Summary: This is a story about friendship, love, courage during dark times, hate, misunderstandings and fighting personal demons. Featuring the four Marauders and Lily Evans. It won't be too fluffy nor too dark or depressing.

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He was sitting on his bed, heavy curtains closed around his four-poster bed. He hadn't slept at all-not that he hadn't tried. It's just that all this was too much for him. Today had been the most exciting and overwhelming day of his entire life and, although he felt tired, he couldn't sleep. Everything that had happened the last forty-eight hours had changed his life forever.

Sirius got up slowly and went to the window of the dormitory. It had been a full moon and starless night, but now you could see the first hesitant rays of the sun.

Yeah…it surely has been a full day, he thought to himself while taking a seat on the empty bed right next to the window. For one thing, he had gotten away from his home and his family. He had longed for this day since he was six and now that he was finally away, he couldn't believe how free he felt…like a big burden had gotten off of him. Hogwarts had always been for him something like a land of freedom; a chance to be away form the loony bin excuse for home he lived in. And he had never wanted to leave this place more than he had wanted it last night. Last night… he thought and scowled deeply at the mere thought of what had happened.

He had already put all of his stuff in his trunk (well, most likely he had thrown them in there rather messily, but that's beyond the point) and was ready to check for the last time if he had gotten everything, when Regulus entered his room.

"Hey Sirius," he said hesitantly "you ready?"

"Yeah, everything's packed and finally I'm ready for school-although I don't know if the school's ready for me…" he replied with a smirk.

"…right." came Regulus' quite answer.

They stayed like that, facing each other in silence for a couple of minutes and suddenly that was too much for Sirius and started feeling uncomfortable.

He didn't know what to say to his brother. It's not that they didn't get along or that they didn't like each other…it's just that lately he felt uneasy with him, because he had started to act weird. Never really voicing his own thoughts and doing always what he was told to do. Now, someone might think this is normal, but Reg would sometimes listen strictly to his mother and other times he would do something to upset her along with Sirius. And the weird thing was he would always, always get away with it, whereas Sirius would be the only one to be blamed and of course pay.

As little children they had gotten on well. Always playing together, reading books they weren't supposed to read together, going for a short flight with toy broomsticks together… But that had somehow changed when he turned nine. They stopped depending on each other so much and they were rarely spending time together.

Oddly enough this had happened shortly after Sirius' first big row with his mother. Not that they hadn't fought ever before…God only knows they had. But that one time, shortly after turning nine, had been different.

There was a family-gathering event held during Christmas in their house. He was bored to death and decided to have some fun. So, he had been teasing at first and then saying nasty things to his cousin Bella, who was in her last year in Hogwarts, about her boyfriend Rodolphus (yeah, that git with the pitch black eyes and white face with this awful look on his face, as if he was a vampire or something…now that I think about it…). Anyway, the bitch (Bella that is), having turned 17 already was able to curse him and hex him as much as she pleased-and so she did. When his mother had found them he had been shouting things no nine-year-old boy should be allowed to pronounce. She had looked at him coldly and simply said,

"You'd better shut your mouth and start taking an example from your cousin. We expect nothing less from you than to, at least, live up to half of what she is."

Of course, with we she had been referring to the whole noble family of Black. And that's when he exploded. He started shouting at his mother with all his might and with such malice in his voice, that everyone who had been in the house that day started gathering around them. He was shouting with ferocity and anger-no rage and he didn't notice that he was spitting. On his mother's face. On his very angry mother's face. On his very angry and now pale mother's face. When he was done cursing his family's ridiculous expectations, she had calmly taken out her wand and with a quick flick had bound his body with invisible ropes and then, with an other flick she had left his limbs with deep, painful, bleeding cuts.

"No one's to help him out of his bonds nor tend to his wounds." She had stated turning around to face the rest of the family. "Not until he apologies." Which he didn't.

A few hours later, Andromeda, his other cousin, had come to take care of his wounds with a look of sympathy on her face. Sirius had thanked her and promised not to tell that it was she, who had looked after him. The next day his father had come and taken off his bonds.

"Do not push our patience or our limits." he had told him with a cold voice.

Although Reg never admitted it, Sirius guessed it was him who had talked their parents into letting him free. But from that day on Reg started avoiding him…

"Did you want something else?" Sirius said finally to his brother, not able to stand the silence.

"…er…" tried pathetically Regulus, and looking as if he was debating with himself over something "I, well…um I wanted to say, um… that…Mother wants to talk to you." he finally said with a sigh.

"Oh, okay. I'll be downstairs in a couple of minutes" and with that Reg nodded and left.


Walburga Black was sitting in an armchair holding a cup of tea with her right hand and a matching saucer with her left hand. She was scowling a bit and looked like something had been bothering her slightly.

Wow, Sirius thought. Mother's in a good mood. I might actually get out of this without a fight! Little did he know…

"Sit down." She said flatly to her son. "I need to talk to you."

"Yeah, Reg told me" he said half mockingly "otherwise I don't think I would be here. I've got things to pack and-"

"I thought I said that it would be me doing the talking." she said (almost spat) somewhat irritated. "And call your brother with his given name." she added as an afterthought.

"Right. Go on; I'm all ears and no mouth"

"Don't try to be smart with me boy." she said angrily and Sirius glared at her. By that time, he had started reconsidering his mother's mood.

"Tomorrow you're leaving for Hogwarts-" Really? he said sarcastically to himself, and I was wondering who had put all my stuff in a trunk and why on earth they had done such a thing! "-and first of all you should know that your father will be taking you to the station before meeting Abraxas Malfoy for business."

Well what did I actually expect? That Walburga oh-so-pure-blooded-that-cannot-be-in-the-same-place-with-someone-who's-not-as-filthy-rich-as-me-and-has-something-to-do-with-muggles Black would escort her own son to the bloody station? Actually this is better, he reasoned, coz I'll have the chance to find someone to talk to that I like. And father-well he must've protested a lot before accepting to drop me off to King's bloody Cross before meeting with the Father of all bastards Abraxas Malfoy. Father, he smirked to himself, of all bastards, because his son, Lucius is The bastard. Before meeting him Cissa was actually tolerable!

"Anyway," his mother continued not noticing that her son wasn't paying much attention, "what I really wanted to talk to you about, is Hogwarts and your behavior there."

This captured Sirius' attention and asked her what exactly she had meant.

"Well, as you're very well aware of, our family is one of the oldest and most respected pure blood families and has a reputation to keep." she said as she placed the cup and the saucer on the table. Sirius had a vague idea where this was going and he certainly didn't like it at all.

"Our family," went on Walburga, now standing up next to her armchair, "is not going to have to tolerate your…rebel spirit." she added that by glaring intensely at her son, who had started shifting in his seat. "You'd better watch out whom you're being friends with, what teachers think of you, of course we expect you to bring nothing less than perfect grades-but you never know- and how you treat those who are not worth a Black's attention. Now, of course it's ridiculous to even mention it, but your father insisted, but there's no way you're letting yourself end up anywhere else than-"

"WHAT?" Sirius shouted (he tried not to, he really tried hard, but apparently it wasn't hard enough) "Are you aware of the things coming out of your mouth, mother?" he looked at her in utter disbelief. "You can't possibly just think that you're going to order me how to live my own life, whom I'll be friends with, whom I'll be talking to and finally which bloody house I'll be sorted to. I may as well don't want to be in Slytherin!" Because that's what all this was about-her fear of him ending up in a place where he wouldn't be with pure bloods or anyone addicted enough to the Dark Arts!

"Listen to me Sirius Orion Black and you listen well," she hissed through gritted teeth as her son rose to his feet, "you're going to do as told and dare end up anywhere with mudbloods or halfbreeds and you'll have to deal with the consequences." By that time she was boiling with anger and if you looked carefully enough, you might have noticed smoke coming from her eyes.

"I'll do what I want and I don't care what yo-" he was abruptly silenced by his mother's palm connecting hard with his right cheek.

His jaw dropped rather comically and starred at her in awe…Slowly he brought up a palm and touched his cheek. She had actually slapped him. Walburga Black had bothered enough to raise her own hand and slap her son. This was the first physical touch they had since he was five…His mother was dead serious about this and he would be a dead Sirius if he dared protesting (if the moment hadn't been so intense and he hadn't been scared of his mother he would smirk to the pun.).

He managed to mutter something that could've been okay, turned on his heels and walked to his room as fast as he could, without running.

He had never been this angry in his life and certainly not that scared of her! He didn't know what to do or how to express himself, he was in some short of a shock. He fell asleep rather uncomfortably, while sitting on the edge of his bed, one hand on his slightly red cheek and eyes starring on the opposite wall.


That was what had caused the bad mood in Grimmauld place the day the first-born son of the Most Ancient and Noble Family of Black had left for school.

His father had left him in front of the train and had calmly said to him,

"Behave yourself! You've been warned." And with that he had left for his important business with Malfoy.

But Sirius didn't care because then, the most wonderful and unbelievable thing happened: he, for the very first time in his life, made friend! Yeah, a real friend…one of those you choose and he had found him funny and interesting and a prank-lover! Yes Sirius Black had met the one and only James Potter!!


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