taste of 'bush'. What are those Naruto? Do you know?"

"Sai dammit I'm trying to mope here whatever Anko says its dirty and don't repeat it ever!" Naruto huffed sitting on a outdoor bench eating dumplings and sulking. The man next to him stared forward and thought it over.

"So what is it exactly?"

"Pussy! Pussy! Pussy Pussy! She was coming onto you, you dumb bastard! She wanted to mount your dick! Ride your cycloptic snake! Fuck your brains out! Insert this!" He pointed to Sai's crotch. "Into her female genitalia!" There was a massive pause in which everyone in the dinner shared until at such time the brunette broke it.

"Oh. I didn't know you could do that with a woman." Naruto froze at this point, horrified he met someone denser than he. Sai was an abnormally and no one would contest that but this was too much and the teen had to ask.

"What did you think it was used for?"

"Well Sakura had these books and I have read that man prostate-mfff." Naruto quickly slapped a hand over the brunettes mouth as beads of sweat poured down his face. Sai sat there quietly before growing sticky with the blond profusely dripping sweat and then made a swift counter attack with a poke to his side. The reaction was instantaneous and so was his freedom.

"Stop that! Don't molest me pervert!" The teen carefully guarded his sensitive sides. The pale skin boy smiled his dainty little grin.

"That was what you call a joke. Anko gave me a through education on raunchy terms and humor. Did I do it right?"

The blond teen glared seething through his teeth as he gave no vocal reply.

"The Gods are against me."

"Is there not one God? Or do you speak of a different type of religion?"

"I don't know but I know one of them must be frowning at me to put me through this shit! I'm surrounded by bastards yet I'M the outcast! It doesn't make any sense!" He gripped his head before tucking it between his parted legs staring at the ground in self pity.

"Would this be categorized as depression, an act of intense sadness for a undetermined amount of time."

"This is me, this is a kunai. I'm not sure who's eye I want to put in through first, yours or mine."

"If you put it through yours first you wouldn't be psychically able to put it through mine."

It was then Sai watched the boy slump to the ground tossing the weapon to the side and curling into a ball. The teen wasn't even able to wallow in grief by himself. His companions detached emotions and mechanical sense of logic made it impossible to seek any sort of comfort from him. Not that Naruto had even been trying, he just was sitting alone on that bench staring off at his food contemplating the meaning of existence when the other boy spotted him thus been torturing him ever since he sat down. Which may had been less than three minutes ago but it seemed like alot longer to the boy in question. Then his day got worse.

"Dobe, look at me so I can kill you."

"Sasuke, just do it now, I don't want to live anymore."

"Sasuke-kun, Dickless is having a fit of dispare, if you killed him now that would make him happy. Maybe you could just poke at him." Sai used his dumpling stick to poke at the teen's thigh to which Naruto half-heartedly whined but did no more than occasionally twitched. The Uchiha's eyes followed the example but the brunette himself stayed rigid and calm.

"Sasuke why have you stopped- Sai? Can I ask why you are poking Naruto with a stick?"

"He is depressed Kakashi-sensei. I'm trying to antagonize him but to life. It worked for Sasuke-kun."

"You! Now I truly am surrounded by bastards who only wish me dead! Well then take my life! I don't want it anymore!" The teen turned onto his back and shouted up to them no longer within range of Sai's prodding. Kakashi who was able to walk almost completely back to his full strength frowned down at the dramatic teen and hmphed. Sasuke was less than impressed, a cold hatred danced in his eyes.

Or perhaps, constipation.

"A quick death is much too benevolent and kind for what you deserve. Painful and meticulous is what I will give you."

"Why has he done now to make your smile fade so Sasuke-chan?" Kakashi artfully played concerned. Though not very well. At least everyone there thought, himself included.

"You still mad that he had these printed in "Thick"?" Sai had pulled a magazine and opened to the paged he had marked with a piece of paper. Sasuke snatched it up and ripped the article in half, discarding it. Kakashi then picked it up as the furious boy went for Sai's throat.

"You vulgar pervert." Sasuke hissed low breaking the bench the other male was sitting on missing Sai's neck as the teen jumped to the nearby rooftop.

"Of course not, but not everyday I know someone who is famous. You now this issue's close to ranking the highest sold issue of all time? It's in the top five as we speak! I bought several copies myself to share with everyone." The Uchiha eyes were burning red with hate and he hadn't even activated his sharingan. Kakashi next him began chuckling out loud.

"Hello, still waiting for death down here."

"Wow, I never knew a model personally. A porn one at that." Kakashi turn and held up the page that was only partially mangled. Where the slit had missed cutting off only half the teen's arm, Sasuke stood in his bedroom holding his sword facing the camera fully nude from when Naruto had taken the photo perched on his window. It was quite clear the sharingan user looked angry like he really wanted to just tear someones ass up, but that could be interpreted in a few ways. Sasuke glared heated at his former teacher with the man smiling almost dumbly at him. The silence was broken as Naruto spoke once again.

"Oh come on, that's so last month, wasn't someone planning to kill me?" The emotional teen broke the silence sounding bored if somewhat back to normal.

He was ignored.

"You know what this picture is missing?" Though it was Naruto begging for death Kakashi was the one about to get it judging the look Sasuke gave him from just merely mentioning the picture. His next line would decide everything.

"I'd think you'd look better with blond hair." It was then everything was quiet and two on lookers watched the exchange between Kakashi and one mad Uchiha. The silence was thick enough so that even Sai noticed it as he watched on with a spark of growing anticipation he couldn't name. It was fast and too much for the naked eye to see but Kakashi was standing across the street before the two teens could see and Sasuke was far off in the tree behind the boys holding out his sword hanging upside down.

The table and unbroken bench where Kakashi had once been standing by split in two long moments after the scuffle had occurred. It sent both Sai, and Naruto to their feet staring in disbelief at the two men. Sasuke looked livid as he leapt down from the tree lurching forward as he took determined steps around the debris and back on the dirt road again. Hardly worried, only alert, Kakashi stared at the page on his book while secretly keeping an eye on the furious wild cat not twelve feet from his position.

"If your done we should be getting to our destination. Hokage-sama doesn't like to be kepted waiting." Placing the book deftly in his vest Kakashi put both his hands back in front pockets slowly trudging to to the enraged teen and not pausing as he nonchalantly strolled past the teen never stopping even as Sasuke fists clench tighter around his blade. Naruto release the breath he had been holding once Sasuke scoffed and closed his eyes sheathing his weapon with one last hateful glance vaguely aimed in the blond's direction before following after the jounin who gained a small lead on him.

In the wake of their absence Naruto and Sai stared off after them long after they were gone before turning their confused eyes to one another.

"Did you understand that Naruto?"

"Hell no. Teme and that bastard Kakashi always act weird."

"Must be one of those bonds I don't understand." Sai offhandedly noted, almost wistfully to himself. Naruto's eyebrow raised as Sai continued. "Kakashi-sensei seems very close to Sasuke-kun. I'd say their bond is almost like big brother and little brother from how he antagonizes him. Then again Sasuke doesn't really seem up to fighting back. So that would be more like father and son." While he was talking Sai pulled out his notebook and offhandedly started writing down his thoughts as Naruto's face screwed up into something akin to concentration and distaste. He turned around moments later and began walking off with his hands in his pockets foregoing any polite goodbyes to Sai.

"Naruto? Where are you going dickless?"

"Home, so I can be alone." Sai watched the retreating back of one of his most informative subjects as the teen drug his feet as he wandered off home. The blonds mood shift today brought the brunette vast knowledge foremost he learned even idiots could realize their short comings.

"Wonder if it was because he became aware of his tiny penis."


"You have been rather undisruptive Uchiha Sasuke, that is aside from what you did to Mochiba's restaurant table earlier." Tsunade was leaning her chin on her fist showing off her ample bosom as it sat cleaning on her desk just as surely as her tiny bunny paper weight. Kakashi wanted to grimace at the idea of Sasuke being penalized for the action, that meant Kakashi would have to spend more time hanging around the teen, checking in on him. Possibly he'd be forced to live in the same quarters. It was by no small act of pleading by Naruto the boy was even allowed to continue to breath Konoha air again. Sasuke himself said nothing and continued to stare with annoyance plastered over his face. Through all the proceedings and aggregations the teen never quite got it in his head he was effectively sentenced for death if not through the efforts of friend of comrades around him. Even now he still felt little remorse for everything that he'd done, if anything. Kakashi himself was at least glad the teen hadn't screwed up so bad in all his time returned though, in truth, he was enraged by Sasuke's complete ungratefulness. He himself went through alot to get the intense sentence lifted and never even once got a thank you or even a nod. Nothing. He was still suffering now having to take more trips to see the old bag and endure any lectures on his 'bad parenting.'

With women like her in the world he was thinking of just being completely homosexual.

"I heard the details of the argument..." She continued to say, either not expecting an answer or not wanting any excuses. "It would be asking you to move a mountain to refrain from fighting Naruto..." at the mention of his name Kakashi notice a slight hint of fondness in her professional mechanical tone. "though I do expect you to not to fight, harm or even touch any person or property with the slightest ill intent in mind." Tapping a finger against the desk buffering the silence in the room trying to hammer intimidation through the Uchiha's thick skull. It wasn't succeeding but Kakashi was growing restless with the thoughts on how the boy's punishment would effect him.

"Sasuke, I never was the most agreeable to releasing you back to the community so easy and was impressed that you've gone this long with little incident but you are still under probation." Lifting her hands she crossed them together obscuring her face so only the hard look of her eyes was seen.

"I'm assigning you a new parole officer." Both of them perked up at the statement. In the fore front of his mind Kakashi was estactic. Sasuke was no longer his obligation. While he didn't mind terribly the force visits he did despised the associated trips to Hokage tower with the wicked troll who dwelled there telling him how horrible a teacher he was and lecture on ways to hold his team together. Kakashi hadn't had a mother in years but he was beginning to appreciate that fact. On the other hand his gut clenched tricking his mind to fuel the doubt that because she was changing Sasuke to other hands he technically was a failure, just as unfit to care for as she said.

Then he remembered Tsunade said it. That didn't count.

"Just who is this person?" Sasuke spoke the most in that sentence than he had since the start of their meeting. If Kakashi didn't know any better there was more than just curiosity in his tone. Disgust and vehement hate by the sound of it. It came as little surprise. Not because the teen had some great attachment to have the jounin as his watch dog. Bringing in an unknown entity who might actually attempt to do the job he was assign would infuriate the testy Uchiha.

The blond bitch grinned maliciously behind her hands as silence pause hung in the air.

"Might Gai." The air left their lungs in unison at those two words.

A silence fell apon the room like breath leaving the dying. Kakashi faltered with a small rising of jealously. He viewed their rivalry in comparison of that as a grain of salt but with something like this, it was like failing in a fight and being left to wait for someone to come save you. That someone being Gai, one of the most loudest and pushy ninjas in the world. The leather of his glove crinkled int he quiet room. Sasuke was dealing with the news much differently.

"Your fucking with me."

As expected of a child.

"Sasuke-kun you've forced my hand. He will be along shortly and we will work in a more rigid, effective schedule for you to follow. You will be required to see me, Shizune or Ibiki-san daily as Gai will be required to check in on you day and night at times of his choosing. I will be lightening his mission load that you, Kakashi, will be required to take on." She directed her hard glare towards the stupefied jounin. It was in moments like these the urge to rebel arose like the ocean at high tide, but he was a ninja first and this was their Hokage, leader of the village. He could always just rat out her hidden alcohol spots to Shizune later. Small victories. Sasuke on the other hand did not hold close such loyalties and maturity.

Big surprise there.

"No." Cold, hard, filled with intense hate. Kakashi wilted. Not out of fear, but for the fact the brunette would be as daft to think he could fight the forces that be. Even he wasn't once a traitor the unspoken law remained. Don't try to win in a verbal fight against a woman. You'll not win.

Dumb gay boy.

"There is no room for debate its been decided, you are assigned under Maito Gai and will be temporarily reassigned to Team 9 for any subsequent missions. You are to follow his instruction-"

"I will do no such thing."

"And follow his directions as order!" After Sasuke's cold cut in the blond raised her voice slamming her fist to the table as though she were dealing with a child. In which case the Hokage was.

"Hokage-sama! Your loyal, handsome, number one Taijutsu master ninja has come at your call!" The tall fashion victim came threw the door, a rather normal entry for him, only to slam it against the wall leaving various cracks and on it for one poor soul to replaster later. Kakashi stared off at him with as much enthusiasm as watching Naruto try to do quantum psychics, or even simple multiplication. Sasuke eyes had grown wide before hiding his surprise and turning away balling his fists, hissing through his teeth.

"Gai, I told you... nevermind. Get out of here Hatake, the rest doesn't concern you." Tilting his visible eye Kakashi felt almost sick with disdain before closing his eyelid. The next moment there was nothing but a cloud of smoke left of him. Sasuke stared listlessly at the dispersing mist in Kakashi's wake with a sense of betrayal lurking behind his eyes. He was alone, always knew it, that was just the way things were.

But fuck if he would be alone in a group of monkeys.

"I will not be made a mockery of, I won't abide by this."


Ceilings weren't very entertaining, they certainly weren't interesting when painted plain white, and these walls were partially yellowed, fraying at the edges. Naruto thought maybe he could stand to actually change the color now that all he was doing was laying on his bed staring up at them, he had the time. He also could be doing the pile of dingy laundry that had accumulated in the corner again, or perhaps clean the bathroom. Lord knows that it needed it. Even as he thought these things, trying to ignore what was really bothering him, he continued to stare at his dingy ceiling, motionless.

Sighing deeply the blond mustered enough energy to sit up bending his knees enough to use them as arm rests. It really was foolish to let his wayward relationship with his ex-teacher get to him. Ridiculous even. There had rarely been a time in his life Kakashi dealt with him on a personal level, it really shouldn't have been a disappointment that now would been any different. Solemnly he stared his eyes falling to the dark scenery of the room. He truly was moping and it was unfitting. He wasted so much time on caring for his teacher that he neglected himself and his training. The reason still eluded him but in the end his efforts fell on a cold heart.

Placing his feet on the cold floor the numbing chill didn't reach his mind. If he was going to sit in the house all day he might as well do the chores. Grimacing he took the pile of laundry and lifted up half the contents. Noting he wouldn't get them all in one trip his eyes caught one of the porn books that was trapped underneath. In the blink of an eye he merely frowned dropping the clothes again. Exacting the hand signals by memory three clones rose in a puff of smoke rising with the same enthusiasm as a condemned man to his cell. Growling at the long faces he forgot his existing emotions would extend to his replications. Taming his face a dark shadow fell over his eyes catching just a slither of light sparking in a manner like a gem in the dark.

"Dammit! We have a life to live and we are gonna start by cleaning every nook, cranny, crevice and dust bunny! Get ready boys our enemy out numbers us and has us surrounded! What do..." Even as he tried to work his clones into an enthusiastic order all of them were on the floor, two of them leaning back to back the other laying down like a dead body. Very far from what he had in mind. Releasing a deep breath carrying his frustrations and depression outwards he placed his fist in his open palm and glared at them.

"If we finish by tonight then we are gonna have a ramen dinner!" Their heads turned and their ears perked up. Looking towards one another they had an optical conversation amongst themselves that had them begrudgingly standing moments later. One of the clones thought to add aloud.

"We'll do it but not happily. And your doing the worse jobs!" He started growling at the faux him but conceded.

"I'm so lazy and bossy." Walking passed his alternate hims Naruto got as far as the bedroom doorway and yelled back at himselves. "Well at least get a move on!"

"We heard you!" They yelled out simultaneously. The blond gave them an agitated glare, he began to wonder if this what the people around him were subjected too. He then began to think if it was no wonder they yelled at him all the time. This left the blond wanting to huddle up in the corner and brood like a emo teen on a depression high. How very sad.

"Get up you dick we have to clean!" Naruto's clone kicked his shin causing him to grip the appendage and hop one one foot.

"You idiot I don't have to take this shit!" Giving a frustrated war cry he pounced at his doppelganger and landed a hard punch at his face. Though it must have not be hard enough as it was immediately retaliated with fist to his gut, one of the others kicked him hard in the ass so he was projected forward hitting his end table by the bed shattering it into pieces.

"Asshole you can't treat us like this!"

"Bastards what the hell are you doing! You're making this mess worse! Grrrr!" The idea slipped his mind of just canceling the jutsu as he propelled his body forward ramming his head into the gut of his clone while swinging his face to the other.

It continued that way for some time while his bedroom took the brunt of the force. His bed was broken on the bottom edge, wood chips spilling out like blood splatter to a open throat wound. His table was smashed in with his random personal effects crushed under the weight of his fall, the bottle of lotion that was right on the surface soaked into the carpet as it burst open from the weight. His dresser stood firm though one of the drawers had a open hole the size of a fist. His walls would need to be filled where the smattering of crushed bodies cracked the exterior. It was lucky of him to keep few effects in the room and oddly enough his picture wall remained unharmed as they consciously avoided hurting the precious photos enshrined on it. Though one of the clones gotten a little heated and had smashed Naruto against the ceiling, piles of dust and plaster particles littered the floor of his bedroom. After the chaos died and he was left alone again amidst the debris he idly stared up at the night sky through the hole in his ceiling feeling oddly relaxed and liberated. It felt good to get all that excess emotion in a battle even if it left him with more work to do. He'd need more clones too. Wincing to himself, body covered in dust, blood and sweat he stood up stretching the soreness and kinks from his body placing his hands together once again to henge three more clones.

"Let's try this without the fighting this time."


As time ticked by standing outside that house Kakashi was left with an empty feeling in his gut. Maybe it was today's events, maybe it was just with time itself. He was much too old to be playing these games. He thought putting up the white flag would appease his student, he really didn't know how to handle him. Naruto was a foreign Almost reluctantly Kakashi walked up the pathway up to the door and knocked on it once.

It fell right over.

Aside from the humor of the situation he also felt a twinge of guilt. Hadn't Naruto thought to fix the door first thing? Just any sort of person could waltz in there. Not that a piece of plywood really made a big difference but it did give the invitation for wild animals and perhaps some unseemly types of bugs to come right in. There was some justification to owning a door. Everyone had one right?

Walking over the fallen door he at least had the curtsy to put it back into place before he continued on. Naruto would need a new door frame as well he noted. When he turned the first thing he noticed is while Naruto didn't come out when he made the loud entrance he did hear some noises coming from somewhere in the lions domain. Venturing farther in he felt a eerie sense of deja vu as he made his way to the bedroom. A prickle in his neck alarming him yet still, once there standing before the precipice, he pushed aside the partially open door as it creaked open wide.

The first thing to catch his uncovered eye was not only was Naruto not alone he was standing on top of one clone, or his clone was on him, they were hardly distinguishable. His former student was reaching towards the ceiling placing a cover over a hole, the edge of his shirt rising up with no jacket to obsure his vision to give a teasing glance of hard abs and caramel milky skin. There was a line of blond hairs peeking from the top of his pants, pants that appeared to be straining not to fall off slender sinewy hips. Kakashi's eyes were assaulted with these images without any sure of blockage to aid him. Two sets of ocean blue eyes fell on him and he felt ill as they stared at him with surprised inquisition. Kakashi felt as though he was justwas caught stealing a look at his father porn. Then another Naruto came up behind him.

"Kakashi-sensei why are you here?" He turned and the floor fell out under him.

This Naruto, how many were there?, was soaked from head to toe. Fat water drops slipped down the plains of bare flesh glistening with the angle of the light, little dancing twinkles against the creamy dark skin. The black cloth of his cotton shirt clung to every crease and rip in the hard body built of steal and flesh. It was quite a vivid outline leaving little to the imagination just what the blond's body looked like under those dreadful clothes. Even the pert harden nubs of his chest could be seen with the biting draft drifting throughout the room. Those sapphire blue eyes full of curiosity and wonder as strands of darken gold hair laid over top his vision surely annoying but trapped there with the water that binded them. Kakashi took a step back caught like an animal in fright. Three pairs of matching blue eyes stared at him, curious and bemused. He realized he looked foolish but what was a man to do?

What was he even doing there again.


"Yes?" A pirate of three voices answered. The masked ninja shook his head and closed his eyes.

"Which one of you is the real Naruto?"

"I'm right here Kakashi-sensei." Strangely enough it wasn't one of the three, a fourth Naruto poked his head out from the bathroom down the hall from behind his clone. Kakashi did a double take.

"Don't look at me like that." Naruto huffed blowing a chunk of hair away from wandering into his eye. He wore the same pants and black t-shirt as his counter parts but thats where their similarities ended. He had on a blue cap that looked like a cross from a shower cap and something you'd see a grandmother wear. To protect his clothes from cleaning chemicals he wore a orange stain apron. How he found one in that color Kakashi would never know. On his hands standard yellow colored gloves as he held a dirty rag and a toliet scrubber. He was the perfect picture of housewife doing her chores.

The jounin lips twitched under his mask.

"Look I'm not in the mood for this today so unless your here to apologize for being an asshole get out." Naruto's eyes were dark and his lips in a grim frown leaving no room for arguement.

"I'm sorry."

The blond looked amazed as one clone fell onto the other behind Kakashi. The jounin sighed and placed his hands into his pockets.

"You're what?" Naruto asked, left rather dazed, Kakashi sighed.

"I haven't been fair but in all honesty you leave me with little choice to act otherwise." Naruto glared at Kakashi's comment snarling at the stubborn man.

"You give me no other way to act! Dammit I'm not a foot wort you tolerate if cutting it off and freezing it doesn't get rid of it. I'm a person, and you're a idiot!" Dramatically the blond waved his hands around as the rag fell randomly and the scrubber came dangerously close to landing on Kakashi's face. The older man sighed again rubbing his neck to relieve the non-existent ache.

"You know I don't like socializing much."

"Lies! You drink at the bar all the time, sometimes with friends. Some days you even leave them with women. You visit old lady Yui once a week when you can to play Go with her since her son was killed two years ago. A son you were friends with! You go to Icha Icha conventions and regularly attend fan club meetings! You're just a social as the next person so please tell me, why, why am I such a disease to you if you won't even eat ice cream with me if I don't break your arm first?!" The older man's jaw would he dropped to the ground without his mask to keep it in place. Naruto was positively livid, but the balant look of hurt was even more apparent. Kakashi felt a wave of shame churn in his stomach.

"I-I don't..." 'Stop, looking at me like that.' "It's something like..." 'What should I say?'

"Don't bother to say anything if all you're going to do is lie." The blond said, visibly defeated. Peeling off his gloves he pulled his hat off rubbing at the creases of his forehead. The broken look on his face hurt Kakashi in ways Naruto could never understand.

"I like you." It was spoken quick and almost coyly. Naruto lifted his eyes and gave a huff in disbelief.

"Just leave, you don't have to lie to cheer me up." Kakashi's face flamed red under his mask just as something drew tight in his stomach and throat. He knew what he wanted to say, he wanted to say it, he wanted Naruto to understand why this was so hard, why they shouldn't be close but words escaped him. He was standing there another minute longer when Naruto gave up and drew close enough to grab his arm.

"I've had enough of this today, you're leaving if I have to throw you out." Just as Naruto gave a firm tug to move the man Kakashi stumbled before he held steady. The younger male turned and looked at him with a glare. Kakashi had to tell him, but how? Trying to speak again a straggled noise came out but nothing more and Naruto grew more forceful successful in pulling him close to sternly stare down at him. The jounin could feel the clones behind him drawling nearer in intimidation, likely to help the blond throw him out the door. He had to do something. Another hand fell on his shoulder shocking him to act fast.

A second later the sharingan user tugged his mask down surprising Naruto before him to stop moving. Before Naruto could blink at the sight of seeing for the first time the flushing red cheeks against the pale ivory cream skin, a long slender nose and two pale flesh toned colored lips with a cut right by the edge of his chin of his former teacher the slightly plump, if not kinda girly, lips pressed hard against his mouth and the first thought to flitter through his head was of the first time his was kissed. By a boy, also formerly on his team.

Would it never be a girl to kiss him?

He didn't close his eyes but then again, neither did Kakashi. It was strange looking at his teacher over the bridge of his nose with his face so close. Too feel the body heat of another permeate through his lips so closely packed against his own. There was a strange sensation creeping up the back of his neck tingling down his spine that felt oddly pleasant from the soft flesh of his lips and he wandered if girls lips weren't like this. Mostly though, as Naruto stared comatose and astounded into the eyes of his former teacher, the blond felt a overwhelming sensation of shock and confusion at just how kind and desperate Kakashi's eye was looking at him. It was hard to miss at this distance. Even someone as dense as Naruto could see it.

Naruto snapped his head back as he stepped away. The older man tilted his chin down and his eye away. The boy's clones were struck dumb behind him posing a very amusing picture in the atmosphere thick and heavily coated with tension. Kakashi licked his lips as a odd feeling welled up in his stomach at the sight. Naruto lifted a hand dumbly to his mouth.

"I like you very much." Kakashi started again, Naruto was all ears. He had no tongue to speak with in return.

"More appropriately put I love you. Something I don't deal very well with or want too address. As I'm certain it's not something you'd respond well with either. I was really hoping to sweep it under a rug and be finished with you but you wouldn't let that happen." Kakashi got braver and raised his head back up giving Naruto a good chance to view his uncovered face yet he ignored it.

"So yes, I'm sorry. Sorry for ignoring you making you feel unwanted and unappreciated, what have you, but if you really bothered to look I was just doing what was best." The jounin squared his shoulders as he lifted his masked back up, putting it into place as the blond dropped his hand.

"Which now that you know, I know you will agree to leaving me alone from now on." With his mask back into place, girly lips hidden away, Naruto couldn't think of a single thing to say. Then again the older man didn't seem like he planned on sticking around to find out either.

"See you around." A puff of smoke later the blond was left to collapse under his own feet.

It was unbelievable, incomprehensible. Kakashi wasn't even gay, was he? No, everyone knew about the female trysts, Sakura said she caught one of her nurse friends in Kakashi's room with him during one of very few stays there. He ended up getting released an hour after coincidentally. Though it reminded him of Kakashi in the bookstore after he asked that question. He never said yes, but he didn't say no. Bisexual?

'In love with me.'

He gripped his red stricken face in each hand. Staring at his clones, the one nearest looking horrfied as he kept staring at the spot Kakashi occupied minutes ago. The two in the back were gripping eachother tightly in a hug panting as their red faces stared back at him. It looked very questionable and scared by the image released his clones leaving him alone in their wake.

An image reel of events took place in his head in three different angles at their dispersing. He gripped his hair and shook his head around at the recollection of events.

"What do you mean you love me?!" He screamed too late in the empty hall with nothing but an echo to reply to him.


I kinda liked it, then I kinda didn't. Fact is its the '09 and I started this in December of the '06 and nothings happen yet. Yes ten chapters two years I don't know HOW I ended up being so slow. So I kinda put this out here. The truth is this really didn't come out how I wanted it too. I told readers Kakashi was in love with Naruto basically instead of trying to hide it and make it look like it was the other way around in a twist. I phailed, epically. Though it had it's moments that were cute and cuddly.


I'll try to get chapter 11 out before next year. Let us hope.

It was kinda funny this song went through my head as I wrote them kiss, would anyone know what it is beside my otouto I wonder?

The lips that slip Are the lips that press
And the lips that leak seem to know you best
I put bodies into motion Keep this skin out in the open
Liars turn me on