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The Valkyrie Returns

Freya paced back and forth, bored out of her mind. Why did I even return to the heavens…it was more fun among the mortals in the past. At this rate, I ought to be very bored for a very, very long time.

She fingered her sword, Yue, and sat down on her bed, before falling back on it. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored! I'm so bored! I wanna go back to the feudal age and see Inuyasha again… A/N: Anyone who can quote and name the movie where I got the five "bored"s one gets a cookie. And yes, I changed it for the situation.

With that thought, she held her chest, not having anything of his to hold onto. The hanyou wasn't one to have many possessions. At least I could've gotten a lock of hair from him…then again, he would've killed me if I had. Now I'm acting like a lovesick mortal. It's just, I've never felt this way before. Could I actually be in love with a mortal that just barely loves me in return? He'd just learned to love me when I left. Is that considered true love? He did seem hurt, in his own way…

Little did she know that Inuyasha was moping in his tree, holding the very same feather he'd caught when the goddess had left. He felt the crystal around his neck warm up, then he sneezed. He folded his arms, then looked at the feather again. He longed to see Freya again, although she'd left to protect him. He looked up at the moon and murmured, "Freya…you're thinking about me…this is like the hundredth time today. You must really miss me too…"

Okay, shortie for the start! But it's okay! I'll update soon!

The lovers long for each other...ahh, I love it. New character introduced next chapter! An OC with a combo of a name, appearance and personality of three Inuyasha males that I love in all their own ways!

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