"Ahh!" Edward exhaled with loud content into the otherwise silent coffee shop. Traces of his warmed breath left fog on the window beside him, before it faded away as he shaved his liquid-chocolate moustache.

Riza tore her eyes away from the snowflakes melting on the glass, looking with a raised eyebrow to the man across from her at the table. "You like it?"

"Always have!" he grinned, fogging the window again.

"You do realize that has milk in it," she chuckled.

"I know," he sounded fascinated, inspecting the steaming liquid in his mug. "I guess the chocolate overpowers it. But this place has the best I've ever tasted!"

"I wouldn't know," Riza commented. "I've only ever ordered their coffee."

"You should try it some time. Guarantee you'll like it." With a smile he tipped the mug, throwing back a few hearty swallows before placing it back on the tablecloth. Riza's curious visage abruptly replaced the ceramics, and her sudden proximity made him jump. Before he could question, or speak at all for that matter, he saw her smile move closer, and then felt its warmth mingle with his skin.

She eased her kiss upward to place it on his upper lip, closing her eyes that she might enhance her senses of touch and taste. As the warmth beneath her lips increased, she opened her mouth, and placed the tip of her tongue just below his nose, running it slowly back and forth over the thick remains of the sweet drink. After thoroughly cleaning even the thin edges of his mouth, she opened her eyes.

"Mmm," Riza smiled, kissing his lips completely before licking her own. "You know, you're right. It's delicious!"