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Chapter 1

Okay, do not worry...you're just half an hour late for work and there's a HUGE chance you're gonna get fired.

Oh God, I'm sooo dead! Well now I just bought my usual coffee from Starbucks and I got my KW ( Konoha Weekly) tucked under my arm. All I have to do now is run to work.

Smile Smile

This is nice, I'm cruising down the street, almost at the Hyuuga Building! If anyone says I'm late, I'll make up some excuse like...my hamster died. Genius! I'll be just-FUCK! Did that bird just crap on me??!! Fuck you bird, you crapped on my Versace suit.

Okay, who's laughing? I hear someone laughing behind me, I'll teach that person to laugh...

OH MY GOD. Neji Hyuuga, my boss saw a bird crap on me. This is one of the worst days of my life. No, scratch that. This IS the worst day of my life.

My big, fat, juicy promotion is at stake!

"Tenten." he says as he comes over, " Why aren't you at work?"


"Um..well, you see my hamster died." I lie.

Ha di ha take that!

"Really?" he questions.

The nerve!

"Yes." I say, "I found...Fluffy dead this morning in her cage." I pretend to wipe my eyes.

"Hmm." he says thoughtfully, "I vividly remember this one time I asked you whether you had a pet and you said no."

Oh fuck, this guy has a good memory.

"Well." I say in a dignified tone, " That was a long time ago, I adopted a hamster after you asked me."

"So your pet hamster died in one week? I just asked you a week ago." he says, raising his eyebrow.


"...She had a terminal sickness, I adopted her since her last owner didn't want to give her a good life that Fluffy deserved."

What sort of crap was that! He'll figure out that I didn't have a hamster in the first place now!!

" I see..." he walks a few steps in front of me, " Well, I advise you to go change your suit."

He believed me! YES!!!

"Okay," I say, " But I'll be late for work."

"Not like you are already." he waltzed down the street and I couldn't see him anymore.

Fuck him.

Home Sweet Home

"Why are you back so early?" Hinata rushed up to me.

"Yeah, why?" Ino asks, flipping through Vogue.

"Sakura already left to go to the hospital." Hinata told me.

Ino, Sakura and Hinata...my lovable flat mates...

"Um..." I say, " A bird crapped on me so I gotta change."

Ino burst out laughing and I glared at her. Hinata looked at me pitifully.

"When you finished changing, I'll clean it for you." Hinata offered.

I thanked her then I went inside my room to change.

At the Office

Shit, I am late. One hour late to be precise. Everyone is staring at me...I feel self concious.

Hurriedly I sat down at my desk and saw a note.

Tenten, hopefully you changed. Please write an article about where you can get the best kunais in Konoha. Neji Hyuuga.

Hmpf, stupid Hyuuga Weapon Magazine. The HWM...

"Tenten?" Tayuya says, she's the person who has the desk next to me.

I hate Tayuya, she thinks she sooo perfect. I'll show her once I get my promotion!

"Yes?" I force myself to speak calmly.

"I was wondering, why were you so late?" she blinks at me innocently.

"Um...well my hamster died."

When did that come back!!??

"Oh. I'm so sorry for your loss." she says, typing on her computer.

She doesn't sound sorry, but I say thanks then begin writing my article about the best kunais in Konoha.

To get the best kunais in Konoha you have to go to The Weapon Shop on Sakura Street. I type, The newest stuff in the Weapon World is usually stocked there and there are also limited edition weapons!

What else should I type...And I'm supposed to be a weapon expert. I have to know what to type...maybe I should research!

I open up the internet and the HWM home page pops up. I click in the search bar and type, " The Weapon Shop, Sakura Street."

Okay so I gathered loads of cool imformation and now just have to put it in my own words.

"Under the sea...down here is better..where it is wetter..."

Huh? That sounds like my ring tone. Shit, someone is calling me, I pick up my phone and flip it open.

"Hi, Tenten speaking!" I say professionally.

"Hi Tenten, this is Ino and Hinata!"

They got me on speaker phone...

"So, we were wondering whether you think Saturday is a good day for Sakura's birthday partay!" Ino says.

"Um...yeah sure." I say, not really concentrating.

"Okay, so I'm making the cake and you'l get the balloons." Hinata says.

"Sure..." I say typing.

"Okay then!" Ino's voice says, " See ya when you come home!"

I hung up.

"Who was that?" Tayuya asks.

"Friends." I say coolly.

"Oh, okay." she went back to her work.

Ha. Bet she had something crappy to do! Wait till I get my juicy promotion!

Oh, I have to get Sakura a birthday present...this sucks.

No! What am I thinking, Sakura is like family to me...but Ino better not invite too many people...There was this Christmas Party we did and she invited about 1000 freakin people she said were her friends.

"Tenten, why are you not typing." a deep voice says.

Holy crap, why couldn't he have come when I looked like a pro!!!

"I was brain storming my ideas silently in my head Mr.Hyuuga." I say. Take that!

"Hn." he says then he moves on to Tayuya's desk.

"Oh Neji!" she gushes, " I finished my article!"

Typical, she wants to get in his good books for the promotion. Well too bad sucker! I'm getting that promotion!

"It's Mr.Hyuuga or boss." he says stonily, then he held his hand out, " Let me see it."

"I didn't print it out yet." Tayuya says, looking slightly nervous.

"Then it's not finished." he walks off.

I don't understand why he won't let us e-mail it to him and edit it then, maybe he thinks it's too much work for him...

During Lunch Break

Finally...I was getting so hungry. I finshed that damned article about kunais and now I have a new one.

Yippeeee...but I guess it's worth it. You can see your name in print!

I munch my salami sandwich cheerfully and take a sip of the poisonous tasting coffee that i had to get from the machine.

Ah well...better than nothing.

So...what should I get for Sakura? She's a doctor, so maybe a medical thingy.

A stroke of genius! I'll get her a stethoscope. A pink stethoscope.

"Where can I get a pink stethoscope?" I think out loud.

"I don't think they exist." came a familiar voice.

Fuck him! Why does he always have to be where I am at the worst times!!!

"I bet they do." I say defiantly, staring into my boss's eyes.

"Why do you want a pink stethoscope anyway?" he asks.

"Hmpf. Not like I'm going to tell you." I say, turning back to my coffee.

Shit...please don't fire me, I promise never to act like that ever again.

Anger flashed in his eyes but he said, " Hn." and then he walked back up to his office. Retard.

At Home

"Hi Tenten!" Sakura greeted me as I walked through the door, I'm always home the lastest. Can't be helped.

"Hey Sakura. Where's Hinata and Ino?" I say, looking around.

"Hinata is cooking and Ino went out on a date with Shikamaru."

"Lucky her." I grumbled.

All of my friends have boyfriends. Naruto is Hinata's, Sasuke is Sakura's and Shikamaru is Ino's.

This is sucky, my new goal in life: Get a boyfriend...and getting that promotion.

"Oh! Hi Tenten!" Hinata says as she came out of the kitchen, carrying a plate of curry.

"Hi Hinata." I say warily, " I'm gonna go change."

"Kay." Sakura says as she stuck in a Friends DVD.

I walked quickly to my room and changed into my PJ's. I put my laptop on my desk and sigh. I have to finish an article about the new Weapon Mall in the Mist Village...

My stomach grumbled hungrily as the smell of curry became stronger.

"I'm not going to starve myself because of a stupid article." I told myself firmly as I went out of my room.

Night time

Waaaahhh...It's 12 and I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow.

Stupid article, it's because of that I'm sleeping so late.

Stupid Boss, stupid Tayuya...stupid everything.


I feel sleepy...

Snore snore snore

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