Tracy couldn't really say how she knew - she simply knew. It was a full and weighty feeling that settled somewhere between her heart and the pit of her stomach… well no, that wasn't right. That made it sound like it was in her liver or something; but it wasn't like that.

It wasn't physical in any way; it was more like… like a song that played in her soul every time she thought of him.

It was a deep down sort of knowing. She just knew; just as she knew she would one day dance on the Corny Collins Show, and that she could trust Penny Pingleton with her darkest secrets. She knew it as she knew her parents truly loved each other; and that fairness was right, and there was some big change waiting for all of them right over the horizon.

She simply knew she was in love with Link Larkin.

It wasn't just a breathtaking, tummy twisting kind of puppy love. It was something real, something she knew wouldn't make much sense; at least certainly not to anyone she may have wanted to tell. She didn't really even know him, and there wasn't any one thing that she could specifically say, "this is why I love him." Yes, he was handsome. Sure, she loved his voice and loved the way he danced; but these superficial attributes were not the source of this thing that she felt inside.

It was difficult because to only watch him walking around the halls of school, he seemed so much like a cardboard cut out of a person. A bit distant… two dimensional like his image on the TV screen. But she knew that he was more than those gorgeous blue eyes, or that heart tripping wink. She knew he was so much more.

With one touch, one look from him to her, she knew. She knew that he had a heart the size of Texas, knew that he hated malice, and that he loved music for more than merely dancing to. She knew that he believed in what was right, and hated unfairness as much as she did. She knew he carried some dark pain locked deep inside, and that he kept so much of himself hidden from everyone around him.

She didn't know how she knew these things, she just knew. She knew that she loved him and that she was his; and one day, somehow, she knew he was going to love her too.